The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 126 - Here to Perform?

Chapter 126: Here to Perform?

With that, the Sword God didn’t say anything else and left with the ancient sword on his back. Since Mr. Qingyi was injured, not only would he not be able to help if he went, but he would also become a burden.

On the second floor of the villa, Feng Qing’s ears twitched. Although Huang Yu had given her anesthesia, she could still hear the Sword God’s loud voice. Jiuhan was in danger…

Outside the villa, the boss of the hacker alliance, Night God, who was dressed in black, was staring at the second floor of the villa, as if his gaze could penetrate the wall.

Under a black mask without facial features, Xu Mingqian’s face was filled with guilt and regret. The scene of Xie Jiuhan falling heavily to the ground to protect the artificial retina in the Health Center had deeply shocked him.

“Qingqing, I’m sorry. I can’t compare to Xie Jiuhan…” Xu Mingqian blamed himself.

His phone rang. Xu Mingqian took it out and took a look. Without a word, he turned around and disappeared into the night.

At the International Hot Spring Hotel.

Xie Jiuhan stood in front of the french window with his clothes on. His gaze was fixed on the man in the black eagle helicopter through the window. The man was holding a night vision telescope and looking for Xie Jiuhan’s location.

“Ninth Master, why don’t you leave first? I’ll find someone to impersonate you,” Su Yu suggested.

Xie Jiuhan was injured. Although it was not fatal, he could not reach his peak combat strength. There were thousands of people surrounding him. It was obviously not a wise move to fight head-on. As long as he was alive, there was hope.

Xie Jiuhan said coldly and arrogantly, “Ha, they’re just a bunch of ants. Do you think I’m afraid?”

“Ninth Master, that’s not what I mean. You’re heroic and peerless, so you naturally aren’t afraid of them. But you’re injured after all. It’s best if you don’t fight. The reason why these people dare to come at this time is because they want to take your life when you’re sick,” Su Yu said boldly.

As the most powerful man in the Capital, he had overcome all obstacles to reach the peak, so he naturally had many enemies. These people wanted to kill him at all times and pull him down from his divine altar.

Su Yu wanted to continue, but Xie Jiuhan raised his hand and interrupted him. “Speak no more! Although I’m injured, I’m not someone that any Tom, Dick, or Harry can boast about in front of me. Go and make me a cup of coffee and find a sun chair. I want to see who dares to pull out teeth from the tiger’s mouth today.”

After he finished speaking, the muscles on Xie Jiuhan’s face twitched. The wound on his back hurt again, but he still stood straight. His elegant and noble temperament did not decrease at all. If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely lie on the bed and cry loudly after suffering such a serious injury. However, he was the King of the Capital and the person in charge of the Xie family. He did not allow himself to reveal such a weak side.

Su Yu looked at Xie Jiuhan and admired him greatly. He was still in the mood to drink coffee at such a time. As expected of the god-like Ninth Master!

In the air, the black eagle combat helicopter flew rapidly and quickly locked onto Xie Jiuhan’s position. The blond man looked into Xie Jiuhan’s eyes through the night vision telescope.

“Hehe, Ninth Master, you really made me look for you. Let’s go over to the second floor-to-ceiling window on the left of his top floor. I heard that he’s injured. We have to give him our condolences,” the blond man said with a naughty smile.

As soon as he finished speaking, he slipped and almost fell off the helicopter because he saw Xie Jiuhan sitting on a wide sun chair. He was wearing a black coat and smiling at him as he drank his coffee. He could even see the flowering on the surface of the coffee cup.

“D*mn! What the heck? You useless people, where did you get the news? Didn’t you say that he was seriously injured and unconscious? Why is he still in the mood to drink coffee?” The blond man shouted into his earpiece.

Although Xie Jiuhan was smiling, his eyes were filled with endless killing intent. With just a look, he felt like a dead person. The terrifying aura seemed to be able to shatter glass.

Downstairs, in front of a surveillance screen, dozens of leaders of the forces were standing together. The scene observed by the blond man’s night vision telescope was transmitted to the screen in real time.

They had also seen Xie Jiuhan. His eagle eyes, which were filled with killing intent, could see through them even through the screen. The joyous atmosphere had disappeared.

“Ninth Master is fine. Then are they here to perform?” The same thought appeared in the hearts of everyone.

Looking at Xie Jiuhan, who was sipping his coffee leisurely, a dark cloud hung over everyone’s heads. For a moment, everyone fell silent. No one knew what choice they should make.

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