The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 129 - Ten Thousand Times More Terrifying Than Raksha

Chapter 129: Ten Thousand Times More Terrifying Than Raksha

Before anyone could regain their senses, another scream came from the other side. The scene was exactly the same as the other side. Another wave had yet to calm down, and soon, similar situations occurred in many places. For a time, the scene was extremely chaotic. All the lackeys were afraid for themselves and looked at their companions vigilantly.

“Everyone, quickly find a place to avoid the snow. Don’t let the crimson snow touch your skin. The crimson snow has an illusionary effect!” Someone shouted. In an instant, nearly ten thousand people started to dodge. Some hid under the trees, while others hid under the eaves. Those who really had nowhere to hide simply took off their jackets and covered their heads. Taking this opportunity, the Sword God brought the mercenaries and hid in the hotel.

All the leaders looked at Madam Crimson Snow, their eyes filled with shock and fear. A single person could stir up nearly ten thousand people and take their lives with a flick of her fingers. This strength was too terrifying.

Seeing them being scared to such a state, Madam Crimson Snow laughed until she was trembling. “I heard that the Ninth Master of the Capital is extraordinarily handsome and dignified. He’s a matchless handsome man. I’m quite interested in him, I wonder if everyone can give him to me?”

Madam Crimson Snow’s voice wasn’t loud, but it reverberated in the ears of nearly ten thousand people. The entire scene was abnormally quiet, and everyone’s hearts were in their throats. Many people who were more confident in their looks grabbed a handful of ash and smeared it on their faces.

There were rumors in the pugilistic world that Madam Crimson Snow’s age was unknown. She had never married in her life, but she had a special affection for men with good looks. Every time she met a good-looking man, she would take action and kidnap him. The man who was taken away would become her male pet, and he would even hold her hand like she was walking a dog and crawl on the ground. However, no matter how much she liked male pets, they would not live past three months. As for why, it was not clear.

Back then, there was a rich second-generation heir who was handsome and had a strong body. When he was driving, he accidentally scratched Madam Crimson Snow’s car. Not only did he not apologize to Madam Crimson Snow, but he also suppressed Madam Crimson Snow using his position. Three months later, the corpse of the rich second-generation heir was found in a smelly ditch. It was said that the rich second-generation heir had his body drained by a woman and died of exhaustion.

“Yes, of course. Madam Crimson Snow, please wait a moment. We will immediately order an attack and definitely capture Xie Jiuhan to give him to you,” a bald-headed leader said nervously.

“Hehehe…” Madam Crimson Snow let out a terrifying laugh. The chill was oppressive, as if her entire body was emitting a bloody glow. The faces of the leaders were pale, and they were all drenched in sweat, their hair standing on end.

“How can I allow you to defile my treasure?” Madam Crimson Snow’s voice was almost perverted, making one’s hair stand on end and their backs turn cold.

One of the leaders couldn’t take it anymore and almost broke down. He shouted, “Madam Crimson Snow, we were wrong. Please be magnanimous and let us go. We’ll leave now and definitely not make things difficult for you.”

The leader ran away as soon as he finished speaking. He wrapped his head in his coat the entire time, afraid that he would hallucinate. He was completely scared stiff by Madam Crimson Snow. What Blood Raksha? She was ten thousand times more terrifying than Raksha!

With someone doing this, the leaders apologize one after another before fleeing with their subordinates. They were so fast that it was as if they were equipped with engines. Nearly ten thousand people began the running competition, each of them fighting to be the first to escape. The scene was extremely spectacular.

Madam Crimson Snow’s shoulders trembled and she tried not to laugh out loud. There was an earth-shattering cold air behind her. She turned around and saw Xie Jiuhan at the entrance of the hotel, looking at her coldly.

A patch of crimson snow landed on Xie Qi’s face. Xie Qi’s expression froze. In the next second, he pounced on Su Yu. Su Yu was shocked. He thought that Xie Qi was hallucinating and wanted to attack him. In the end, a huge mouth pounced on him. Su Yu pushed Xie Qi with both hands and hurriedly turned his head away.

“Xie Qi, you pervert. Wake up!” Su Yu shouted.

The Sword God took a step forward and hit the back of Xie Qi’s neck. Xie Qi fell into Su Yu’s arms. Seeing this, Xie Jiuhan’s subordinates took a step back.

The next second, a red figure flashed past, leaving a beautiful afterimage behind her. Madam Crimson Snow and Xie Jiuhan were face to face, inches apart. Madam Crimson Snow threw away the umbrella and wrapped her arms around Xie Jiuhan’s waist.

The Sword God frowned. He shook his ancient sword and stabbed forward. The subordinates around him aimed their guns at Madam Crimson Snow’s body. Su Yu shouted, “How dare you! How dare you disrespect our Ninth Master!”

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