The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 140 - Top Fragrant Trainer

Chapter 140: Top Fragrant Trainer

“Jianing, pull yourself together. You are the piano princess of Capital University. You have both looks and talent. You will be a superstar in the entertainment industry in the future. Don’t be defeated by such a trivial matter. The negative news on the Internet has already disappeared. After you attend the Fragrance Competition, I will promote you. You will enter the public’s eye as a goddess again,” Cao Beining encouraged.

If he loved someone, he had to love everything about her. He knew that Feng Jianing wanted to be a star all the time, so he had been encouraging and helping Feng Jianing, hoping that she could fulfill her dream. For this, he was willing to pay any price.

With Fu Anlan and Cao Beining’s consolation, Feng Jianing’s mood improved a lot. She nodded at the two of them. “Don’t worry, I won’t be defeated so easily. From now on, I’ll only play the piano for two hours a day. The rest of the time, I’ll spend it on perfume making. I must obtain a good ranking in the Fragrance Competition.”

Seeing her adjust her mentality so quickly, Cao Beining nodded in appreciation and even gave her a thumbs up.

At the mention of perfume, Fu Anlan said worriedly, “Sigh, ever since your aunt passed away, our Feng family’s perfume business has fallen. Last year, we released a few perfumes consecutively, but they didn’t look any better. Instead, they burned a lot of money.”

Cao Beining added, “Jianing, I remember you saying before that you learned how to mix perfume with your aunt when you were young. Now, the Cao and Feng families’ perfume business is not doing well. It’s your chance to showcase your skills!”

Feng Jianing smiled mysteriously and said, “Of course. Aunt is a top-notch perfume maker. Although I didn’t learn all her abilities, not everyone could compare to me. Don’t worry, when the Fragrance Competition comes, I will definitely take out a brand new perfume. Moreover, it’s a perfume that can win the competition.”

With Feng Qing’s notebook and videotape from when she was learning how to mix perfume back then, and the foundation she had built up with Feng Yiru since she was young, she believed that she would be able to make a brand new perfume very soon.

Seeing how confident she was, Cao Beining also became spirited. “Jianing, you can definitely do it. If the perfume you developed really wins the competition, it will be equivalent to a free advertisement. Then, you can invest your perfume into our production. I believe our two families will quickly return to our former pinnacle.”

“Beining, it’s not that I’m praising my daughter, but our Jianing is born with talent. Not only is she proficient in the piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting, but there are also many abilities that others don’t know. Marrying her is like marrying a treasure pot. You can even smile when you sleep.” Fu Anlan’s chest was high and her face was filled with pride.

Feng Jianing’s face flushed red and she said shyly, “Aiyah, Mom ~ What are you talking about…”

Zhe City, International Hot Spring Hotel.

After chatting for two hours, Li Shaoqun bade farewell and left. Before he left, he agreed with Feng Qing on the time to write the song. Mr. Qing Er also left with Li Shaoqun awkwardly, leaving only Xie Jiuhan and Feng Qing in the room.

Su Yu knocked on the door and came in. He said respectfully, “Ninth Master, we’ve prepared the private jet. When are we leaving?”

Xie Jiuhan looked at Feng Qing and raised his eyebrows. “The itinerary is canceled. The long vacation has just begun. Since we’re already out, let’s have fun in Zhe City for a few days.”

Su Yu nodded and retreated with a bow. He would support whatever decision Xie Jiuhan made. There was only one thing he needed to do, and that was to listen to his instructions and serve this master the entire time.

Feng Qing came out of the bathroom and blew her long hair with the hairdryer. She was humming an unknown song faintly. It was very likely that she had created it on the spot when she was bathing.

Xie Jiuhan lit up his cigar and took a deep breath. “Siren, one of the singers on ‘Sing if You want to’ app. First on the original singer rankings, she occupied the rankings for a year and four months. She used an original song to conquer the entire Internet, and five online judges gave her full marks. Her fans broke through 300 million overnight, creating an online legend, and she was recognized by the Xia country’s Internet Music Association as the most popular female singer on the Internet. Li Shaoqun was also overshadowed by her, and countless internet singers regarded her as the god of Internet singing. Countless netizens called her the strongest female singer on earth. She’s also the dream goddess of the geeks. Her voice was full of energy, filled with maturity and magnetism. Her pronunciation was unique, and her voice was mellow and high.”

Hearing Xie Jiuhan’s words, Feng Qing couldn’t blow her hair anymore. She pretended that nothing had happened and went into the bathroom. She hadn’t washed herself clean just now and planned to shower for a while longer.

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