The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 143 - Put Out My Desire First

Chapter 143: Put Out My Desire First

The good-looking v-line stretched down towards his hard thigh muscles. Feng Qing gently poked them. Even in his sleep, the thigh muscles were still tight. His skin was flawless and shone like diamonds.

Xie Jiuhan was too perfect. His appearance was like a sculpture, and his figure was like a work of art. Even when he was lying there, the King’s aura could not be concealed.

“Aiyah ~” Feng Qing exclaimed as she flew into the air. Xie Jiuhan pulled her out of the blanket with one hand, as if he was holding a little dog.

Seeing Xie Jiuhan’s doubtful expression, Feng Qing’s face turned red. She felt like a criminal who had been caught red-handed. Looking at her still empty gaze, Xie Jiu asked coldly, “Why aren’t you sleeping? What are you looking for under the blanket?”

He was sleeping soundly when he suddenly felt something scratching his body from time to time. Occasionally, he could feel an itch. He released his grip and Feng Qing fell into Xie Jiuhan’s arms. The man’s thigh was on her, as if he was pressing a little puppy that was prepared to escape.

Seeing the fire of desire in Xie Jiuhan’s eyes, Feng Qing immediately raised her hands and surrendered. “Hubby, I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s too cold outside, so I want to lean on you.”

Every autumn and winter, she would treat Xie Jiuhan as a heater. Xie Jiuhan’s body was too hot, and his blood was surging with energy. She could feel waves of heat from afar. Whenever she was hugged by him in summer, Feng Qing felt like she was about to get a heat stroke.

Xie Jiuhan yawned sleepily. It was rare for him to have a long break. He wanted to sleep soundly, but Feng Qing’s sneaking under the blanket woke him up. The itchy and hot feeling stimulated his instincts.

After stretching, Xie Jiuhan flipped his body and pressed onto Feng Qing. Feng Qing knew what he wanted to do. She struggled to escape, but her hands were firmly pressed onto the bed.

Sensing the heat from Xie Jiuhan’s lower body, Feng Qing hurriedly said, “Little Jiu Jiu, let me up, alright? It’s 8: 30 in the morning. I still have to find Li Shaoqun to compose a song.”

Xie Jiuhan’s lips curled up. He removed her pajamas and said, “Put out my desire first. We’ll talk about your matters later!”

At Excellent Era’s headquarters.

Feng Qing walked slowly. She was bullied early in the morning and felt very helpless. Xie Qi followed behind her with a smile. He was holding a bag in one hand and a cup of milk tea in the other.

In the building, on the 36th floor, in the multimedia conference room.

Feng Qing, Li Shaoqun, and his manager Han Yu were sitting in a row. Opposite them were the big shots of Xia country’s music industry, and on both sides were Excellent Era’s senior executives.

Han Yu glanced at Feng Qing. Last time at the school’s audition, he went too. The entire time, he watched how Feng Qing kicked Feng Jianing out. In Han Yu’s opinion, Feng Qing was a typical scheming girl and a gold digger. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be sitting here for a meeting.

Feng Qing raised her eyebrows. She could naturally feel Han Yu’s hostile gaze, but he didn’t say anything, so she could only pretend not to see anything. Besides, she was collaborating with Li Shaoqun, what did it have to do with Han Yu?

When the last big shot in the entertainment industry walked into the conference room, the meeting officially started. As Li Shaoqun’s manager, Han Yu was the first to speak.

“I’ve gathered everyone here today to discuss the problem of Shaoqun’s next album. Miss Feng, to be honest, before you decide to cooperate with Shaoqun, the company has already found a more suitable female singer. Her voice is very special and is very recognizable, making it easier for her to influence the listeners.” Han Yu knocked on the table and said bluntly.

As soon as he finished speaking, the big shots of the music industry looked at Feng Qing. Every gaze was scrutinized. Feng Qing frowned. She didn’t expect such a situation.

“Han Yu, what are you doing? Everyone is busy. Did you call us here because of this?”

“In my opinion, there’s no need to discuss this matter at all. According to what I know, this Miss Feng is still a university student, right? She has no experience in producing albums or officially acting. Isn’t it nonsense to let her work with Young Master Li?”

“I remember that Miss Feng’s major is the strings, could an instrumentalist be better than those professional female singers who have been in the music industry for many years?”

In the meeting room, be it the music producer, production manager, or manager, none of them were optimistic about Feng Qing and Li Shaoqun’s collaboration. The competition in the music industry was so intense now. As long as one album wasn’t satisfactory, Li Shaoqun’s status in the music industry would start to waver. He was the company’s money tree, and no one dared to gamble with his future.

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