The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 150 - So What If My Brain Is Burned? You Will Take Care of Me!

Chapter 150: So What If My Brain Is Burned? You Will Take Care of Me!

“Tell me, are you up to something again by clinging to me like this?” Xie Jiuhan said as he pulled Feng Qing into his arms.

Feng Qing raised her pink fist and lightly punched his chest. “Since when did I do such bad things to you?”

Xie Jiuhan chuckled and said, “Don’t tell me you’ve gotten some aphrodisiac from Mr. Qingyi and are planning to harm me? Actually, you don’t have to. No matter what position you like, your husband can make you wish for the seventh heaven.”

Feng Qing : “…”

This man was insensitive. How could he still be thinking about this at a time like this? She had touched Xie Jiuhan’s back just now. His white shirt was drenched in sweat, and his body was hot.

“Jiuhan, your wound is so inflamed. Did you shower yesterday? If you’re still in the mood to tease me now, your brain is probably burnt!” Feng Qing said angrily.

Xie Jiuhan didn’t mind. “What are you panicking for? I’m an iron man. What can a mere fever do to me? I’ve suffered more serious injuries in the past. Besides, so what if my brain is burned? You can take care of me!”

Feng Qing : “…”

Xie Jiuhan wasn’t saying this casually. Long after they registered their marriage, Xie Jiuhan had changed the name of nearly half of the enterprises under his name to Feng Qing. He had even bought himself a sky-high risk accident insurance policy. The beneficiary was Feng Qing. Other than that, Xie Jiuhan had bought many properties, luxury cars, and land around the world and had given them all to Feng Qing. In his words, this was a betrothal gift for Feng Qing.

“Little rich girl, if I’m ill, are you willing to support me?” Xie Jiuhan teased.

Feng Qing hit him again and said angrily, “I don’t allow you to talk nonsense. You’ll definitely be fine. Go and lie on the bed now, or else I’ll… I’ll ignore you. Hmph!”

Seeing how adorable she was, Xie Jiuhan was amused. He carried her back to the bed. Feng Qing flipped him over and examined the wound on his back.

“The wound is indeed inflamed. It’s red and swollen, and there’s also pus and blood.” Feng Qing pressed the area near the wound and said with heartache.

“It will take at least four hours for Ji Yunchen to rush over from the Capital. Therefore, before you came back, I contacted Li Shaoqun. He heard that my wound is infected and have a high fever. He agreed to help me hire a good doctor,” Xie Jiuhan said.

Feng Qing was stunned. She asked, “Who is the good doctor?”

Xie Jiuhan said playfully, “Healer of A Dark Organization. In order to treat your eyes previously, I couldn’t even invite him at a high price. I’m looking forward to meeting him today.”

At the mention of the Healer, he recalled the scene of him personally catching the Healer at the Gu family’s residence. Thinking about it now, it was still very interesting.

Half an hour later, the presidential suite was pitch-black. All the curtains and lights were closed. Xie Jiuhan’s eyes were covered by a towel, and only the Healer and Xie Jiuhan were in the room.

“Healer, are you so afraid of being seen by me?” Xie Jiuhan asked as he sat on the sofa.

“Ninth Master, I’m sorry. This is my habit. Please bear with it for a moment.” The Healer’s slightly-aged voice sounded.

Xie Jiuhan’s lips curled up. “You seem to have another habit, right? Other than A Dark Organization, what made you willing to treat me?”

The Healer said calmly, “The enemy of an enemy is a friend. I have had dealings with Mr. Qingyi. One of us saved someone, and the other killed someone. We are destined to be enemies for life. I heard that Ninth Master was drugged with the two aphrodisiacs, ‘Chen Jiu’ and ‘Mandarin Duck Love’. I’m very interested in this. I’ll take this opportunity to study the remaining medicine in your body.”

At the mention of Mr. Qingyi, Xie Jiuhan’s eyes widened, and a gust of cold air rushed to the ceiling. He had been played by Mr. Qingyi again in the hotel, and he was still holding a grudge.

“Ninth Master, what do you think of the ‘Mandarin Duck Love’? I heard that the two of them will fall in love with each other until death.” The Healer started talking about it.

“Death my ass. I’m straight. How can I fall in love with men?” Xie Jiuhan shouted angrily.

“Ninth Master, don’t be agitated. I’m going to give you an injection now.” The Healer said.

Xie Jiuhan calmed his breathing and closed his eyes. The silver needle in the Healer’s hand flew out and pierced into his acupoints with extreme accuracy.

“Ninth Master, not bad. You didn’t cry out in pain. There was an acupuncture point just now and it will be extremely painful when you administer acupuncture to that point.” After the Healer finished administering the acupuncture, he couldn’t help but praise.

Xie Jiu smiled coldly. He had suffered injuries that were a thousand times more painful than this before, but he had never shouted ‘pain’. Was the Healer looking down on him?

The next second, a rope tied Xie Jiuhan’s hands. He instinctively raised his hands and questioned, “What are you doing?”

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