The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 120 - The Sword God Is Here

Chapter 120: The Sword God Is Here

Seeing that Xie Jiuhan was fighting back, Feng Qing waved her hand and two military green smoke bombs flew out. Instantly, white smoke billowed out, and the thick smoke covered her and Xie Jiuhan’s figures.

A few mercenaries who were closer to him were about to rush up when their bodies stopped and they fell to the ground. The mercenaries’ bodies were twitching non-stop and large amounts of saliva were coming out of their mouths. Very quickly, all of them stopped moving. When the other international mercenaries saw this scene, they all stopped in their tracks. They did not know how they died, so no one dared to go forward. For a moment, they were all frozen there.

“Listen to my orders and put on the thermal imaging device!” Xie Weiting shouted.

The mercenaries put on the thermal imaging device, but the scene in front of them stunned them. It turned out that the smoke bomb that Feng Qing threw also had a temperature, causing the thermal imaging device to lose its effect. The mercenaries looked over, and the scene in front of them was dark red.

Amidst the smoke, Xie Jiuhan fired both guns. The two rounds of bullets were quickly finished. More than ten mercenaries outside the smoke fell to the ground after being shot. Seeing their companions die, the mercenaries went crazy. They all changed into automatic mode and fired round after round at the smoke. They used everything they had.

The smoke formed quickly and dissipated quickly, especially under the crazy attacks of the mercenaries. The two smoke bombs quickly lost their effect, and the mercenaries were dumbfounded. They thought they would see two corpses, but they didn’t see any blood.

Xie Jiuhan and Feng Qing had escaped to the third floor of the Health Center. Just as the mercenaries were confused, Xie Jiuhan changed his magazine and looked down from above. He fired both guns at the same time, instantly taking away more than ten mercenaries’ lives.

While Xie Jiuhan and the mercenaries were fighting fiercely, Feng Qing was hiding behind a safe and had just contacted Mr. Qing Er. “Qing Er, I heard from the big baddie that someone fell here. Can you see it?”

On the wall beside Feng Qing, a surveillance camera spun for a moment and swept towards the second floor. Very soon, the camera locked onto its target and stopped spinning.

“Oh my god, what the hell? May I ask if you still have other sisters other than Feng Jianing? For example, twin sisters or younger sisters?” Mr. Qing Er’s intermittent voice came from the earpiece, his voice filled with disbelief.

Feng Qing frowned slightly. She was not in the mood to joke now. “Cut the crap. What happened?”

“Qingqing, oh no, Brother Yi, do you dare to believe that the woman hanging on the second floor looks exactly like you? It’s as if she was cloned,” Mr. Qing Er said.

Feng Qing was stunned, she looked exactly like her. No wonder Xie Jiuhan’s heartbeat had changed so drastically just now. This was the first time she had seen such a killing intent that could shatter the universe.

“I understand. Xie Weiting must have found someone to impersonate me. That way, he can pass off the fake as the real one and make Xie Jiuhan lose his cool. How despicable!” Feng Qing said hatefully.

“Now isn’t the time to analyze the other party’s mind. Let’s retreat quickly!” Mr. Qing Er reminded her. Suddenly, the words ‘Hurry up and leave!’ appeared on his computer screen. The one who had sent him the message was the boss of the hacker alliance, Night God.

Feng Qing did not say anything. The battle was intense now, and the mercenaries were staring intently. They could not retreat just because they wanted to, at least not yet.

“It’s over. I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave. The Sword God is here!” Mr. Qing Er’s voice sounded again.

Feng Qing’s expression froze. The name Sword God was too familiar. He was one of the core members of A Dark Organization. No one knew his real name. He was one of the top three existences in the organization in terms of combat strength. Ten years ago, he relied on an ancient sword to roam the border and behead countless enemies. He had made many outstanding military achievements. He had played with an ancient sword to the point of perfection. Other than that, he had great accomplishments in firearms and unarmed combat.

“I heard that someone in the organization accepted a huge deal of three billion. Looks like this person is the Sword God,” Feng Qing said in enlightenment.

A Dark Organization did not work for any organization or individual. All the members only worked for themselves. Every time they accepted orders, they would take what they needed. It seemed that Sword God was short of money recently. He sold his life to Xie Weiting for three billion.

“You can’t hesitate any longer. Once you’re caught by the Sword God, you won’t be able to escape,” said Mr. Qing Er anxiously.

Unlike Xie Jiuhan’s cold and arrogant aura, the Sword God was bare-chested and had an ancient sword on his back. He was tall and strong, and his body was enlarged. A strong smell of blood wafted from his body.

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