The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 139 - Fragrant Competition

Chapter 139: Fragrant Competition

Upon hearing the Fragrance Competition, Feng Jianing stopped crying. Cao Beining was right. The Fragrance Competition was definitely the best chance for her to prove herself. As long as she could get first place, would she be afraid that she wouldn’t be able to restore her image?

Back then, her aunt, Feng Yiru, had invented the perfume ‘Shadow’ and allowed the Feng family to gain a foothold in the perfume world. ‘Shadow’ became an explosive perfume and led to the sales of the other perfumes in the Feng family. Overnight, orders across the country were overwhelming. The Feng family also made a lot of money. In just half a year, they opened five perfume factories in Hai City consecutively. It was also thanks to perfume that the Feng family started rapidly.

The good times didn’t last long. The internal strife in the Feng family was very fierce, and the internal conflict within the family became more and more serious. It even reached the extent of fights. Under the suppression of the Feng family, her aunt Feng Yiru fell ill and passed away not long after. From then on, there was one less top-notch perfume maker in the world. Without Feng Yiru holding the fort, the Feng family only thought about how to quickly pocket money and ignored the quality of the products themselves. This caused the Feng family’s subsequent perfume production to be criticized by the outside world and gradually went downhill.

The Feng family realized the severity of the matter and started to strictly follow the perfume manufacturing method developed by Feng Yiru. Although they saved the last factory, the sales had never been hot. Now, they could only struggle at death’s door and barely maintain it.

Feng Jianing’s confidence came from her aunt, Feng Yiru. Under Fu Anlan’s intentional or unintentional arrangement, Feng Jianing had been learning perfume from Feng Yiru since she was young. Unfortunately, her talent was too ordinary. Even though Feng Yiru tried her best to teach her, she didn’t make much progress in the end.

Later, when Feng Qing returned to the Feng family, her aunt personally taught her how to mix perfume. She even said that Feng Qing was talented and that the heavens blessed the Feng family for having a successor. Not only her, but the entire Feng family scoffed at this. How could a wild girl who came back from a poor mountain valley know how to mix perfume?

At the thought of Feng Yiru, Feng Jianing’s eyes shone. She felt that she had found a virtue that no one else had. After all, her aunt was a top-notch perfume maker in the world. Although she wasn’t as good as her aunt by one in ten thousand, she would definitely have some achievements in the domestic perfume world. Perhaps, if she was lucky, she could even become the youngest top-notch perfume maker.

This was the first time Feng Jianing got out of bed, but she didn’t open the door. Instead, she ran to the closet and took out all the clothes inside. Finally, she found a square wooden box at the bottom of the closet. She opened the box and found a notebook with Feng Qing’s name written on it. Under the notebook were two old DVD recordings.

“Feng Qing, you didn’t expect this, right? Back then, you thought that you had lost the things, but I actually hid them. However, these things now belong to me,” Feng Jianing said smugly as she looked at the things in the box.

Feng Jianing opened the door. Her eyes were red and swollen, looking like everything was alright. She took a look at Fu Anlan and then shifted her gaze to Cao Beining.

Cao Beining grabbed her hand and said, “Jianing, why are you so silly? Didn’t you just get gossiped by the media once? Why are you making things difficult for yourself? If you do this, it will make my heart ache!”

Feng Jianing’s face turned red. She retracted her hand and said, “It’s also the first time I’ve experienced such a thing. It’s normal to be sad. I’m sorry for making you worry.”

She was still a student after all. With Fu Anlan watching by the side, how could she let Cao Beining hold her hand? Fortunately, Cao Beining did not care. Without any accidents, he and Feng Jianing would be together in the end.

“Jianing, what happened that day? Why did you fall in the trash? Did you drink too much?” Fu Anlan asked.

At the mention of this, Feng Jianing lowered her head. As she spoke, tears were about to fall again. “Mom, Beining, I really don’t know what happened. That night, I just finished bathing when someone knocked on my door. The moment the door opened, I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I saw a group of paparazzi taking photos of me. At that time, I was extremely afraid and kept screaming. Later on, I didn’t know why, but the people from the operations team came. When I heard that they were going to arrest me, I was so scared that I hurriedly ran into the alley. Later… you all knew.”

Hearing her daughter’s muddled and inexplicable encounter, Fu Anlan’s heart ached. She hugged her and comforted her. “Jianing, my precious daughter. No matter what happens, you will always be the pride in Mom’s heart. Even if the entire world hates you, Mom will never leave you.”

Before she could finish her sentence, the mother and daughter were crying. Cao Beining didn’t want to disturb them. When the two of them were almost done crying, he spoke to Feng Jianing.

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