The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 119 - Ninth Master is Being Set Up!

Chapter 119: Ninth Master is Being Set Up!

Feng Qing frowned and her face darkened. She knew this man. He was the Third Master of the Xie family, Xie Weiting. A few years ago, when Xie Jiuhan wasn’t at home, Xie Weiting brought his men and rushed into the Xie manor. When he saw Feng Qing, who was as beautiful as a flower, he had evil thoughts and forced her into the room wanting to rape her. Helpless, Feng Qing resisted and snipped Xie Weiting with the scissors hidden under the pillow.

Xie Weiting was seriously injured and bleeding. He was brought out of the Xie manor by his subordinates. Before he left, Xie Weiting said that he would definitely return. Not only did he want to take back control of the Xie family, but he also wanted to sell Feng Qing to the poorest place abroad to be a prostitute.

Several years passed by in a hurry. If not for his appearance, Feng Qing would have almost forgotten about this matter. Hearing Xie Weiting’s voice just now, it was obviously much sharper than before. It looked like his lifeline was gone.

Ignoring the international mercenaries who appeared around him, Xie Jiu said coldly, “Did you take the artificial retina?”

Xie Weiting raised his head and laughed loudly, as if he had heard a joke. “Xie Jiuhan, you’re too naive. What artificial retina? Why don’t you think about it? With our current scientific and medical standards, can we create that kind of thing?”

Xie Jiuhan’s expression was extremely ugly. He understood that Xie Weiting had set all of this up for him. He was confused because he was concerned. After hearing the news about the artificial retina, he actually forgot to get someone to investigate the truth of the matter.

Xie Weiting narrowed his eyes and said, “Xie Jiuhan, I know you too well. For that brat, you can give up everything. Even if you have to risk your life, you will still snatch the so-called artificial retina. As the person in control of the Xie family, the Ninth Master of the Capital, you can do this for the sake of love. It’s really disappointing. Should I say that you are infatuated or stupid?” Before he could finish his sentence, Xie Weiting laughed disdainfully again.

Xie Jiuhan did not speak. He stared intently at Xie Weiting, and the murderous aura on his body was restrained. This was a sign that he was about to make a move. He regretted it very much. Back then, when he brought people to wipe out the Xie family, he should not have been merciful and let Xie Weiting live. Otherwise, these things would not have happened.

Xie Weiting’s smile disappeared, and his expression gradually turned sinister. His eyes were red, and he looked hysterical.

“Xie Jiuhan, when you exiled me, second brother, and eldest brother, did you ever think that this day would come? The day I left the Xie family, I swore in my heart that I would one day regroup and make a comeback. I would definitely take revenge on you!”

Xie Jiuhan smiled disdainfully. Despite being surrounded, he remained elegant and calm. “You think you can take revenge on me? Why don’t you take a look at yourself? Oh, right. Strictly speaking, you’re considered a eunuch now!”

“Pfft!” Feng Qing almost laughed out loud. The word eunuch was too ancient, but it was most suitable for Xie Weiting. Fortunately, Xie Weiting and Xie Jiuhan were in no mood to bother with her and directly ignored her.

“Xie Jiuhan, today is your day of judgment. I want to seek justice for the Xie family. What Ninth Master of the Xie family? You’re a beast through and through. You’ve placed your biological father under house arrest, killed the Xie family members, and exiled your biological brothers. Your hands are stained with the blood of your loved ones. Aren’t you afraid that the souls of the Xie family members will look for you if you sleep in the Xie manor every day?” Xie Weiting said hysterically.

Xie Jiu smiled coldly. Facing Xie Weiting’s accusation, he did not show any guilt. “Ha, the souls of the Xie family? Do you think they dare?”

Xie Weiting was burning with anger. He lifted the bottom of his suit and took out a gun from his back. The infrared ray of the gun pierced through the space and formed a red dot between Xie Jiuhan’s eyebrows. Xie Weiting’s hand, which was holding the gun, trembled slightly. He had waited for this day for too long. Now, as long as he pulled the trigger, Xie Jiuhan would definitely die. He would then be able to take over the entire Xie family and become the most powerful man in the world.

Whoosh! All the international mercenaries picked up their guns and moved uniformly. Countless red dots moved on Xie Jiuhan’s body. Those international mercenaries who were hiding in the dark also walked out.

“Xie Jiuhan, my good brother, you can die now!” Xie Weiting said with a sick expression.

Without waiting for him to pull the trigger, Xie Jiuhan finally moved. He rolled towards the bulletproof thermostat. The two silver pistols shone brightly, and the bullets flew towards Xie Weiting.

“Qingyi, let out the smoke!” Xie Jiuhan shouted.

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