The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 123 - The First Time He’s Risked His Life for a Woman

Chapter 123: The First Time He’s Risked His Life for a Woman

Sizzle… Electricity rang out as several blue electric arcs flashed on the iron hook. The suspended woman’s body tensed up, and her hair stood on end. The electric current exploded on her body, and her skin turned black. A nauseating smell of human flesh filled the air.

Watching the woman’s tragic end, Xie Jiuhan’s eyes shone with a bloody glow. The girl looked too similar to Feng Qing. Although he knew that she wasn’t Feng Qing, the visual impact she gave him was fast and violent.

“Phoenix Lord, you…” The Sword God spoke with difficulty. The killing intent released by Xie Jiuhan made him feel like he was at the edge of a cliff and could fall to his death at any moment. A fear he had never experienced before made his heart cold.

The Sword God’s vision blurred. In the next second, Xie Jiuhan strangely appeared in front of Xie Weiting. A large hand strangled Xie Weiting’s neck. The terrifying killing intent was so substantial that Xie Weiting couldn’t even struggle.

Xie Jiuhan exerted strength on his fingers, and Xie Weiting’s eyes started to turn white. Without any oxygen infusion, his lungs quickly deflated. At the critical moment, Xie Weiting’s strong will to live made him choose. He took out an exquisite transparent box from his pocket. There was a pair of artificial retinas quietly placed inside.

Xie Weiting used all his strength to throw the transparent box away. The box leaped over the railing and fell to the ground floor. His plan had succeeded. Xie Jiuhan released his grip, turned around, and flew over the railing towards the box. This was the first time in his life that he had risked his life for a woman. Before he met Feng Qing, he would never do this even if he was beaten to death. How could he risk his life for someone else?

Unlike when he jumped from the third floor to the second floor, Xie Jiuhan did not care about his own safety this time. He held the transparent box tightly to his chest. He knew that the box contained Feng Qing’s light. What he protected tightly was the excellent genes of his descendants.

The Health Center was 30 meters tall, and every level was 10 meters tall. Xie Jiuhan’s back hit the ground under the pull of gravity. Feng Qing’s eyes were red. She could hear very clearly that when Xie Jiuhan fell to the ground, he could not help but cry out in pain.

Feng Qing ran down the stairs frantically. She didn’t forget to turn around and order the Sword God, “I’ll go look for him. You guys catch Xie Weiting!”

The Sword God pulled the ancient sword off the wall and walked towards Xie Weiting with a dark expression. The international mercenaries turned their guns around and countless red spots covered Xie Weiting’s body. All of them were murderous.

Xie Weiting roared, “Are you guys f*cking crazy? I’m the employer. Don’t forget, the remaining three billion hasn’t been paid yet. If you want the money, listen to me obediently!”

“Don’t waste your breath on him. I’ll give 10 billion!” Feng Qing’s cold voice sounded from the first floor.

A hint of ruthlessness flashed across Xie Weiting’s eyes. He raised his gun and pointed it at the Sword God. When one was in a desperate situation, they would do anything. The Sword God was the leader of this group of mercenaries. After killing the Sword God, the mercenaries were without a leader. Naturally, they would listen to him.

The next second, Xie Weiting’s pupils constricted violently and became the size of two soybeans, and the gun in his hand was actually split into two. The Sword God brandished his sword and ordered, “Take him down!”

Xie Weiting was controlled by the two mercenaries. He said viciously, “A bunch of useless people. What kind of bullsh*t international mercenaries are you? Just Xie Jiuhan alone can scare you to this extent. Go home and suck milk!”

The Sword God sneered. “The ignorant are fearless! He is a living legend of our mercenary world, our Phoenix Lord. Trash like you will never understand.”

In the hall on the first floor.

The Sword God asked concernedly, “Mr. Qingyi, the Phoenix Lord…”

Feng Qing said in a low voice, “There’s no danger to his life. It’s just that his brain suffered a violent concussion and he’s temporarily in a coma.”

The Sword God heaved a sigh of relief. It was good that his life was not in danger. He sized up the transparent box in Xie Jiuhan’s hand and saw two densely packed things. Xie Weiting had never leaked the matter of the artificial retina to them, so the Sword God did not know what these things were.

Feng Qing wanted to pull out the box, but it was held tightly by Xie Jiuhan. The ancient sword was pressed against Feng Qing’s neck. The Sword God said aggressively, “Mr. Qingyi, it’s not yours. You’ll lose your life if you take it.”

The Sword God knew very well that something that could make Xie Jiuhan hug tightly even when he fell into a coma could not let anyone take it away easily. Otherwise, he would not be able to explain it to Xie Jiuhan.

Feng Qing ignored the ancient sword and whispered in Xie Jiuhan’s ear, “Jiuhan, I’m Feng Qing. Let go, I’ll take care of it.”

In the next second, Xie Jiuhan’s aura dissipated. He lowered his hands to his sides as if he had given the transparent box to Feng Qing. The Sword God looked at all of this with a strange expression and finally retracted his ancient sword.

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