The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 117 - Because I Like You!

Chapter 117: Because I Like You!

Feng Qing’s face turned pale when she did not hear Xie Jiuhan’s reply. For the first time, she felt flustered in her heart. Her ears kept trembling. She wanted to catch Xie Jiuhan’s special heartbeat. All of a sudden, that familiar heartbeat rate was behind her.

Before she could turn around, a strong arm wrapped around her waist. In the next second, her feet left the ground and she was held up by Xie Jiuhan with one hand.


Another grenade exploded, and the stone pillar that Feng Qing was hiding behind was broken.

In a corner of the greenery, Xie Jiuhan’s arm loosened. Feng Qing fell to the ground. If Xie Jiuhan had not saved her just now, she would have been dead.

Xie Jiuhan glanced at her and said coldly, “Are you an idiot? You gave me a clear hint. Why didn’t you run away?”

“I, it’s my first time here too. How do I know which direction to run?” Feng Qing rubbed her buttocks. The fall just now was painful!

“If I knew you were so useless, I wouldn’t have brought you here. You’re nothing,” Xie Jiuhan sighed softly and said unhappily.

Seeing that he was angry, Feng Qing lowered her head and did not dare to speak. Mr. Qing Er had yet to send the full picture of the Internet at the Health Center. She really did not know what to do next.

“Ninth Master, there’s no activity from Qing Er. What should we do next?” Feng Qing asked.

Xie Jiuhan stared at her intently, his gaze filled with threat. “On account of your reminder just now, I’ll believe you for now. Follow me closely later. However, don’t dream of snatching the artificial retina from me. Otherwise, I’ll let you die without a burial place.”

Xie Jiuhan’s face was cold and his body was filled with a violent aura. As long as he was willing, he could take Feng Qing’s life at any time. Feng Qing couldn’t see but she could feel it. However, how could she be afraid of the person she loved?

“Don’t worry. I’m not interested in that artificial retina. I’m only interested in you, Ninth Master,” Feng Qing said with admiration.

Xie Jiuhan : “…”

The night was dark and the wind was strong. The two men were hiding in the woods and talking sweetly. Xie Jiuhan wanted to find a place to throw up. He really couldn’t stand it…

“Why are you staring at me?” Xie Jiuhan said angrily.

Feng Qing’s eyes shone with stars as she said, “Because I like you!”

Xie Jiuhan : “…”

In an instant, the way Mr. Qingyi looked at him reminded him of Feng Qing. The way they looked at him was exactly the same. Xie Jiuhan knocked his head. He felt that his head might be injured. Why would he compare Mr. Qingyi with Feng Qing? The effects of the aphrodisiac must be too strong, making him have this strange illusion.

Xie Jiuhan took out his portable computer and operated it. Xie Jiuhan and Feng Qing identified a direction and their figures quickly blended into the darkness. The Health Center was divided into three levels. The artificial retina was in the exhibition hall on the second floor. That was their target.

After walking out of the greenery, the two of them quickly approached the Health Center. At a corner, Xie Jiuhan bent down and turned around to gesture for Feng Qing to keep quiet.

“From here onwards, you must be especially careful. Try to reduce the sound of footsteps. This place is already controlled by other forces. There will definitely be many hidden sentries lying in ambush along the way,” Xie Jiuhan said softly.

Feng Qing nodded and said confidently, “Don’t worry, I won’t hold you back, meow ~”

Xie Jiuhan raised his eyebrows and felt a chill in his heart. He subconsciously took two steps aside. He was quite afraid of Mr. Qingyi now. He was afraid that Mr. Qingyi wouldn’t be able to stand the effects of the aphrodisiac and suddenly pounced on him to molest him.

Xie Jiuhan stuck his head out from the corner and saw two rows of patrolling international mercenaries crossing over. His thoughts spun rapidly as faces flashed across his mind. Other than him, the number of people in the entire Xia country who could hire so many international mercenaries could be counted on one’s fingers.

“Ninth Master, don’t you think it’s strange?” Feng Qing lowered her voice.

“What are you referring to?” Xie Jiuhan frowned.

Feng Qing pursed her lips at the group of international mercenaries. “They’re obviously international mercenaries. Every one of them has countless murders on their hands. Just now, they were firing together as if they were afraid that others wouldn’t know that someone had attacked this place. Most importantly, the officials in Zhe City have yet to send a single soldier over.”

Xie Jiuhan fell silent. He was only thinking about how to get in, but he had neglected such an important situation. If it was in the Capital, thousands of Xia country’s troops would have surrounded this place and these international mercenaries would have died.

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