The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 121 - Xie Jiuhan, Are You Polite?

Chapter 121: Xie Jiuhan, Are You Polite?

His gaze pierced through the crowd and collided with Xie Jiuhan in the air. In an instant, two completely different temperaments clashed, and it was as if even space had frozen.

With just a look, the Sword God knew that Xie Jiuhan, who was killing crazily, was definitely one of the few powerful figures he had seen. Ever since he stopped going to the battlefield, it had been a long time since he had encountered such a powerful expert. He felt that he could have a good fight today.

The Sword God rubbed his palms together in excitement. All his muscles were jumping, and the blood in his body was already boiling. He was born fond of fighting, and he yearned to fight, especially in life and death battles.

“Mr. Qingyi, I know you’re here. We’re all members of the organization. Why don’t we kill Xie Jiuhan together? As long as you’re willing, I can give you a billion.” The Sword God was in no hurry to make a move. Instead, he shouted loudly.

He didn’t know who Mr. Qingyi was, but he knew that Mr. Qingyi was very good at using poison. If he could pull him in, the two of them could deal with Xie Jiuhan together. It would definitely be safe.

“I’m a poison expert, not a fighting expert. The Ninth Master is so powerful, I won’t fight him,” Feng Qing replied in a man’s voice.

The Sword God shook his head, feeling a little disappointed. He was disappointed for Mr. Qingyi. It looked like Mr. Qingyi didn’t have the life to get rich. This time, he had come with the confidence to kill Xie Jiuhan. In order to get him to make a move, Xie Weiting had taken out all his wealth. After taking someone’s money, he had to help them get rid of the disaster. No matter how he looked at it, Xie Jiuhan had to die.

“Hahaha, Xie Jiuhan, the Sword God is here. Just wait to die! Xie Jiuhan, I want to chop off your four limbs and make you into a pupa to soak in the medicinal wine. I want you to beg for death. As for your delicate wife, she ruined my happiness, so I want to violate her again and again in front of you. I want you to watch helplessly as I torture her.” Xie Weiting shouted crazily like a lunatic.

Xie Jiuhan had no time to pay attention to him. He was surrounded by more than a hundred mercenaries. He jumped, hid, and counterattacked. His movements were natural and smooth, filled with an artistic feeling. It was as if killing was a very enjoyable thing for him.

There were countless injured and dead mercenaries. They had tried many methods of assault, but they were all useless. Xie Jiuhan was like a loach that slipped until they couldn’t touch him.

A mercenary took the chance and threw a grenade at Xie Jiuhan. As long as the grenade exploded nearby, thousands of steel balls could shoot Xie Jiuhan into a sieve.

“Hey, you dropped your things!” Xie Jiuhan’s cold voice sounded.

The mercenary’s expression froze. He raised his head and met Xie Jiuhan’s eyes. That bone-chilling gaze made his mind blank. In the next second, Xie Jiuhan released his grip and the grenade that was thrown just now returned to the mercenary’s hands.


The mercenary’s idea succeeded. Someone had become a sieve, but it was him. Because the location of the explosion was relatively narrow, the steel balls from the explosion instantly killed dozens of mercenaries nearby.

Xie Weiting was anxious. He didn’t expect that so many people couldn’t kill Xie Jiuhan, in the end, most of his people were killed by him. Xie Jiuhan, are you polite?

“Trash, a bunch of useless people. What international mercenary? I have to do it myself!” Xie Weiting roared.

Before he could finish his sentence, he picked up a rocket launcher and bombarded Xie Jiuhan regardless of the number of mercenaries in front of him.

Bang, bang…

Several rockets exploded in succession, and dozens of mercenaries received their bentos without even letting out a scream. The places that had been bombarded were all burning with flames.

Looking at the fallen mercenaries, the Sword God and the other mercenaries looked at Xie Weiting with ugly expressions. Their brothers had been killed by their employer, and it had touched their bottom line.

Xie Weiting didn’t care about the mercenaries’ attitude. It was just a few mercenaries who had died. He would just give them another sum of money.

“Is Xie Jiuhan dead? That was a rocket, he must have died. I succeeded, hahaha…” Xie Weiting smiled sickly.

Amidst the flames, a slender and elegant figure slowly appeared. Under the contrast of the flames, it was as if a demon had walked out of hell. Xie Jiuhan coughed lightly and removed his burning clothes. Seeing that he was not dead, Xie Weiting’s laughter stopped abruptly as if someone had strangled his neck.

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