The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 145 - If She Isn’t the Siren, Who Is?

Chapter 145: If She Isn’t the Siren, Who Is?

The recording studio was filled with people. Everyone looked at Feng Qing as she walked into the studio. Some were looking forward to it, while others were disdainful. If Feng Qing was really the Siren, they would be the first people to listen to the Siren sing live.

The woman stood in the corner, her lips filled with mockery. Regardless of whether Feng Qing was the Siren or not, they were destined to be rivals. In order to cooperate with Li Shaoqun in the new album, she had spent a lot of effort. In addition, she already had feelings for Li Shaoqun, so how could she be happy that Feng Qing’s appearance had ruined her plans?

“Hello, Feng, no, Miss Siren, can you hear me?” Han Yu, the manager, said into the microphone.

Feng Qing adjusted her earpiece and gestured an OK sign to the glass of the recording room, signaling that she could hear it. Han Yu nodded and continued, “In order to prove that you are the Siren herself, I specially downloaded her original song. You just need to try the first part.”

Considering that Feng Qing couldn’t see, he deliberately chose the Siren’s song. This way, it would save her the trouble of looking at the lyrics. It was also an implicit test. If she couldn’t even remember the lyrics of the song she wrote, then…

Feng Qing nodded and took another sip of the milk tea. Xie Jiuhan had specially gotten the chef to make the milk tea for her. Other than pearls, fruits, and many other things, every bite tastes different.

The woman sneered and said, “This is too amateurish. She even drank dessert before she sang. Doesn’t she know that it will affect her vocal cords?”

Li Shaoqun raised his brows and glanced at the woman, but he didn’t say anything. The woman’s name was Wang Jingwen. She was a female singer who had just signed with the company at the start of the year and was also the focus of the company this year. She had just finished walking the red carpet overseas a while ago and had even won the Best Newcomer Award.

“Singer, please get ready. Next, let’s enter the accompaniment of ‘Windmill Fairytale’. 3, 2, 1, start!” Han Yu said skillfully as he pushed a button on the stage.

“Hmph, wasting a group of people’s precious time for a blind person. Young Master Li’s next album is called the work of God. Do you think you can rely on a blind person…” Wang Jingwen mocked. Before she could finish speaking, Feng Qing’s song reverberated in the shed.

Instantly, the recording studio fell silent. Everyone listened attentively and only heard one sentence. Everyone looked into the recording studio in shock.

The music director revealed a look of enjoyment. The Commerce Department director at the side rubbed his ears fiercely. Be it the executives or the big shots in the music industry, they were instantly conquered by Feng Qing’s voice. Feng Qing’s voice was melodious, and the strongest female voice on the earth appeared perfectly in the recording studio, giving everyone an incomparably shocking impact on their hearing.

Wang Jingwen’s body trembled. She was engulfed by Feng Qing’s voice. Han Yu, the manager, felt like his chin was going to fall to the ground. Feng Qing’s singing today was completely different from her voice at the audition. It was as if the Siren was singing on the reef. She was just like her name!

Feng Qing sang very devotedly, and everyone was intoxicated by her singing. ‘Windmill Fairytale’ had pulled everyone back to that young and frivolous, innocent and naive era. Han Yu was wearing a listening earpiece and listening to the music without the original sound of the accompaniment. The words were clear, the pronunciation standard was extremely high, and there was no sound of breathing at all. It was stable like he was listening to a fixed sample.

Unknowingly, Feng Qing had finished singing the entire song. Han Yu had already forgotten that she was only allowed to sing the first part. The music in the recording studio was still ringing. Everyone was immersed in their memories and did not react for a long time.

The corners of Li Shaoqun’s lips curled up as he looked at Feng Qing, his eyes flashing with a myriad of stars. In the past, he had always listened to Feng Qing’s recorded audio on the Internet. Now that he had listened to her live singing, it caused all the muscles in his body to twitch with excitement. How could there be someone who could sing so well in the world!

When Feng Qing was singing, he even secretly followed her. The conclusion was that he couldn’t seem to keep up with Feng Qing and his emotions weren’t as full as Feng Qing’s.

“Good, that’s great!” Li Shaoqun exclaimed and clapped.

He was very glad that his insistence was right. To be able to work with a singer like Feng Qing was the most important thing on his music path, and also the thing he was most proud of.

Everyone applauded. Facts spoke louder than words. After the song was finished, no one questioned whether Feng Qing was the Siren. If she wasn’t the Siren, then who was?

Wang Jingwen also clapped her hands in agreement. Her expression was very unnatural, and the look she gave Feng Qing was extremely complicated. She knew very well that she had lost terribly, but she didn’t want to admit it.

“Jingwen, you should go in too. It’s a rare chance. If you sing a song with the Siren, there might be new sparks,” Han Yu suddenly suggested.

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