The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 125 - You’ll Love Me Then

Chapter 125: You’ll Love Me Then

“Speak clearly. What do you mean by ‘I seem to have lost it’?” Xie Jiuhan’s tone was cold.

Su Yu and his two subordinates lowered their heads, not daring to look Xie Jiuhan in the eye. His gaze was like a cold laser, freezing them on the spot.

Su Yu braced himself and explained, “Ninth Master, we didn’t lose the box you were talking about. You should have lost it yourself. When we rushed over, you only had a piece of paper in your hand.” Su Yu took a step forward and handed over a pink slip of paper.

Xie Jiuhan took the note and looked at it. He frowned. In his memory, this note had never appeared. In other words, this note was given to him after he fainted.

“Ninth Master, I’m sorry. The artificial retina belongs to me. Please believe that I have no ill intentions. The day we meet will be the day I give you the answer. At that time, you will fall in love with me—God of Thieves, Phantom.”

Xie Jiuhan was speechless. What God of Thieves, Phantom, and what does he mean by falling in love with him? He didn’t even know if it was a man or a woman. Xie Jiuhan was furious and shredded the note.

The temperature in the room obviously fell by a few notches. However, Su Yu and his two subordinates were sweating. The thing that Xie Jiuhan had tried his best to steal was stolen by someone else. One could imagine his mood. Now, whoever dared to anger him would definitely die miserably.

“Su Yu, inform everyone to mobilize all of Zhe City’s men and search for the whereabouts of the God of Thieves, Phantom. I want to know where he is hiding before dawn!” Xie Jiuhan said coldly.

This time, he was truly angry. Regardless of whether it was to restore his dignity or to restore Feng Qing’s eyesight, he had to make the God of Thieves Phantom pay the price.

“Huh? Why aren’t you going?” Seeing that Su Yu didn’t react, Xie Jiu snorted coldly.

Su Yu shuddered and said with difficulty, “Ninth Master, let’s… solve the problem now.”

Xie Jiuhan raised his brows as an abnormal feeling rose in his heart. He endured the pain and walked to the bed to look down. He realized that the hotel was surrounded by people. Every alley and exit were filled with people.

“Ninth Master, I’ve already contacted the Capital’s main camp. As long as we can last for four hours, the reinforcements will be able to arrive,” Su Yu reported.

The corners of Xie Jiuhan’s mouth twitched as he sneered. “Four hours? I’m afraid it’s too late. The guests are already here!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Su Yu and the rest saw a Black Eagle combat helicopter flying towards the presidential suite. The door was opened, and a blond man with blue eyes had a smile on his face. He was controlling a reinforced Gatling heavy machine gun with both hands, and his black gun was aimed at Xie Jiuhan.

At the flower sea villa in Zhe City.

In the front yard of a three-story villa, Mr. Qing Er was walking back and forth with a worried look on his face. The bubble gum in his mouth was blowing up one after another. Those who knew him knew that whenever he was nervous and anxious, he would habitually blow up the bubble gum.

“It’s been so long. Why isn’t it over?” Mr. Qing Er said to himself.

He had rented the villa at the last minute. Huang Yu was here in the villa performing an artificial retinal replacement surgery for Feng Qing. Up until now, more than four hours had passed since the surgery. Huang Yu had specially instructed that no one was allowed to disturb the surgery during this period. Otherwise, he would not be responsible for the failure of the surgery. Mr. Qing Er could only wait outside.

Two figures suddenly appeared outside the courtyard door. Mr. Qing Er stopped in his tracks and looked over warily. He only relaxed his guard when he realized that one of them was the Sword God.

“Who is he?” Mr. Qing Er asked.

Along with the Sword God was a man who had wrapped himself up tightly. Out of consideration for Feng Qing’s safety, he had to ask.

The Sword God said, “He was also at the scene today and even sent you a message. Who do you think he is?”

Mr. Qing was stunned for a moment. He sized up the man carefully. “You’re the Night God?”

The man wearing the black peephole nodded at him calmly, admitting his identity. The Sword God looked around and his gaze landed on the second floor of the villa.

“Where’s Mr. Qingyi?” The Sword God asked.

Mr. Qing Er said awkwardly, “Brother Yi… He’s injured and is doing surgery inside. It’s not convenient to disturb him now.”

The Sword God glared at him. “Surgery? That’s not right. Why don’t I remember him being injured?”

“Why are you looking for him?” Mr. Qing Er changed the topic and asked.

The Sword God said coldly, “The Phoenix Lord is in a very dangerous situation now. The hotel he’s in is surrounded by several major factions. The enemy has a lot of people and has strong firepower, so I want to find Mr. Qingyi to help us save him. If I had known that he was also injured and was undergoing surgery, I wouldn’t have come for nothing.”

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