The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 113 - Taking the Wrong Antidote

Chapter 113: Taking the Wrong Antidote

“Ha, falling in love with you and even sacrificed myself for you. Do you think I will believe you?” Xie Jiuhan sat on the sofa with a look of disdain. Just a little bit of it on his hand could make him turn gay. He didn’t believe it at all.

Feng Qing smiled and did not say anything else. She was doing her best to resist the effects of the drug, and her consciousness was gradually being devoured. Sweat steamed on the surface of her skin.

Looking at her restless appearance, especially her large eyes, Xie Jiuhan started to breathe harder. Mr. Qingyi’s feminine and fair face changed to Feng Qing’s tender and fair face, as if she was smiling at him.

In the haze, Mr. Qingyi seemed to be saying something romantic to him. His seductive lips opened and closed in slow motion, making his blood boil and he wished he could kiss him immediately.

“Ring…” Xie Jiuhan’s phone rang. He was stunned. His consciousness returned quickly and he wiped the sweat off his forehead. If not for this call, he would have fallen into it.

Xie Jiu’s face was cold as he picked up the phone. “Speak!”

On the other end of the phone, Xie Qi’s entire body trembled. Xie Jiuhan’s voice just now had made his anus tighten. That slightly hoarse and magnetic voice was like a lioness in heat on the grassland, completely different from usual.

Xie Qi shook his head and hurriedly said, “Ninth Master, a group of people from the operations team just rushed into the hotel and want to search the hotel thoroughly!”

Xie Jiuhan frowned. “What’s going on?”

“A few minutes ago, there was a commotion in the alley beside the hotel. Many paparazzi surrounded a woman wearing a bath towel. The woman was found in the trash. It was Young Madam’s younger sister, Feng Jianing. The people in the hotel reported the case, and the people from the operations team came. This kind of thing isn’t much in other places, but it’s very strict in Zhe City. Zhe City is a large province of traditional customs and etiquette. According to the local laws, the operations team will arrest Feng Jianing for disturbing society.” Xie Qi reported truthfully.

Xie Jiuhan’s expression was as gloomy as water. He didn’t care if Feng Jianing was dead or alive. This time, he came to Zhe City to do things in secret. Before his objective was completed, he couldn’t reveal his identity. In other words, he couldn’t stop the operation team from searching through his connections.

“Don’t act rashly. I have my ways of dealing with it,” Xie Jiuhan said.

After hanging up the phone, Xie Jiuhan’s entire body felt hot and uncomfortable. He washed his face, and the cold water allowed him to regain some of his senses. Feng Qing sat on the bed and looked at Xie Jiuhan with her large eyes. Her eyes were filled with emotions, like a female cat in heat trying to please Xie Jiuhan.

When their eyes met, Xie Jiuhan’s body trembled. He felt like his soul was being sucked away by Feng Qing’s eyes. Even his heart skipped a few beats. Xie Jiuhan patted his face. As expected of Mr. Qingyi, the medicine he developed was indeed powerful. It could really make him have such disgusting thoughts about a man.

“The operation team is currently searching the hotel. Let’s deal with them first. Mr. Qingyi, where is your antidote? I’ll feed it to you, and you can cure me too,” Xie Jiuhan said unquestionably.

In order to not expose his identity and successfully complete his main mission here, he could only make this choice. Besides, he also wanted to cure the poison in his body. He didn’t want to think about Mr. Qingyi in his heart in the future. Two men were too freaking disgusting…

“My antidote is in a square porcelain bottle in the secret compartment of that backpack. Take a pill from there and you can cure the poison from my body.” Feng Qing bit her tongue and forced herself not to lose consciousness.

Seeing that she agreed, Xie Jiuhan hurriedly found the bag. He thought for a while and decided to wear Mr. Qing Er’s gecko gloves. Then, he reached out and opened the bag to look the antidote. It was never wrong to be careful with a poison like Mr. Qingyi.

“Is this it?” After rummaging for a long time, Xie Jiuhan asked with a yellow porcelain bottle.

“Yes, that’s it!” Feng Qing nodded.

Xie Jiuhan poured out one pill. The pill was reddish-brown in color and emitted a faint herbal fragrance. Xie Jiuhan did not think much of it and stuffed one into Feng Qing’s mouth. Seeing that she was fine after eating it, he poured out another pill and swallowed it himself.

Feng Qing looked at him in confusion. “Why are you eating this?”

Xie Jiuhan was stunned. “We’re both poisoned by the same poison. Of course, I need to eat it too!”

Feng Qing smiled. “The poison I was poisoned with was different from yours. The second bottle of aphrodisiac you gave me was neutralized by the first bottle before it could take effect. Therefore, I only have the poison of the first bottle in my body, and you were only poisoned by the second bottle. I just took the antidote of the first bottle of aphrodisiac. You took the antidote wrongly, understand?”

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