The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 114 - Why Don’t You Bear with It Anymore?

Chapter 114: Why Don’t You Bear with It Anymore?

“Where’s my antidote? Give it to me!” Xie Jiuhan’s expression darkened.

“I’m sorry, Ninth Master, I didn’t bring it,” Feng Qing said with a smile.

Xie Jiuhan : “…”

He stared at Mr. Qingyi like a demon king staring into the abyss, ready to crush his head with a slap at any moment.

Feng Qing said, “Ninth Master, I’m not playing with you. I really didn’t bring it. Why don’t you bear with it a little longer? The effects of the medicine will go away in two days.”

Xie Jiuhan : “…”

Anger surged through him, and the violent genes in his body began to stir. He wanted to snap Mr. Qingyi’s neck. The antidote worked quickly, and a few streams of clear liquid ran through her body, causing Feng Qing to feel her spirit platform gradually regain its clarity. The feeling of desire is starting to fade.

“I’m confiscating your bag!” After weighing the pros and cons, Xie Jiuhan refrained from killing him. If Mr. Qingyi didn’t give him the antidote, he would find someone to develop the antidote. There were all kinds of medicine in the bag, and one of them might be effective.

“Ninth Master, if you really can’t take it anymore, go take a cold shower in the bathroom!” Feng Qing said with a smile.

Xie Jiuhan raised his eyebrows and looked at Feng Qing suspiciously. “What did you say?!”

Every time he was drugged with an aphrodisiac, he would take a cold shower to keep himself calm. How did Mr. Qingyi know?

Feng Qing hurriedly changed the topic. “Let go of me and Qing Er first. The operation team should be here soon.”

Xie Jiuhan’s face darkened as he released the ropes for them. Mr. Qing Er stood up and hurriedly hid behind Feng Qing. He looked at Xie Jiuhan with a scared expression.

“Qingqing, you’re still the best. You’re the forever god in my heart!” Mr. Qing Er flattered.

“What did you call her?” Xie Jiuhan’s expression was cold.

Mr. Qing Er was shocked and subconsciously said, “Qing… Qingqing, what’s wrong?”

Xie Jiuhan’s brows twitched violently. A murderous aura swept through the room, making it difficult for anyone to breathe. Mr. Qing Er was shocked. He buried his head in Feng Qing’s arms like an ostrich in danger.

“What kind of name is not good? You have to be called Mr. Qingyi. Don’t let me hear you call him Qingqing again because he’s not worthy!” Xie Jiuhan said coldly.

The corners of Feng Qing’s mouth curled up as she patted Mr. Qing Er’s head. “It’s indeed not appropriate for you to call me Qingqing. In the future, you should call me brother.”

When Xie Jiuhan came out of the bathroom, his appearance had changed drastically. However, his aura was still elegant and noble. Feng Qing and Mr. Qing Er looked at each other and knew that he was also wearing a human skin mask.

Xie Jiuhan sat on the sofa and swept his cold and arrogant gaze across Feng Qing. “Tell me, why are you here in Zhe City?”

Mr. Qing Er pulled his head out of Feng Qing’s arms and said arrogantly, “Why should I tell you? We’re here to shop, will you pay for our expenses?”

Xie Jiuhan flipped his wrist, and the black dagger shone with a dark light. “How long do you think it will take to kill the two of you and throw the corpse out of the window?”

Mr. Qing Er’s face turned pale and he hurriedly placed his head back into Feng Qing’s arms. He couldn’t answer this question. If he continued to be stubborn, he would lose his life.

Feng Qing continued to touch his head like she was caressing March’s head. “Artificial retina!”

Xie Jiuhan nodded. Even if Mr. Qingyi didn’t admit it, he had already guessed that he would aim for the artificial retina. He wouldn’t believe that he would not aim for that even if he was beaten to death.

“Ninth Master, you’re also here for it, right?” Feng Qing asked deliberately.

“Artificial retina is not fated to be yours. If you insist on taking it, you will lose your life in Zhe City. After dealing with the operation team, leave quickly,” Xie Jiuhan said coldly as he played with his dagger.

Looking at the human skin mask on Xie Jiuhan’s face, Feng Qing said without hesitation, “Ninth Master, why don’t we join forces?”

Xie Jiuhan was expressionless. The black dagger spun on his fingertips. Feng Qing slowly ran her fingers through Mr. Qing Er’s hair. Mr. Qing Er felt that something was poking him. He reached out and touched the sunglasses, then put them on her face with trembling hands.

“What if you stab me in the back if I cooperate with you?” Xie Jiuhan asked in disbelief.

Feng Qing smiled slightly. She had long guessed that Xie Jiuhan would ask this question. She took a deep breath and said, “Ninth Master, don’t worry. Let’s not talk about whether we dare to betray you or not. Just the fact that both of us are struck by a ‘Mandarin Duck Love’ at the same time means that I won’t play any dirty tricks. After being struck by a ‘Mandarin Duck Love’, not only will we love each other, but we will also be telepathic. You should feel this now.”

Xie Jiuhan felt a chill in his heart. Although he couldn’t stand Mr. Qingyi’s words, he couldn’t deny that he was right. When he looked at Mr. Qingyi now, his heart would feel warm, as if he could feel any changes in Mr. Qingyi’s emotions.

“Ninth Master, how about it? Can you feel my love for you? The stronger my love for you is, the hotter it will be for you. The moment you fall in love with me, you will also feel a numbing sensation like tiny electric currents traveling through your entire body,” Feng Qing said innocently.

Xie Jiuhan’s face was filled with black smoke. If Mr. Qingyi continued, he would vomit out the lotus chicken. Two men who loved each other. Just the thought of it was disgusting…

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