The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 116 - There’s No God Before Me!

Chapter 116: There’s No God Before Me!

Before Feng Qing could speak, Mr. Qing Er’s surprised voice sounded. “Eh, what’s going on? Someone actually broke the program set up by the Night God instantly. All the surveillance systems and Internet systems have returned to normal.”

Feng Qing frowned and subconsciously looked to her side. She realized that Xie Jiuhan was holding a portable computer and operating it. There was no change in his cold face.

“Ninth Master, you did it?” Feng Qing asked in surprise.

Xie Jiuhan smiled disdainfully. “What Night God? He’s just so-so, there’s no God in front of me!”

Feng Qing : “…”

“Jiu-Ninth Master, you’re amazing!” Feng Qing was so excited that she almost shouted Jiu Jiu. Jiu Jiu was indeed her man. This was too cool!

Looking at Feng Qing’s infatuated expression, Xie Jiuhan could not help but smile. He was also very pleased that he could easily crack the Night God’s program.

“Hiss…” Xie Jiuhan gasped. He had unknowingly been led astray by a man. He glared at Mr. Qingyi and resisted the urge to slap his head. Although he had no physical contact with Mr. Qingyi, the mental interaction made him feel nauseous and his heart rejected it.

“Although I’ve broken the Night God’s program, it can only last for half an hour. The server is in his hands, and he can strengthen and modify it at any time. By then, it won’t be so easy to invade again, so we don’t have much time,” Xie Jiu said coldly.

Feng Qing nodded. Suddenly, her ears twitched subconsciously. It was the sound of a bullet tearing through the air. Feng Qing hurriedly shouted, “Ninth Master, be careful!”

Before he could finish his sentence, a bullet hole that was emitting smoke appeared on the ground. Before Xie Jiuhan could steady himself, two gunshots rang out in the distance. The sound of the base fire of the sniper rifle reverberated in the night sky.

Xie Jiuhan rolled a few times and dodged the bullets. He didn’t have Feng Qing’s abnormal hearing. He relied on his intuition and years of experience of escaping death.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Before he could steady himself, Xie Jiuhan took out a silver gun and shot at the greenery around a meter behind Feng Qing.

Blind firing. The distance was too far, and the enemy was disguised and hiding in the complicated greenery. He could only shoot in the general direction. As for whether he could hit the target, it would depend on fate.

Feng Qing stood on the spot and did not move. She allowed the bullet that Xie Jiuhan had shot to fly past her shoulder. She believed that Xie Jiuhan’s marksmanship would never hit her accidentally.

“Ninth Master, with me as the center, ten o’clock behind you, eighty meters below the tree roots,” Feng Qing said softly as she listened to the sound of the sniper moving in the greenery.

Bang! Xie Jiuhan pulled the trigger. The golden bullet left an orange glow in the air. The next second, a scream came from the greenery. The bullet pierced the sniper’s throat and killed him on the spot.

Feng Qing’s face was calm even when a person was dead. How dare they harm her man? They deserve death!

A bunch of messy footsteps sounded. More than ten people wearing tactical clothes and covering their faces rushed out of the health center. These people were agile and their tactical movements were standard. They had obviously received professional training.

“Kill them!” shouted one of them. Instantly, gunshots rang out as bullets flew towards Xie Jiuhan and Feng Qing.

Before Xie Jiuhan and Feng Qing could speak, they rolled on the ground and ran in different directions. Feng Qing’s ears twitched rapidly as she pictured the trajectories of the bullets in her mind.

“Ninth Master, it’s a 9.62mm caliber bullet. They should be foreigners,” Feng Qing shouted.

The caliber of a common firearm bullet was generally not more than 9.62 mm, and a 9.62 mm caliber bullet was considered a large caliber bullet. Any higher and it would not be considered a commonly used gun. Those with a caliber exceeding 20 mm would generally be considered cannon types.

Feng Qing hinted at Xie Jiuhan, telling him the power of the guns used by these people and asking him to hide and be careful. She said that they were foreigners, which meant that they were not from Xia country.

Xie Jiuhan raised his eyebrows. No wonder these people were so energetic. They were foreign ‘monks’. It was very difficult to obtain such high-caliber bullets in the country. Only international mercenary organizations had channels.


With a loud sound, a grenade exploded the tree that Xie Jiuhan was hiding in. Fortunately, Xie Jiuhan had changed his position in advance. Feng Qing’s voice sounded from the earpiece. “Ninth Master, let’s retreat first!”

Feng Qing couldn’t hold on any longer. She hid behind a stone pillar. After a round of firing, the stone pillar was already riddled with holes and could break at any moment.

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