The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 118 - Hehe, My Hubby Is So Handsome!

Chapter 118: Hehe, My Hubby Is So Handsome!

Glancing at the international mercenaries again, Xie Jiuhan guessed that the reason why they were still safe and sound after causing such a big commotion was definitely related to the officials or the military.

“No matter who’s behind this, I want the artificial retina!” Xie Jiuhan exuded a domineering aura.

Feng Qing probed, “Ninth Master, are you so obsessed with artificial retina just to treat your delicate wife’s eyes? Have you ever thought of replicating this technology and making a killing?”

Xie Jiu snorted coldly. “Do you think I lack money? Treating her eyes is only one reason. The main reason is to benefit my future generations.”

After saying that, Xie Jiuhan ignored her and walked straight ahead. Feng Qing covered her mouth and laughed softly. She felt that Xie Jiuhan was very cute and followed him. She had an absolute sense of hearing and was not afraid that there would be people lying in ambush around her. She could even hear the footsteps of the patrol team in advance. In such an environment, her skills were heaven-defying.

On the second floor of the Health Center, in the advanced medical exhibition hall.

With Feng Qing’s help, Xie Jiuhan brought her past a few hidden sentries on the road and dodged more than ten patrols before they finally arrived at their destination.

Feng Qing listened attentively and said in a low voice, “Ninth Master, there are many people inside!”

Countless chaotic heartbeats echoed in her ears. She counted them one by one, but she could not finish them all. She roughly estimated that there were at least 200 people in the exhibition hall on the second floor.

Most importantly, these people were very scattered, basically in groups of five. Feng Qing knew that this situation was not about snatching the artificial retina at all. Instead, it was a trap deliberately set up to catch the turtle in the urn.

The corners of Xie Jiuhan’s lips curled up. His gaze was firm. “Are you afraid?”

Feng Qing shook her head. “No, it’s worth it to die with the Ninth Master!”

Xie Jiuhan : “…”

He had already decided that when this mission was over, he would definitely hang Mr. Qingyi up and beat him up. Wasn’t he gay? Then he would straighten him out.

After observing for a while, Xie Jiuhan frowned. As far as the eye could see, the entire second floor was silent. It was completely opposite to what Feng Qing had said about many people.

“Hmph, interesting. Since you’re not coming out, I’ll be the first to go out and meet you.” Xie Jiuhan sneered and walked towards the center of the exhibition hall openly.

Hearing Xie Jiuhan walk over just like that, Feng Qing’s expression froze. A bad feeling spread from the bottom of her heart. On second thought, she smiled again. Xie Jiuhan was Xie Jiuhan. He would forever be that fearless man. If he didn’t have such courage, he wouldn’t have been able to reach his current position, let alone be called Ninth Master.

“Hehe, my hubby is so handsome!” Feng Qing was filled with pride.

Suddenly, Feng Qing’s expression changed again. She heard a change in Xie Jiuhan’s heartbeat. His calm and regular heartbeat had become violent.

Feng Qing raised her head to look, but she couldn’t see anything. What did Xie Jiuhan see? What happened to make him like this?

In the middle of the exhibition hall, four iron chains were attached to a thermos made of bulletproof glass. The thermos was very big, and it was estimated to be two meters tall and eight meters wide. It was enough for a person to stand inside.

Xie Jiuhan clenched his fists tightly, his teeth chattering.

The incubator was empty. Not to mention the artificial retina, there was not even a fly. And five meters above the incubator, a woman was actually suspended. The woman was wearing a white nightdress and was covered in bruises. Her hands were pierced by an iron hook, and dark red blood was flowing down her forearms.

Xie Jiuhan stared at the woman’s face. He could see very clearly that her face was identical to Feng Qing’s!

“Ninth Master, what’s wrong with you? What happened?” Feng Qing slipped to Xie Jiuhan’s side and asked.

She was very worried about Xie Jiuhan. She could clearly feel that he was in a very unstable state, like a gas tank that could explode at any moment.

Xie Jiuhan did not speak, or perhaps he did not hear Feng Qing’s words at all. At that moment, he was on the verge of violence. The tragic scene of Feng Qing being hung in mid-air had caused the violent genes in his body, which had been silent for many years, to boil.

Suddenly, there was a series of applause. A man in a suit and leather shoes with a dark aura walked out of the darkness. Xie Jiuhan turned around and his eyes trembled.

The man said with a smile that was not a smile, “Xie Jiuhan, you didn’t expect this, did you? We meet again. How rude of you, you didn’t even inform me that you were getting married to this girl. However, God is really kind to let your delicate wife slip out of the Xie manor and coincidentally bumped into me. I was afraid that she would lose her sight and be bullied outside, so I brought her here and took care of her for you for the time being. How is it? Are you satisfied?”

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