The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 128 - Blood Raksha

Chapter 128: Blood Raksha

The woman was dressed in a long red dress and a red top hat. She had a black skull brooch and her light pink wavy hair was draped behind her. A thin and transparent lace covered her beautiful eyes. She had a sharp chin, snow-white skin, and a pair of bright red lips that made one’s imagination run wild.

The woman was holding a small blood-red umbrella with flower edges. She walked over slowly in the snow, looking elegant and noble, calm and collected.

The woman had a graceful figure and charming footsteps. Wherever she passed, everyone avoided her. When the dozens of leaders saw her, they all took a step back.

“Dark Night Crimson Snow, red clothes and red umbrella, you are… Madam Crimson Snow?!” A tall and thin leader mumbled and exclaimed.

The woman’s red lips curled up, and her beautiful eyes behind the red lace blindfold swept across the group of leaders. “Hei Xiangzi, Wan Jinyou, Smiling Maitreya. To think that you all still remembered me. Such an interesting event, but you forgot to inform me!”

The faces of the leaders turned pale, and their legs went weak. Madam Crimson Snow was famous for her ferocity, and everywhere she passed, the city was filled with crimson snow. She was the one who called herself Madam Crimson Snow, and the people of the pugilistic world called her Blood Raksha in private.

After confirming that the woman was Madam Crimson Snow, the people closest to her took two steps back. Their eyes were filled with fear as they looked at the woman. They would rather offend all the leaders present than offend Madam Crimson Snow.

The Sword God’s grip on the ancient sword tightened. He had heard of Madam Crimson Snow twenty years ago. It was said that Madam Crimson Snow’s strength was unfathomable. Twenty years ago, she relied on her own strength to wipe out the three top-notch gangs at that time. Wherever she passed, blood would flow into rivers. Her only characteristic was that no matter where she went, no matter the weather, she would hold a red umbrella. Wherever she existed, it would be filled with blood. She was known as the number one demoness in the pugilistic world in Xia country.

“Madam Crimson Snow, you’re joking. It’s not that we didn’t inform you, but we don’t know how to contact you. We heard that you’ve been traveling the world and didn’t even know that you had returned to the country. If we knew, we would have given you a welcoming ceremony,” said a fierce-looking leader with dark skin.

In the pugilistic world, people called him Black Saber. His individual combat strength was very strong, and he had many forces under him. He was a gang leader who had only recently risen up, and he was considered one of the best among the young leaders.

Madam Crimson Snow yawned. In the next second, she dragged out a red afterimage and appeared in front of Black Saber. A fair finger gently lifted Black Saber’s chin. Black Saber’s pupils constricted violently. Madam Crimson Snow said gently, “Little fellow, your name is Black Saber right? Have you forgotten the rules of the pugilistic world? Don’t you know that you need to kneel in order to talk to me?”

Just as Black Saber was about to say something, he felt his vision turning black. The next second, he fell straight to the ground, and his dark face was covered in a green color.

“Hiss…” Seeing this scene, everyone gasped. Madam Crimson Snow was too terrifying. She attacked without any warning and elegantly killed Black Saber. From the way Black Saber died, he should have been poisoned.

The corners of Madam Crimson Snow’s mouth curled up into a seductive smile. She turned to look at the group of leaders. The leaders’ lips trembled in fear and they took half a step back again. A few of the more timid leaders slipped and fell to the ground. They heard of Madam Crimson Snow’s name in the pugilistic world, but she rarely appeared. They didn’t expect her to have such an unpredictable personality that no one could grasp.

“I have my own legs. I can come back whenever I want. Do I need to report to you?” Madam Crimson Snow asked with a smile.

All the leaders swallowed their saliva. They had experienced Madam Crimson Snow’s tyranny and ruthlessness. Many of them had originally doubted her identity, but now, the doubt was gone. They still wanted to keep their lives and continue living happily.

She could easily call out each of their nicknames and could kill with a wave of her hand. Wherever she went, there would be red snow. Combining the three points, no one doubted Madam Crimson Snow’s identity anymore.

C-Crimson Snow?! Everyone suddenly thought of an extremely important matter. According to rumors, the Crimson Snow that Madam Crimson Snow sent down had an extremely powerful hallucination effect, able to hallucinate people with weak willpower.

“Ah! You, what are you doing?” Suddenly, a miserable cry rang out. A certain organization had a riot. A person who was watching the scene was stabbed in the abdomen by his companion. The person who was stabbed fell to the ground and screamed. He looked at his companion who had just been chatting with him in horror.

The leaders looked over and saw that the culprit’s eyes were red and his expression was sinister. He was holding a bloody dagger. One of the leaders shouted, “Ah Li, what are you doing?”

Upon hearing this leader’s voice, the culprit immediately rushed towards the leader with his dagger. However, he only took a few steps and was subdued by the surrounding people.

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