The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 115 - Get In My Car!

Chapter 115: Get In My Car!

Twenty minutes later, five people from the operations team came for a routine check. Feng Qing and the other two showed their fake IDs. One of the veterans looked at the photo on the ID and sighed. “Young people nowadays have a weird standard of beauty. Such a good-looking girl…”

With that, he returned the credentials to Mr. Qing Er. The Mr. Qing Er on the credentials was unbelievably good-looking. He had a white face with a hint of red and a pair of big watery eyes. No matter how he looked at it, he was a beauty. On the other hand, Mr. Qing Er in front of him was like a scumbag. Mr. Qing Er smiled awkwardly and put the credentials away before he heaved a sigh of relief.

“You’re Li Shaoqun’s younger brother?” Xie Jiuhan’s cold voice sounded.

Mr. Qing Er was stunned. He looked at Xie Jiuhan and didn’t deny it. Xie Jiuhan had seen his credentials clearly when they were placed together just now.

“Ninth Master, you’re also a fan of my brother?” asked Mr. Qing Er.

Xie Jiu smiled coldly. “What do you think?”

Looking at the cold glow in Xie Jiuhan’s eyes, Mr. Qing Er’s legs went weak. He felt like he had fallen into an ice cave. After hesitating for a moment, he said nervously, “Ninth Master, please don’t tell my brother about what happened between us. He’s an outsider.”

“I’m very busy, do I look like I have the time to look for your brother?” Xie Jiuhan scoffed.

Xie Qi’s voice came from the bluetooth earpiece. “Ninth Master, someone made a move!”

The three of them rushed out of the hotel. Xie Jiuhan sat on the black cyclone motorcycle that he had personally modified. Before he could start it, Mr. Qing Er and Feng Qing rode a motorbike past him.

Xie Jiuhan’s expression turned cold. He was very unhappy that Mr. Qing Er and Feng Qing were too close. He stepped on the accelerator and the motorcycle rushed forward, instantly catching up to them.

“Ninth Master, what’s the matter?” Mr. Qing Er asked curiously.

Xie Jiuhan looked at Feng Qing and said coldly, “You, get in my car!”

Feng Qing was stunned and rejected, “Ninth Master, let’s forget it. I’m fine sitting with Qing Er. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with me?”

Xie Jiuhan’s gaze was cold. He said arrogantly, “If you don’t want to die, be good. You are the most useful out of the two of you, so you’re the most suitable hostage.”

Feng Qing was speechless. She could only obediently sit in Xie Jiuhan’s car. Mr. Qing Er smiled evilly. He felt that they were becoming more and more like a married couple.

Feng Qing put on her helmet and slowly crossed her legs over the motorcycle. The corners of her mouth twitched in pain. The aftereffects of last night had not recovered. Fortunately, Xie Jiuhan was busy adjusting his position and did not notice her abnormality.

She wrapped her arms around Xie Jiuhan’s waist and their bodies leaned against each other. Instantly, Xie Jiuhan’s heart stirred. His instincts made him react in certain areas. Xie Jiuhan shuddered and had goosebumps all over his body. That damned aphrodisiac was too disgusting!

“What are you looking at? You forced me to sit here,” Feng Qing said as she looked at Xie Jiuhan’s disgusted expression.

“Hmph, control your hands. Don’t touch anywhere. Otherwise…” Xie Jiuhan replied coldly. He stepped on the accelerator and shot out like an arrow.

There was no time to waste now. Someone had already made a move on the artificial retina on the other side. He had to rush over immediately.

The night wind whistled in his ears. Xie Jiuhan drove the black cyclone motorcycle, traveling as fast as lightning and ignored all the red and green lights. Feng Qing’s right hand trembled slightly. Under the cover of the night, a wisp of black powder landed on Xie Jiuhan.

Half an hour later, the motorcycle stopped and the two of them finally arrived at the Human Health Center in Zhe City. The Health Center was a triangle with two rows of ordinary small houses scattered around it.


A deafening explosion rang out. The glass windows of the Health Center shattered, and glass shards fell from the sky like water flowing out of a glass cup.

Xie Jiuhan and Feng Qing took off their helmets. Looking at the Health Center that was emitting black smoke, Feng Qing’s nose twitched a few times. “It’s a combustion bomb and a smoke bomb. I wonder who could obtain such things. The combustion bomb is used to divide the battlefield and prevent the enemies from approaching. The smoke bomb forms a huge smoke screen to block vision, preventing people from seeing what is behind the smoke. It looks like it has been planned for a long time.”

“Brother Yi, the surveillance inside has been blocked. From the method of the hacking, it should be the Night God who made a move. It can’t be broken through in a short time.” Mr. Qing Er’s voice came from the phone.

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