The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 137 - My Old Man treats Me the Best!

Chapter 137: My Old Man treats Me the Best!

Li Shaoqun furrowed his brows tightly. He didn’t know what to do with Xie Jiuhan’s answer. It was a good thing initially, but if he insisted on arguing with Xie Jiuhan, it would easily make both sides unhappy. Good things would turn into bad things.

Just as he was about to give up, Feng Qing said, “I haven’t written a song properly in a long time either. Seeing how sincere you are, I agree!”

Xie Jiuhan’s expression darkened. If not for the fact that there were outsiders, he would have pulled Feng Qing into his arms and pinched her face. Since when did she dare to go against his wishes in front of others?

Li Shaoqun was extremely excited. The flame of hope that was about to disappear was reignited. He had just wanted to give it a try. After knowing that she was Xie Jiuhan’s wife, he knew that there was no chance of their cooperation. However, there was a huge reversal. Feng Qing changed her attitude and agreed readily. It was simply unbelievable!

Li Shaoqun was dumbfounded. He looked at Feng Qing in disbelief. “You… you really agreed? You’re not joking?” He sat on the sofa and forced himself not to jump up. He was representing the Li family now, so he could not shout loudly in front of Xie Jiuhan. It would be rude.

Feng Qing nodded. “Don’t worry, I never joke around. The person you want to cooperate with is me, it has nothing to do with my husband, so you don’t have to bother with him.”

Li Shaoqun subconsciously looked at Xie Jiuhan. Indeed, Xie Jiuhan’s expression was dark. To be slapped in the face by his wife in public… Li Shaoqun couldn’t imagine how it would feel.

The temperature in the room dropped a few notches. Feng Qing turned around and looked at Xie Jiuhan. She said sweetly and softly, “Jiuhan, I like music and singing. You won’t object to me entering the entertainment industry, right?”

Xie Jiuhan remained silent for a moment before saying, “I’ve said before that you can enter the entertainment industry, but you have to join the management company I’ve established. I’ll help you settle everything in the entertainment industry. You can have whatever resources you want. Even if you don’t have to sing, I can promote you to a celebrity with money.”

Feng Qing smiled sweetly and turned to look at Li Shaoqun. She said arrogantly, “See, my old man treats me the best!”

Xie Jiuhan : “…”

Feng Qing had a sweet and blissful expression on her face. The source of her confidence was the accumulation of her daily life. No matter what she wanted, Xie Jiuhan would give it to her. Last year, on her birthday, Xie Jiuhan asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She joked that she wanted an island, but the next day, Xie Jiuhan spent a huge sum of money to buy an island for her in Xia country.

Three years ago, she fell sick once. That time, she was very sick. In order to make her happy, Xie Jiuhan asked her what she wanted and said that he could buy her anything. She didn’t believe it and wanted to make things difficult for Xie Jiuhan. So she said that she wanted a signed guitar from the famous rock singer, Elvis. When the singer died, they had yet to be born. In the end, the next morning, Xie Jiuhan really gave her a guitar that Elvis had used at his concert. There was Elvis’s autograph on the guitar, as well as a certificate issued by the American cultural copyright agency.

There were many more such things. It was because of her usual accumulation that she dared to say this at the critical moment. Xie Jiuhan would definitely support her.

After listening to their story, Li Shaoqun’s eyes wandered back and forth between the two of them. He was a handsome man and she’s a beautiful woman. He had not suffered a loss from this display of affection. The next time he met the two of them at the same time, he had to take some medicine to slow down his heart rate. Otherwise, he might die on the spot.

“Madam Xie, haven’t you always been against cooperating with me? Why did you…” Li Shaoqun asked curiously.

Feng Qing’s pink lips curled up into a smile. “A tit for tat, Young Master Li blocked the disaster for us today. As Madam Xie, this is the reward I should pay Young Master Li.”

Li Shaoqun nodded, and his expression froze again. What did she mean by a tit for tat? He had brought people here because he had wanted Xie Jiuhan to owe him a favor. However, Feng Qing had used Madam Xie’s name to return the favor by agreeing to work with him on a song. Li Shaoqun felt that the coffee in his hands was no longer fragrant.

Li Shaoqun smiled bitterly. How was he going to explain this to his father when he got back? His personal wish had been fulfilled, but the Li family had suffered a huge loss this time. Not only had they used a lot of resources, but they had also suppressed the seventy-two factions in Zhe City because of Xie Jiuhan.

Seeing through but not revealing it was the rules of the game between adults. Even though he knew that he had been cheated by Feng Qing, he could only admit defeat. Now that both parties had already agreed to cooperate, it was not appropriate for him to go back on his words.

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