The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 112 - Ninth Master, You Will Love Me, The Kind That Can’t Stop!

Chapter 112: Ninth Master, You Will Love Me, The Kind That Can’t Stop!

Under the human skin mask, Feng Qing’s face was flushed red. The medicine was reacting violently in her stomach, and it ran through her entire body with the help of her blood. She didn’t dare to look at Mr. Qing Er, much less Xie Jiuhan. Under the effects of the medicine, she could easily lose her rationality.

“JPM!” Feng Qing thought.

She naturally knew how strong the effects were. This aphrodisiac that she had recently developed also had a very strong hallucinogenic effect. The user and those who were close to her would all have hallucinatory effects.

Xie Jiuhan sat on the sofa like a king and looked at Feng Qing mockingly. “Mr. Qingyi, how are you feeling now? You must be feeling very uncomfortable. When you lose your rationality later, I’ll find a hundred burly men and let them explode your anus!”

Feng Qing lowered her head and forced herself to be calm. Her entire body was abnormally hot, and every pore on her body was opened. The sweat and medicinal fragrance mixed together, causing her to fall into an illusion.

After observing for a while, Xie Jiuhan frowned. Although Mr. Qingyi looked very uncomfortable, his expression didn’t change at all. He suspected that the medicine wasn’t enough, so he stood up and walked to Mr. Qingyi, pinched his chin, and poured another bottle.

Staring at Mr. Qingyi’s face, Xie Jiuhan’s expression froze. He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt that Mr. Qingyi was handsome and had a feminine disposition. He had the urge to hug him.

“D*mn! What is going on? I actually have evil thoughts about a man?” Xie Jiuhan’s expression trembled.

After taking off Mr. Qingyi’s sunglasses, Xie Jiuhan saw a pair of big eyes that were filled with tenderness and sweetness. They were like the sunlight shining on the river’s surface, bright and colorful, making his heart feel charming and gentle again.

Xie Jiuhan shook his head and forced himself to calm down. He was stunned. He didn’t understand what was wrong with him. Why did he suddenly have feelings for someone of the same sex?

“Ninth Master, I’m sorry, you’ve been hit again!” Feng Qing looked at Xie Jiuhan lovingly. At that moment, her mind was in a daze and she was about to lose consciousness.

Xie Jiuhan was stunned. He recalled the scene of him feeding Mr. Qingyi the medicine. A few drops of the medicine had accidentally splashed on his hand. Seeing that he had remembered, Feng Qing smiled and nodded.

“JPM, I compiled the conclusions of all my experiments. The latest modified aphrodisiac has a very strong effect. You don’t have to take it, it only needs to touch your skin to be poisoned. I’m powerful, right?” Feng Qing explained.

Xie Jiuhan was fuming with anger. The aura on his body was frightening. Despite all his defenses, he was still schemed against. He grabbed Feng Qing’s neck and prepared to teach him a lesson.

Thump thump! Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat. The strength in Xie Jiuhan’s hands dissipated, and his heart seemed to be about to break through his chest. His heart beat excitedly, and the blood in his body surged.

“What are you laughing at?!” Xie Jiu said coldly.

Under the effects of the drug, Feng Qing’s body started to soften. She could not control her emotions and smiled like a fickle woman.

“Ninth Master, actually, this medicine has another name. It’s called ‘Mandarin Duck Love’. The two who have taken or touched this medicine will develop love for each other. This love cannot be controlled until the two of them become a couple,” Feng Qing explained.

“Bullsh*t! What kind of bullsh*t are you talking about it? You want to make me gay? Dream on!” Xie Jiuhan shouted.

Feng Qing shook her head and shouted at him, “Ninth Master, you’ll fall for me and won’t be able to stop yourself. I heard that the Ninth Master has a delicate wife. If you suddenly like men, will your delicate wife be jealous?”

As the medicinal effect surged, Xie Jiuhan’s consciousness started to become chaotic. He bit his tongue and barely managed to stay awake. He walked up to Feng Qing and said fiercely, “Give me the antidote if you don’t want to die!”

Feng Qing puffed up her chest and smiled evilly. “Antidote? We’ll spend a good night together…”

Mr. Qing Er retreated to a corner and looked at Xie Jiuhan. His face was pale. If Xie Jiuhan liked men, wouldn’t his anus suffer?

“Ninth Master, didn’t you say that you wanted to explode my anus? Come, I’ll satisfy this habit of yours!” Feng Qing shouted.

“Qingyi, you’re dead!” Xie Jiuhan shouted angrily. A cold aura covered the room, and the temperature dropped a few degrees.

Mr. Qing Er was so regretful that he was about to cry. If not for his hands being tied, he would have definitely applauded Feng Qing like a seal. How dare she speak to Xie Jiuhan with such an attitude? Moreover, she didn’t seem afraid. Did Feng Qing grow up eating bear guts?

“If I die, you’ll also die. To be exact, you’ll die with me, just like a couple. Because you’re already starting to fall in love with me. As time passes, you’ll love me so much that you won’t be able to extricate yourself. Don’t think of finding someone to develop an antidote. Other than me, no one else in this world can make an antidote,” Feng Qing said firmly.

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