The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 147 - Feng Qing’s Hidden Talent

Chapter 147: Feng Qing’s Hidden Talent

Feng Qing sat beside Li Shaofeng with her bowl of rice. She looked at his phone screen, wanting to see what had made him so angry.

“Brother Yi, this game is very fun. Not only does it improve your intelligence, but it can also improve your eyes’ flexibility. I strongly suggest that you play it when you have nothing to do,” Li Shaofeng said.

Feng Qing found it very novel while looking at the vivid game characters on his phone. When she was young in the mountain village, there was only one landline phone in the entire village, let alone a handphone. After she returned to the Feng family, she had a phone, but it was not a smartphone. She could only call and text. A few years after she went blind, smartphones became popular, so she had never played phone games.

Feng Qing nodded. “Sure, I’ll download now.”

The King of Glory is currently the most popular mobile game. Countless players stayed up and played all night long. They were never tired of playing. In order to advance to the next level, they often didn’t eat or drink, playing for more than ten hours.

Feng Qing created her account and logged in, and it thoughtfully taught her how to operate, such as Flash, Supplementary, Skill Usage, and so on. She learned it very quickly.

Li Shaofeng said, “You’re a newbie. You can go to the newbie training camp and play a few games with the NPC. That will be the battle between your character and the character controlled by the computer. When you can easily win the computer, you can match up with a team in the hall. When you reach the Gold rank, we can team up and play together.”

Feng Qing did not say a word and started playing with her phone. She had played three consecutive games with the NPC and had won all three times; the system had even given her a newbie gift bag. Her account level had also risen to level three. Feng Qing was addicted to playing and activated the matching mode, quickly forming a team.

Li Shaofeng took a look and reminded her, “From now on, your opponent is a person. There are new players in this round, and there might be old players. Old players are usually high-level Gods. They created their alternate accounts to deliberately torture people in the low-tier game. If you meet me in a while, I can help you fight.”

The game started, and Feng Qing concentrated on the battle. Her hands were nimble as she pressed on the screen. Under her control, the character moved smoothly. Five minutes passed. Li Shaofeng glanced at her phone to see how she was developing, but he was stunned on the spot.

“K-killing at the resurrection point?” Li Shaofeng was in disbelief.

The character controlled by Feng Qing was standing beside the resurrection point with two axes. If any of the opponents revived, they would be instantly killed by Feng Qing’s character’s combo.

Feng Qing looked at him and asked doubtfully, “What’s wrong? Can’t we play like this?”

Li Shaofeng : “…”

What did she mean by this? This idea was too good! Li Shaofeng’s worldviews were shattered. From the time he created the account until now, Feng Qing had only played for more than an hour, but she had already killed her five opponents in the resurrection point. It was too exaggerated.

Feng Qing continued playing the game. Li Shaofeng switched off his phone and picked up his chopsticks to eat. No matter how fun a game was, it couldn’t compare to the fragrance of food.

“Eh, I think I have a spot. This special effect is so cool,” Feng Qing suddenly said excitedly. She had just won another round.

Li Shaofeng drank his soda and looked over. The next second, he choked on the soda and coughed. Feng Qing hurriedly patted his back. After a long time, Li Shaofeng recovered and looked at Feng Qing as if he was looking at a monster.

“Brother Yi, your rank is platinum. I only reached silver this season and played for a few days before I rose to platinum.” Li Shaofeng smiled bitterly.

The two of them added each other as friends and played together. Very quickly, they matched up to a team. The two of them chose their characters and pressed the ‘ready’ button. The game started to count down. Suddenly, on the team channel, a teammate sent a message. “F*ck! What the hell? I actually matched two women. I’m afraid this advancement match will be over. How unlucky!”

Feng Qing’s game ID was ‘Arrogant Three Year Old Sis’. Her profile picture was a rose. Li Shaofeng’s game ID was ‘The Little Sister Next Door is A Beauty’. His profile picture was a cat with a pacifier in its mouth.

“What are you panicking for? Just hold on for five minutes and restart it. It’s very difficult to bring one woman along, not to mention playing with two women. Even God can’t bring them along.”

“Just don’t play once the game starts. At most, there will be reinforcements below the tower. There are too many female players, and none of them are good.”

The other two teammates sent out messages one after another, their words filled with discrimination against female players. It looked like they had been cheated by female players a lot recently.

Li Shaofeng couldn’t stand being despised by his teammates. He replied in the team channel, “Shut up. If you don’t speak, no one will think you’re mute!”

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