The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 124 - I Want to Ask You for a Favor

Chapter 124: I Want to Ask You for a Favor

Feng Qing looked at the transparent box in her hand and turned to the Sword God. “Let’s go and leave this place first!”

The Sword God frowned. “What about the Phoenix Lord?”

“Don’t worry. Mr. Qing Er has just informed me that Ninth Master’s men have rushed over. They will leave with the Ninth Master immediately. If we continue to stay here and let the other forces know that the Ninth Master is cooperating with A Dark Organisation to steal the artificial retina, then when the Ninth Master wakes up, he will face the suppression of the various forces domestically and abroad.” Feng Qing shook her head.

Seeing Feng Qing disappear, the Sword God knelt on one knee in front of Xie Jiuhan and said eagerly, “Phoenix Lord, I miss your days in the mercenary world. I really hope that I can get drunk with you!”

The mercenaries left with Sword God. After a while, Su Yu and Xie Qi brought a group of people and rushed into the Health Center. When they saw Xie Jiuhan lying on the ground with his upper body naked, the two of them were scared out of their wits and hurriedly got people to transport him away.

Zhe City, International Hot Spring Hotel.

Su Yu booked the entire hotel. Xie Jiuhan was recuperating in the presidential suite while Xie Qi personally led people to guard the first floor hall. Even the hotel staff were chased out.

Looking at the unconscious Xie Jiuhan, Su Yu’s eyebrows twitched. After following Xie Jiuhan for so long, this was the first time he had seen him like this.

On the other hand.

Mr. Qing Er looked at Feng Qing with admiration. “Qingqing, seeing you, I finally understand what it means to mesmerize everyone. No wonder the Ninth Master is willing to hug a box and fall down. You’re really too beautiful.”

Feng Qing smiled slightly, and it was like the spring wind blowing past. Just by standing there was a scenery. Her beautiful and exquisite facial features, fair and smooth skin, a white dress, and a pair of white shoes that exuded a youthful aura. Her legs that were exposed were long and straight, and especially at the Achilles tendon area of her ankle, there was a mesmerizing outline.

Her high ponytail was tied with a pretty blue headband, making her look full of liveliness and playfulness. She had a youthful and cute aura, and she was carrying a pink bag on her shoulders. She completely looked like a harmless girl-next-door.

“Are you ready? Do you want a day off?” Mr. Qing Er asked.

Feng Qing shook her head and said firmly, “It has to be done today, in case anything happens over time. I also want to see the light again sooner!”

Mr. Qing Er didn’t say anything. He turned on the computer and typed for a while. The corners of his mouth curled up. “Let’s go. That person is here. Let’s welcome him!”

Feng Qing smiled and nodded. She took the lead to walk out of the hotel. Mr. Qing Er opened his bag and quickly checked the various medical and surgical instruments inside before he chased after her with a big bag of things.

At dusk, at Zhe City Hospital.

The chief physician of the Ophthalmology Department and the specialist in the domestic optic nerves had just finished a surgery. He had specially rushed over from the Capital to perform the surgery for a certain big shot in Zhe City. The surgery was very successful, and he had also received a big salary.

“The target has appeared!” Mr. Qing Er said into his earpiece.

“Drive over in 30 seconds,” Feng Qing replied.

Mr. Qing Er sat in the car and looked at his watch while waiting for Feng Qing to perform. On the side of the road, Huang Yu was waiting for the car that the hospital had sent him. The harmless Feng Qing walked towards him.

“Hi, Professor Huang Yu, nice to meet you!” Feng Qing greeted.

Huang Yu was slightly stunned and subconsciously turned to look at Feng Qing. “Who are you? What do you want?”

Feng Qing smiled sweetly. “Professor Huang, I want to ask you a favor…”

The next second, Huang Yu fell straight into Feng Qing’s arms. At the same time, a black van stopped by the side of the road. Feng Qing threw Huang Yu into the van and the black van disappeared down the street. The entire process took less than twenty seconds.

Zhe City International Hot Spring Hotel.

Just as Feng Qing was kidnapping people, Xie Jiuhan finally woke up. His lips were very dry. The moment his senses returned, a sharp pain came from his back.

Realizing that he was awake, Su Yu hurriedly said, “Ninth Master, how are you feeling?”

Xie Jiuhan did not say a word. He supported himself with both hands on the bed and stood up forcefully. Su Yu clapped his hands and two subordinates walked in. One of them was holding a brand new suit, and the other was holding medicine to treat injuries.

Xie Jiuhan’s face was pale. The intense pain on his back caused a layer of cold sweat to appear on his forehead. Blood oozed out of the bandage. Xie Jiuhan said in a hoarse voice, “Where’s the box? Where is the box in my hand?”

Su Yu said nervously, “Ninth Master, the box you said, I think… it’s lost…”

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