The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 141 - I Only Like You to Sing for Me Alone

Chapter 141: I Only Like You to Sing for Me Alone

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“Is there a point in running away? Siren?” Xie Jiuhan teased.

Feng Qing stopped in her tracks. She could no longer pretend. She could only lower her head and walk up to Xie Jiuhan, looking adorable as she got ready to be punished.

Her wet hair was placed on her chest. She had just finished bathing and under the light, her entire body was emitting sparkling and translucent water vapor. A few droplets of water that had not dried landed near her collarbone. Coupled with her fair and tender skin, it made one want to take a bite.

“Hubby…” Feng Qing whined.

Xie Jiuhan’s stomach started to burn. Feng Qing had said this in a mature lady’s voice, instantly triggering his biological instincts. If not for his strong self-control, he would have immediately pounced on her like a hungry wolf.

“Is this how you usually sing online?” Xie Jiu asked coldly.

“Yeah…” Feng Qing nodded obediently, not daring to say another word.

Xie Jiuhan pulled her into his arms and pinched Feng Qing’s face hard, without caring that her wet hair was falling on his face.

Feng Qing’s face was very smooth and soft, like a newborn baby’s. Every time he pinched her face, it was a punishment for Feng Qing but a pleasure for Xie Jiuhan.

Xie Jiuhan’s large hands were thick and strong, but his skin was well-maintained. No matter how he pinched her, it did not feel like her skin was being ground. Instead, it brought about a small current that traveled throughout her body. It was mixed with the masculine aura of a man, and it quickly made her unable to take it anymore.

Feng Qing begged pitifully, “Hubby, if you keep pinching my face like this, it’ll make my face fat.”

Xie Jiuhan said coldly, “That’s better than you singing for others online all day. You should know your own voice, right? Do you know how attractive such a voice is to men?”

As her husband, he was very angry. His wife had been singing on the Internet all day long and had been hiding it from him. She had even become the dream of countless nerds. If not for Li Shaoqun’s words today, he would still be in the dark.

Feng Qing explained, “Hubby, I didn’t do it on purpose. If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn’t have participated in the Internet original singer competition. At first, I was just interested. I usually wrote songs and wanted to test my skills, so I signed up for the competition online, and I became like this in a daze.”

Xie Jiuhan released his grip. Feng Qing hurriedly rubbed her face, afraid that her face would become fat. Xie Jiuhan threw the cigar aside and continued to look at her coldly.

“Jiu Jiu, don’t you like me singing?” Feng Qing asked.

She did not think much of it, but she did not expect Xie Jiuhan to have such a big reaction. From his posture, it was obvious that he cared a lot. If he did not like her to sing, she would not sing in the future.

“I only like you to sing for me alone!” Xie Jiuhan replied in his standard style.

Feng Qing was stunned. She walked behind Xie Jiuhan and leaned her head against his ear to sing softly. There was no accompaniment, no sound card, no microphone at all, it was purely her own voice.

Xie Jiuhan did not speak or move. He closed his eyes and listened quietly. This was the first time Feng Qing had sung for him, just for him alone. Feng Qing’s voice was beautiful and strong. Her words were clear, and no sound of breathing could be heard the entire time. Her voice was sometimes high and melodious, and sometimes low and mellow. Xie Jiuhan followed her voice, sometimes going to the grassland, sometimes going deep into the sea, sometimes standing at the peak of the mountain, and sometimes flying in the air. He finally understood why Feng Qing’s singing was so popular online. Even he, who never listened to music, was filled with admiration.

After singing a song, Feng Qing picked up Xie Jiuhan’s glass and drank it. Xie Jiuhan turned his face and asked, “Your voice when you sing is completely different from your usual voice. Who did you learn this from? Other than a mature lady’s voice, do you also know the loli voice?”

Feng Qing drank the water in the glass, stood up, and went to Xie Jiuhan. She started to act out the scenes in the movie. One moment, her expression was mature as she spoke in a mature lady’s voice. The next moment, her expression was innocent as she spoke in a loli voice. After that, she spoke in an old witch’s voice.

What shocked Xie Jiuhan was that not only was Feng Qing’s voice changing, but her expression and limbs when she was acting were also lifelike. She even imitated the sounds of animals to make them seem real.

Xie Jiu said in a low voice, “Lass, how many secrets are you hiding from me? I’ll give you a chance.. It’s best that you tell me everything honestly. Otherwise…”

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