The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 148 - Ninth Master is in Trouble!

Chapter 148: Ninth Master is in Trouble!

“Silly girl, noob!”

“Oh my, I like how you can’t stand me and can’t do anything to me.”

“Girls shouldn’t play games. Just like girls shouldn’t learn to drive. They’re road killers in real life and they increase the difficulty for their teammates in the game.”

Li Shaofeng was about to explode from anger when his three teammates retorted. Before he could reply, the countdown ended and the game began. Li Shaofeng glanced at Feng Qing and saw that she was calm. He didn’t say anything. This kind of thing happened every day in the game.

The game started and the characters landed. Feng Qing opened the game settings and directly closed the chat. Then, she controlled her character to walk towards the middle lane. Li Shaofeng controlled his character to walk towards the top lane, while the other three teammates gathered in the wilderness.

Three teammates were lying in ambush in the grass, preparing to ambush the other party’s jungler. They had made the right bet, the opposite jungler did come, but the ones who came were the five opponents. The three teammates died in battle, and in exasperation, they scolded Feng Qing and Li Shaofeng in the game, blaming them for not helping, but unfortunately, Feng Qing couldn’t see at all.

Ten minutes later, those three teammates were completely defeated. They were beaten up by the other party all the way to the high ground defense tower. The five enemies surrounded the tower and killed the three of them. Li Shaofeng rushed forward but was instantly killed before he could do anything. At the crucial moment, Feng Qing made a move. She activated her tool, became invisible, and used her ult. She killed a severely injured enemy with a swing of her ax. Her ult successfully killed a player, and it could reset her invisibility. She was invisible, so the enemy could not attack her. Five ult were executed consecutively. With the help of the high ground defense tower, the five enemies’ souls returned to the resurrection point.

Feng Qing obtained the first five kills in the entire battlefield, establishing her level and equipment advantage. After obtaining some jungle resources, her combat strength was already off the charts. Every time there was a group battle, she would come out halfway and easily defeat the other players.

Twenty minutes later, she re-enacted the magnificent feat of blocking the resurrection point. She beat the other five until they all voted to surrender. The game ended and her side won.

“Brother Yi, you’re too perverted. It’s hard to believe that this is your first time playing games,” Li Shaofeng said in disbelief.

“It’s alright. I don’t feel very proficient. It should be better if I play a few more rounds,” Feng Qing said disapprovingly.

Li Shaofeng wanted to kneel before her. He had played for so long, but he had never realized that he could block the resurrection point. Feng Qing had just downloaded a game two hours ago, but she had easily done it. Could it be any more Versailles?

The Gu family in the Capital.

Xie Shihao looked at his phone in confusion. Gu Qingye’s cigarette was about to burn his hand, but there was no reaction. The scene of Feng Qing blocking the resurrection point alone was too shocking. The two of them looked at each other and checked ‘Arrogant Three Year Old Sis’ achievements.

“D*mn, what the heck? This female player must have used a cheat code. She created her account for two hours and played a total of ten games. Not to mention that she won all of them, but every game was an MVP. Moreover, her rank was platinum.” Xie Shihao was dumbfounded.

“Sigh, it’s probably a high-level god who came down to torture people. Fortunately, I took a few heads. Otherwise, I would have suffered a huge loss.” Gu Qingye sighed.

Xie Shihao suggested, “It’s even better if it’s a god. Let’s add her as a friend and let her play with us. With her around, we won’t have to worry about advancing.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his friend request was accepted. Xie Shihao sent a private message.

“God, please guide me. It would be even better if I could play with you. You can name any price!” Xie Shihao was filled with confidence. No one would go against money. However, not only did the other party not reply, but she also went offline. Xie Shihao wished he could throw his phone away.

Xie Shihao was defeated. Gu Qingye laid on the sofa and laughed loudly. Xie Shihao glared at him and pounced on him. The two of them fell into a mess.

At the Water Tsing Court’s dining room.

Feng Qing had just opened the private message from Xie Shihao when she heard Xie Qi walking over. She hurriedly exited the game. If Xie Qi saw a blind person getting eight MVPs in a row in a game, she would be in big trouble.

“Young Madam, Young Master Li, has your interview ended? Ninth Master has something on, let’s go back early,” Xie Qi said.

Feng Qing was stunned, and she hurriedly asked, “What happened to Jiuhan?”

Xie Qi looked at Li Shaofeng and hesitated. Feng Qing immediately understood and said something to Li Shaofeng before leaving.

After leaving the dining room, Xie Qi said in a low voice, “Ninth Master’s wound is infected, causing his high fever to not go away. Ninth Master’s status is special. This isn’t the Capital, and I was afraid that someone would harm the Ninth Master, so I didn’t invite a doctor. Su Yu couldn’t decide, so he could only let me invite you back.”

Feng Qing nodded. “You guys did the right thing. We can’t reveal anything about Ninth Master’s fever. All the forces in Zhe City are eyeing him covetously. We have to be careful.”

With that, she subconsciously sped up. Her heart tensed up when she thought of how Xie Jiuhan had fallen ill.

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