The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 142 - Sing One Song for Me!

Chapter 142: Sing One Song for Me!

“Hubby ~ Do you not like me joining the entertainment industry?” Feng Qing asked coquettishly.

Xie Jiuhan remained silent for a moment before pulling her into his arms. He picked up the hairdryer and blew her hair. Feng Qing closed her eyes and enjoyed it quietly. The room was filled with warmth. After the bustle, calmness was the most real.

“Forget it. Do as you wish,” Xie Jiuhan said after a long sigh.

Feng Qing smiled slightly. She knew that Xie Jiuhan would say this. As long as she liked something, Xie Jiuhan would support her. He would also do his best to give her what she wanted.

“Jiu Jiu, do I sing well?” Feng Qing asked eagerly. It didn’t matter if others liked her singing. She wanted to know if Xie Jiuhan liked it too. This was very important to her.

Xie Jiuhan nodded. “I like it!”

Feng Qing turned her head and said sweetly, “Then Little Jiu Jiu, sing a song for me too. Sing for me alone, how about that?”

Xie Jiuhan : “…”

Pushing Feng Qing aside, Xie Jiuhan prepared to hide in the bathroom for a while. Singing was too unfamiliar to him, and he instinctively wanted to reject her. Feng Qing jumped and wrapped herself around Xie Jiuhan, not letting him escape.

“Little Jiu Jiu, you’re so outstanding. Singing will definitely not stump you, right? Sing for me!” Feng Qing said coquettishly.

Before she could finish her sentence, she picked up the wireless earpiece and stuffed it into Xie Jiuhan’s ear. She then played a song that she had recently written on her phone. This is one of the catchy songs. The melody was simple and the lyrics were easy to remember. It was the kind of song that could be hummed along without knowing how to sing.

Xie Jiuhan felt helpless as he looked at Feng Qing, who had her head on his shoulder and was looking forward to it like a cute pet. Since Feng Qing wanted to listen, he would sing it once.

Listening to the sound coming from the earpiece, Xie Jiuhan quickly memorised. The second verse had just begun, and he immediately understood how to sing it. He took a deep breath and was about to sing when he realized that Feng Qing had fallen asleep with her eyes closed.

Xie Jiuhan was stunned for a moment before his lips curled up. It looked like he had escaped a calamity. Carrying Feng Qing on his back, Xie Jiuhan walked softly to the bed and placed her gently on it. He picked up a blanket and covered her with it. His large hand couldn’t help but gently stroke Feng Qing’s face. After he had enough, Xie Jiuhan turned around and entered the bathroom.

The next day, at five in the morning, the sun had just risen. Feng Qing slowly woke up from her sleep. The first thing she did when she opened her eyes was to pat towards her side.

He had firm muscles and a warm body. Occasionally, she would touch a few scars. Without looking at him, Feng Qing could confirm that this was her man.

Feng Qing secretly turned her head and admired Xie Jiuhan with her big eyes. Ever since her vision recovered, this was the first time she saw Xie Jiuhan. She finally knew what it meant to have the looks of a god.

It was not an overstatement to say that among the men she had seen, no one’s looks could be compared to Xie Jiuhan’s. He could even crush most women.

White and smooth, his facial features were perfect. He had long eyelashes, a high nose bridge, a pair of sharp and handsome eagle eyes, and thin lips that made one want to kiss them. They were very lethal to women.

Xie Jiuhan’s brows twitched. Feng Qing was shocked and hurriedly adjusted her eyes. Her eyes, which had been incomparably bright just now, had lost their glow again. Xie Jiuhan did not wake up. Feng Qing heaved a sigh of relief and waved her hand in the air. A light blue powder landed on Xie Jiuhan’s face. In the next second, Xie Jiuhan’s brows relaxed and his breathing became more uniform.

Feng Qing continued to admire Xie Jiuhan. She had been completely conquered by a man’s looks. She couldn’t find any adjectives to describe him. She didn’t know how to praise Xie Jiuhan’s looks. He was tall, rich, domineering, and doted on his wife…

In short, Xie Jiuhan was perfect. He satisfied all of Feng Qing’s fantasies about a man. After admiring the man’s face, Feng Qing wanted to admire the other parts of the man’s body. Hence, she snuggled her head into the blanket.

Xie Jiuhan was only wearing a pair of pants, revealing his well-defined muscles. The area around his lower abdomen seemed to have been carved with a carving knife. Feng Qing salivated and couldn’t help but touch it. It was firm and tight, and it felt very good.

Eh, this is that so-called Phoenix Eye tattoo. Why does it look familiar? Feng Qing thought to herself as she looked at the palm-sized tattoo on Xie Jiuhan’s waist.

Feng Qing reached out and touched it. What did the phoenix eye tattoo represent? Why did the Sword God and the mercenaries switch sides at the last minute and worship it? The tattoo was red and looked very ordinary.

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