The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 138 - As expected of Ninth Master’s Woman

Chapter 138: As expected of Ninth Master’s Woman

Li Shaoqun raised his thumb. “Feng, Madam Xie, as expected of the Ninth Master’s woman. How amazing!”

He was obviously being played, but he couldn’t get angry at all. No matter what, he didn’t work for nothing. At least, he had fulfilled his long-cherished wish and could compose songs with Feng Qing. However, when he went back to report, he would be scolded again.

Feng Qing pursed her lips into a smile and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to compose with you, but I have to make something clear beforehand. Regardless of whether it’s producing an album or a single, I won’t use my real name.”

Li Shaoqun was stunned for a moment before he understood what she meant. He nodded. “Then you want to use the name Siren?”

Feng Qing was about to stop him from saying the word Siren, but it was too late. Hearing this name, Xie Jiuhan, who was sitting on the sun chair, stared intently at Feng Qing.

“What does ‘Siren’ mean?” Xie Jiuhan asked in a deep voice.

Feng Qing : “…”

Li Shaoqun and Mr. Qing Er looked at each other in confusion. They didn’t understand why Xie Jiuhan was so concerned about this name.

In the Feng family’s villa in the Capital.

Fu Anlan stood at the door of the room on the second floor and kept knocking. “Jianing, don’t cry first. Beining has already been here for half a day. Why aren’t you coming out to talk to him?”

Fu Anlan’s expression wasn’t good either. After Feng Jianing returned home, she had been hiding in her room and crying non-stop. No matter how she asked, she didn’t say a word. Helpless, she called Cao Beining and found out what had happened.

In the room, Feng Jianing’s eyes were red and swollen. She was curled up at the head of the bed, sobbing a few times from time to time. Her originally clean and smooth long hair was in a mess, and the paper basket was filled with papers that had been blown into her nose.

“Let him go back. Tell Beining that I don’t have the face to see him anymore. I’m too shameful,” Feng Jianing shouted hoarsely.

Cao Beining walked up the stairs and exchanged looks with Fu Anlan. He reached out and knocked on the door. “Jianing, come out quickly. You’ve been crying without eating or drinking for the entire day. Your body won’t be able to take it. I’ve already spent money to revoke the news articles that were used to manipulate you on the Internet. Besides, this matter might not be a bad thing for you. Have you seen any celebrity who doesn’t have gossip?”

“Wuwuwu, Beining, thank you. But it doesn’t matter if this matter is deleted. This concerns my reputation and image. I came out of the trash can naked. In the future, as long as others see me, they will remember this matter. How can I still survive in the entertainment industry?” Feng Jianing said while crying.

All this while, she had been insisting on her youthful image in front of the media. She wanted to become a pure and innocent person in the entertainment industry and make everyone’s eyes light up. She had wanted to be a CP with Li Shaoqun and turn herself into his rumored girlfriend. Through this, she could get on the trending searches. Not only would she be able to build a relationship with Li Shaoqun, but she would also be able to increase her reputation. In the end, she did get on the trending searches. However, it was only her and she was on two of the searches. One was her tragic state in the rubbish bin, and the other was the news that the Zhe City Operations Team had announced that she was detained.

She had shot herself in the foot and suffered a double loss. Feng Jianing deeply understood the meaning of these two sentences. She wanted to stir up rumors with Li Shaoqun but she caused trouble for herself instead.

Fortunately, the chief, Shen Suying, was also in Zhe City. When she heard that she was being detained, she rushed to the operations team immediately. However, Feng Jianing was suspected of seriously influencing the city’s appearance. The bail price was two million. How could Shen Suying have so much money? She could only call Feng Jianing’s best friend, Wu Xue. Wu Xue then contacted Cao Beining and he handed over the money.

Cao Beining felt indescribable pain. Business in the Cao family had been difficult all these years. The bail was two million, and he had spent another three million to withdraw the trending searches. He had emptied his personal savings. The Feng family wanted to pay him back, but they had lost a lot of money for the project. They had no money to pay back.

If Cao Beining knew that Feng Jianing went to Zhe City to stir up rumors with Li Shaoqun, one wondered if he would fork out this five million yuan for her.

Feng Jianing’s eyes were filled with hatred. She would never forget the appearance of that feminine and handsome man in the elevator. Although she didn’t know how she fainted, it was definitely related to that man. Unfortunately, she didn’t know the other party at all. She didn’t even know his name. Revenge had gone up in smoke.

Seeing that she was still not coming out, Cao Beining thought for a moment and consoled her. “Jianing, it’s all in the past. You should look forward. The Fragrance Competition is next month. It’s a good chance to show yourself.”

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