The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 144 - I’ll Wait for You at the Recording Studio!

Chapter 144: I’ll Wait for You at the Recording Studio!

Compared to higher-ups of the company, the big shots of the music industry were silent because they were staring at a camera in front of them. According to the company’s rules, every time an important meeting was held, it had to be recorded in case someone spoke nonsense and denied it afterwards.

The big shot, who was dressed in a flowery manner, looked at Feng Qing in the camera and swallowed back the words that were about to come out of his mouth. Feng Qing was too photogenic. In the camera, that perfect face, that skin that could blind people without needing to be made up, made him exclaim repeatedly. How could there be such a beautiful woman in the world!

Feng Qing sat elegantly. Even though everyone was making things difficult for her, she was still calm. Her expression was calm and collected, and it was impossible to tell that she was a fresh graduate.

The big-shot had been in the entertainment industry for most of his life, and she knew very well that even if Feng Qing didn’t work with Li Shaoqun, with Feng Qing’s qualifications, she could still succeed as an actress. If she was lucky, she could star in a few big IP movies and become famous very quickly. She would definitely have a place in the entertainment industry.

“Alright, let me say a few words!” The big shot from the music industry said.

The next second, the meeting room fell silent. Everyone looked at him respectfully. This big shot was called Wu Wenshan. He was a living legend in the current music industry and is a high level songwriter in the Xia country’s music industry. He had created a thousand famous classical songs in his life.

Wu Wenshan looked at Feng Qing, and Feng Qing raised her head to look at him. Wu Wenshan was stunned. He realized that Feng Qing looked much better than in the camera. Her clear and bright eyes almost made him lose his focus.

“Ahem, Miss Feng, I wonder if you’re willing to be the female lead in Shaoqun’s music video? If you really can’t, can you take an art photo and be his cover?” Wu Wenshan asked.

Feng Qing shook her head. “I’m sorry, please call me Siren. I came here to work with Li Shaoqun on the new album, not to be his contrast. If you all object to me working with Li Shaoqun, then I won’t disturb you.”

Feng Qing looked at Li Shaoqun and was about to leave.

In the meeting room, one could hear a pin drop. The music producer, distribution manager, and executives of all departments were collectively dumbfounded. Feng Qing did not even look at them as she walked out with her milk tea.

The moment Feng Qing pushed open the door, the music director stood up abruptly and looked at Feng Qing in disbelief. “Siren?! She’s the Internet God Siren”

The music director was extremely excited. He subconsciously grabbed his hair but pulled off his wig, revealing a bright head. The director of the Commerce Department, who was sitting not far away, retorted, “There are many people with similar nicknames online. She might not be the Siren you’re talking about. Since last year, our Commerce Department has been inviting the Siren to cooperate with Young Master Li every month. The emails and news we sent were all like stones thrown into the sea. How could she suddenly come here?”

Feng Qing didn’t say anything when she heard the two directors’ words. She couldn’t be bothered to explain anything to them. It was Li Shaoqun who had tried so hard to cooperate with her. It wasn’t her who was begging Li Shaoqun, nor was it the Excellent Era. It was just that if she wanted to debut as a celebrity, Xie Jiuhan could set up a management company for her anytime.

Shaking her head, Feng Qing pushed the door open again. However, the door opened by itself and a tall woman with exquisite makeup appeared at the entrance of the conference room. When the woman saw Feng Qing, she was stunned for a moment before her eyes filled with hostility. Feng Qing was expressionless and didn’t care about her hostility. Feng Qing understood that this woman was likely the female singer Han Yu was talking about.

The woman was about the same height as Feng Qing. She was wearing a black miniskirt, a white t-shirt, and a mink waistcoat. Her body was covered in large brand jewelry, and her light purple hair was draped behind her. The word ‘trendy’ was written on her face.

In order to appear unnecessarily awkward, the woman was arranged to listen in the next room. When she heard Feng Qing say that she was the Siren, she couldn’t help but want to see what this legendary Internet singer looked like.

The woman sized Feng Qing up from head to toe and said with a disdainful look, “You’re the Siren?”

Feng Qing ignored her and took a sip of milk tea. She turned to the people in the conference room and said, “It’s useless to say anything more. I’ll use my voice to show whether I’m the Siren or not. I’ll wait for you at the recording studio!”

With that, Feng Qing walked around the woman and walked towards the recording studio accompanied by Xie Qi.

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