The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 122 - The Feelings of His Beloved Dying in Front of Him

Chapter 122: The Feelings of His Beloved Dying in Front of Him

Swoosh! A silver sword beam flashed past. The thin sword body was silent and moved at a shocking speed. In the face of danger, Xie Jiuhan raised his eyebrows and dodged the sword.

The Sword God was not surprised that his attack did not hit. He swung his wrist and a beautiful sword flew towards Xie Jiuhan’s throat. In the next second, the forward momentum of the ancient sword came to a halt. Two slender fingers clamped the tip of the sword tightly.

“Old Sword God, your sword technique has regressed!” Xie Jiuhan teased.

The Sword God’s expression froze. The surrounding flames shone on his face, making him seem a little down and out. His gaze moved across Xie Jiuhan’s body. He wanted to see what this powerful young man looked like.

“Fire, Fire Phoenix’s… Eye, you, you are…” Sweat rolled down from his temples. The Sword God’s pupils constricted violently. There was a blood-red Phoenix eye tattooed on Xie Jiuhan’s right waist.

Xie Jiu sneered. With a flick of his finger, the ancient sword flew out of his hand and pierced into the wall beside him. The Sword God’s legs went weak and he fell to his knees.

“Feng Xiaotian…” The Sword God was in disbelief, his eyes filled with admiration and excitement.

In an instant, the mercenaries knelt down. All their weapons were adjusted to their safe states, and they crossed their arms in front of their chests to show their submission to Xie Jiuhan.

Xie Weiting was dumbfounded. He rubbed his eyes. The scene of the mercenaries kneeling Xie Jiuhan was too shocking. He didn’t understand what was happening.

“The phoenix desires fire and looks down on the firmament!” The Sword God said excitedly, and the surrounding mercenaries repeated.

Faced with the worship of the Sword God and the mercenaries, Xie Jiuhan stood proudly. The familiar slogan made his blood boil. Images of him crossing the battlefield surfaced in his mind.

“Crazy, crazy. You’re all crazy. I spent so much money to hire you because I wanted you to kill him, not because I wanted you to worship him!” Xie Weiting shouted.

Xie Jiuhan walked to the railing of the third floor and looked down at Xie Weiting coldly. “You lost again!”

Hearing this, Xie Weiting seemed to have been stimulated by something. His sickly eyes became more neurotic as he looked at Xie Jiuhan and laughed hysterically.

“Hahaha, Xie Jiuhan, do you think you’ve won? The woman you love is still in my hands. Do you see that? As long as I press lightly, she will die without a doubt.” Xie Weiting took out a remote control and shouted ferociously.

Xie Jiuhan’s expression was cold. His entire body was filled with killing intent. The metal railing had been pinched into cotton by him. Seeing him like this, Xie Weiting laughed and danced. His appearance was as perverted as it could be. The feeling of making Xie Jiuhan grovel under his feet was too pleasurable.

“Gentleman’s Town, the grave of a hero. Xie Jiuhan, women are your greatest weakness. We’re brothers, so I’ll give you a chance. As long as you jump down from the third floor, I’ll let go of your woman,” Xie Weiting said smugly.

“Ninth Master, don’t listen to his nonsense!” Feng Qing said anxiously.

With the Sword God present, she could not use her original voice. Otherwise, many of her identities would no longer be secrets. If Xie Jiuhan knew that she was from A Dark Organization, what would he do to her? She did not dare to take the risk.

Feng Qing was at a loss. How could she tell Xie Jiuhan that the woman being hung was not her?

“Just press the remote control!” Xie Jiuhan said coldly.

Xie Weiting was stunned for a moment. He looked at Xie Jiuhan in disbelief. He was extremely surprised that he didn’t succeed!

Xie Jiuhan looked at him as if he was an idiot. “You’re the real idiot when you think that others are stupid. Haven’t you heard of this saying?”

No matter how similar they looked, she’s not Feng Qing. As Feng Qing’s husband, how could he not know what his wife looked like? He knew clearly how many pimples Feng Qing had and which hair was longer and shorter.

“I suggest that after you’re born in your next life, go to the hospital and get a brain checkup. If you really can’t do it, dig out your IQ and spray some alcohol to disinfect it. Finding someone to impersonate Feng Qing and fool me, are you sure you’re not stupid?” Xie Jiuhan teased.

Xie Weiting was stunned for a moment before he gave Xie Jiuhan a thumbs up. “Xie Jiuhan, you are indeed amazing. However, even if she isn’t your delicate wife, she still looks eighty to ninety percent similar. If you say that they are twins, I think everyone will believe that. I’ll let you experience the feeling of having your loved ones die in front of you.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Xie Weiting pressed the remote control. There was a cruel and perverted expression on his face. Even if he couldn’t kill the real Feng Qing, he had to disgust Xie Jiuhan.

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