The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 111 - Pay Back a Hundred Times

Chapter 111: Pay Back a Hundred Times

He washed his hands, disinfected them, wiped his mouth, and tidied his hair. From start to finish, Xie Jiuhan maintained his elegance and nobility. Mr. Qing Er looked at him pitifully. “Ninth Master, your beauty is impeccable. Your figure is like an exquisite sculpture. However, you should have regrets, such as being unable to kiss your incomparable face!”

“Ninth Master, let me be your eyes. Only then can you see clearly. Listen to this love song and let me treat you as the stars in the sky…”

“Shut up!” Xie Jiuhan glared.

Mr. Qing Er immediately stopped talking and subconsciously shrank his neck. Feng Qing was completely speechless. She began to regret introducing Mr. Qing Er to the organization. How could she face people from now on?

“A Dark Organization’s Mr. Qing Er, nickname is ‘Myriad Face’. Is this how you behave? Why don’t you change your nickname to ‘Shameless’?” Xie Jiuhan’s aura surged as he stared at Mr. Qing Er.

Mr. Qing Er hurriedly nodded. “Ninth Master, you have remarkable abilities. You’re right. In the future, I’ll be called ‘Shameless’. You don’t say, it’s quite convenient. To be honest, when we found out that the Ninth Master was looking for us, we specially bought that lotus chicken to give to you as a gift.”

Looking at Xie Jiuhan’s murderous gaze, Mr. Qing Er’s tears were about to fall. He tried his best to please Xie Jiuhan, hoping that he would be happy.

Mr. Qing Er was even more thick-skinned than the wall of the hotel. Xie Jiuhan was speechless. He stood up and walked around Feng Qing twice. He found that she was covered completely and was even wearing sunglasses.

According to the intelligence, A Dark Organization’s Mr. Qingyi’s gender was unknown. He was good at producing and using poison, and he often used gas masks when carrying out missions. It was said that Mr. Qingyi was covered in poison, and he could poison anyone who walked or sat down. He could kill people easily.

Shing! Xie Jiuhan pulled out a black dagger from his waist. Feng Qing and Mr. Qing Er’s expressions changed drastically, thinking that he was about to kill someone.

Xie Jiuhan held the dagger and poked Feng Qing’s body with the tip. He controlled the dagger to slide down her collar…

“Ninth, Ninth Master, what are you doing?” Feng Qing panicked.

Xie Jiuhan did not say a word. The tip of the dagger flipped open both sides of her collar and flipped through her sleeves. Then, it went to her waist and everywhere on her body. All the places and mechanisms that could hide poison had been removed by the dagger. Feng Qing was dumbfounded. She was extremely nervous. She was not afraid of anything else, but she was afraid that Xie Jiuhan would see that she was a girl.

“Ha, you’re a man after all. You’re making it seem like the stamens are sentient.” Xie Jiuhan laughed coldly as he looked at the colorful poisonous powder on the ground.

As soon as he finished speaking, he picked up Mr. Qingyi’s gas mask and put it on his face. It was better to be safe than sorry if he came into contact with a poison like Mr. Qingyi.

“Ninth Master, spare my life. My ability is useful to you,” Feng Qing said anxiously.

Xie Jiuhan said sinisterly, “I’m not interested in your life, you can escape death, but you can’t escape punishment. I’ll teach you a lesson today.”

Pop! Xie Jiuhan took out a small bottle from nowhere and opened it. “The medicine you developed has good effects!”

Feng Qing frowned tightly and immediately smelled what was in the bottle—aphrodisiac!

Mr. Qing Er moved on the ground like a caterpillar twice again. He looked at Feng Qing worriedly, knowing that something big would happen to Feng Qing.

“Ninth Master, you want… Oh…” Before Feng Qing could finish speaking, Xie Jiuhan pinched her chin and poured the aphrodisiac forcefully into her mouth. The entire bottle was dried up.

“Cough, cough cough…” Feng Qing coughed. Xie Jiuhan sat opposite them and looked at them excitedly.

“Sister Qingyi, how are you?” Mr. Qing Er asked worriedly.

Feng Qing did not say anything. The medicinal liquid entered her body and reacted violently in her stomach. Waves of scorching air fused into her blood and organs. She knew that it was bad because she knew how powerful the things she had developed were.

“Mr. Qingyi, how does it taste? I’m very curious if you’ve used the things you developed before, so I specially came to you for an experiment today.” Xie Jiuhan said playfully.

Feng Qing still did not speak. She was using her final moments to consider whether she should reveal her identity. If she continued to be played by Xie Jiuhan, she would definitely be ruined. If she exposed her identity, she would at most enjoy a face rub.

Huala! Xie Jiuhan picked up a black travel bag and poured it on the coffee table. Bottles of the same aphrodisiac appeared.

“The aphrodisiac you developed made me suffer twice. In order to prevent such a thing from happening again, I got someone to buy all the stocks on the market. You should know what kind of person I, Xie Jiuhan, am. Whoever dares to provoke me will definitely be paid back a hundred times!” Xie Jiuhan’s eyes were red as he said.

“Ninth Master, you’re a magnanimous person. Please show mercy!” Mr. Qing Er crawled to Xie Jiuhan’s feet and begged.

Xie Jiuhan glared at him with his pitch-black eyes. “You want to try it too?”

Mr. Qing Er shrank his neck and hurriedly crawled back. Xie Jiuhan stared at Feng Qing. The live broadcast that he had been looking forward to was about to start.

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