The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 127 - A Cup of Coffee Shook the Crowd

Chapter 127: A Cup of Coffee Shook the Crowd

In the presidential suite, Su Yu stood respectfully behind Xie Jiuhan. His mouth moved slightly. “Ninth Master, I’m impressed. You’re too daring. You’ve scared them silly with a cup of coffee!”

Xie Jiuhan took a sip of coffee and tasted it. “Don’t be happy too early. They’ve mobilized so many people to kill me. They won’t be stopped by a cup of coffee. Let’s prepare for battle.”

Although he despised the people downstairs, these leaders had been in the underworld for their entire lives after all. Moreover, things had already progressed to this point, so how could they retreat easily? They could scorn their opponents, but they could not look down on their enemies.

Su Yu said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry, Xie Qi has already reported to me. The brothers are mainly concentrated on the first and second floor. All the entrances have bombs installed. As long as they dare to charge in, they will explode as many as they come.”

Xie Jiuhan nodded. He was still at ease with Xie Qi’s work. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in charge of protecting Feng Qing usually. This time, there weren’t many people brought along, but everyone was an elite. Moreover, everyone was equipped with enough weapons and ammunition. In the corridor with limited space, they had the ability to fight against the other party.

In front of the surveillance screen, the leaders were discussing fervently.

“No matter what, we have already bared our fangs to Xie Jiuhan. Even if we retreat now, our lives will not be good in the future.”

“That’s right. Regardless of whether he’s injured or not, with so many of us joining forces, we could definitely take him down.”

“We’ll hit the nail on the head. Before I came, I went to the Health Center to take a look. The battle at that time should have been very intense. It’s impossible for Xie Jiuhan to not be injured at all. This is an excellent opportunity for us.”

“Hmph, don’t panic, everyone. We have nearly ten thousand people here. Even the officials don’t dare to control us. How can we be scared off by Xie Jiuhan alone? Why should we boost other people’s morale and diminish our own?”

“Well said. Why don’t we give the order now to end the battle this morning? I’ve long wanted to meet this legendary Ninth Master.”

After discussing for a long time, the dozens of leaders finally reached an agreement. They decided to attack Xie Jiuhan. Being able to beat Xie Jiuhan down from the altar was enough to let them brag for a lifetime. Moreover, they would obtain countless benefits. At the very least, they wouldn’t have to live in Xie Jiuhan’s shadow anymore.

Following the orders, countless forces fought their own battles and rushed towards the hotel from different directions. After discussion by the leaders, they decided to use the simplest and most violent method.

Just as a few forces were about to reach the hotel’s door, an ancient sword streaked across the night sky and pierced straight into the ground. The marble tiles cracked into a few pieces, and the Sword God arrived in time with his mercenaries.

“How dare you! The Sword God is here, whoever dares to cross the ancient sword will be killed without mercy!” The Sword God said coldly.

“Sword God, we’re dealing with Xie Jiuhan. What has this got to do with you?”

“How dare you bring such a small group of people out to mediate things? Do you really think you can kill all of us with a broken sword?”

“Sword God, you’re already so old. Why didn’t you stay at home and retire? Why did you come out to tread in muddy water? Hurry up and get lost with your people, or else I’ll beat all of you into a hornet’s nest.”

Seeing the Sword God appear out of nowhere, the leaders all scolded him. They did not even take the Capital’s Ninth Master seriously, much less a Sword God over 50 years old.

Before the leaders could finish, thousands of subordinates pointed their guns at the Sword God and his men. Although their movements were messy, the scene was very spectacular.

The Sword God frowned. There were seventy-two factions today, and even he felt the pressure. If it was just one or two factions, he and the mercenaries behind him could easily destroy them, but with so many factions attacking together, they would have no chance of victory.

“In that case, I can only fight you guys. If you want to touch the Ninth Master, step over my corpse first,” the Sword God said coldly. As he finished speaking, he flicked his toe and the ancient sword returned to his hand. The mercenaries loaded their guns and looked at him prepared to fight at any moment.

“Eh, what the heck? Why is it snowing?” said a leader.

Hearing his words, the dozens of leaders raised their heads to look at the sky. It was like snow was really falling in the night sky of the abyss. What shocked them was that the snow was actually blood red.

“Yo, everyone, long time no see. Is my Crimson Snow good-looking? What’s so important that it’s worth the seventy-two factions of Zhe City to move out at the same time? No one informed me. Do you not think highly of a weak woman like me?” Suddenly, an enchanting and mean woman’s voice sounded out, and everyone turned to look.

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