The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 146 - Without Excellent Era, I’m Still a Classic Song Queen!

Chapter 146: Without Excellent Era, I’m Still a Classic Song Queen!

Wang Jingwen’s face was pale as she mumbled, “I… I guess I’ll pass…”

For the first time in her life, she lacked confidence when it came to singing. With her unique voice, she had thought that she was better than many people since she was young. Today, Feng Qing had used her strength to tell her that there was always someone better.

Feng Qing’s voice was like the jade spring falling onto the jade wall, a true heavenly sound. But her voice was like a sword taking a slanted path and unpresentable. If she sang with Feng Qing, it would be like a firefly competing with the bright moon, seeming laughable.

Looking at Feng Qing’s beautiful face and thinking about what she had said just now, Wang Jingwen instantly felt ashamed of her inferiority. To be able to conquer the entire Internet and command the nerds, Feng Qing’s strength and looks had indeed crushed her.

Han Yu took off the monitor, his eyes filled with shock. Feng Qing looked sweet and charming, but she could sing a song that was so different from her age. It was amazing, Feng Qing had given him a vivid lesson.

Wu Wenshan’s old face beamed. Feng Qing’s singing made him have the urge to compose songs and lyrics. He had not had such a feeling for many years. Looking at Feng Qing, who was drinking milk tea, he seemed to see a future star of the Xia country music industry rising.

The music director announced, “Everyone, I hereby announce that I officially invite Miss Siren to participate in the production of Young Master Li’s new album. The various departments of the company will cooperate with them to create an album that will blow up the Xia country’s music industry. I believe that when the new album is released, it will be the day the two of them become gods!”

Wang Jingwen was dumbfounded. She wanted to fight for more but the music director had already made his decision. So, her collaboration with Li Shaoqun was over. All her previous plans were for naught.

Li Shaoqun walked into the recording room and stretched out his hand. “Miss Siren, I wish us a happy cooperation!”

Feng Qing smiled lightly. “It’s a pleasure to work with you. I won’t shake your hand, in case he gets jealous. If there’s nothing else, let’s call it a day.”

With that, she walked out of the recording room with the milk tea in her hands. When she passed by Wang Jingwen, she deliberately stopped and took a deep sip of the milk tea. Wang Jingwen lowered her head, her aura completely suppressed.

Feng Qing’s principles were very simple. If I don’t provoke you, don’t provoke me either. Otherwise, I’ll keep stepping on you until you die. Wang Jingwen was the first to show hostility to her. When it was time to suppress her, she naturally wouldn’t let go.

Below Excellent Era’s building.

A group of Excellent Era’s higher-ups took the initiative to send Feng Qing off. Many managers and producers surrounded Feng Qing sincerely.

“Miss Siren, this is my name card. You’ll definitely be famous throughout the country in the future, and you’ll need a reliable manager to help you. I’ve been in Excellent Era for ten years and am an experienced manager. I have a lot of connections and resources in the industry, so I’ll definitely become your capable manager!”

“Goddess Siren, are you lacking a guide dog? The kind that can be an assistant or manager. I’m of reasonable price, capable, and thick-skinned. I can shield you from alcohol and shelter you from the rain. It’s not a loss to look for me.”

“Do you want to be the queen of songs? Do you want to be the legend of the music industry? Do you want to sweep all the awards in the music industry and become a famous female singer? Little Missy Siren, join Excellent Era Media. Trust me.”

Everyone fought to introduce themselves. In order to fight for a chance to speak to Feng Qing at a close distance, they almost fought. Those in their line of work had very sensitive noses. For them, Siren entering the entertainment industry was definitely a huge opportunity. Becoming the manager and producer of the Siren would allow them to do whatever they wanted in front of their peers for the next ten years.

Under Xie Qi’s escort, Feng Qing got into the car. She rolled down the window and smiled. “You’re mistaken. I want to enter the entertainment industry, not Excellent Era Media. Without Excellent Era, I’m still the queen of classic songs!”

After saying that, she looked past the crowd and looked at the Excellent Era higher-ups not far away. Then, the car started and left, leaving the crowd standing there in shock.

Watching Feng Qing leave, the higher-ups of the Excellent Era sighed. The music director was so angry that he grabbed his wig again.

At the Water Tsing Court’s dining room.

The interior design of the dining room was simple and fashionable. The sound of flowing water added some elegance to the dining room.

“F*ck, F*ck! Brother, do you know how to play? Don’t you know that the opposite jungler is here? Not running back, you even dare to go up for a 1V3. You’re here to shit, right!”

“What?! Brother, I’m on the road. You can’t beat the other party because I didn’t teleport to help you? I strongly suggest that you uninstall the game. Your IQ is not suitable for playing games. Really, I’m not joking.”

As Li Shaofeng played games, he complained about his teammate. He spat on the screen and looked at the ‘defeat’ on the screen, then he reported his teammate.

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