The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 1196 - 1196 Shameful Performance

1196 Shameful Performance

Feng Jianing hugged the child and before she could get up, she was kicked in the face by Cao Beining again. The guests were dumbfounded, but no one dared to dissuade him. Mr. Cao couldn’t sit still anymore either. As he cursed, he waved his fists at Feng Jianing. His sandbag-sized fists kept smashing at Feng Jianing. In order to protect the child, Feng Jianing couldn’t protect her head. She could only let the other party smash her with all his might. Her originally white wedding dress was also completely ruined.

Suddenly, the wedding dress fell off because of the tearing. Just as Cao Beining and Mr. Cao were about to continue beating Feng Jianing up, they stopped in midair because they saw a large red rash on Feng Jianing’s body. In order to see what it was, Mr. Cao directly removed the wedding dress on her body and revealed a very thin woman’s body, not caring if Feng Jianing would become naked. However, her body was covered in red rashes. The rashes were large and the small bumps were so dense that it made one’s scalp tingle. What was even more disgusting was that the red rashes had already broken and were actually starting to bleed.

Mr. Cao had played with at least 800 women in his life. Moreover, he was very experienced. He had naturally seen much more than Cao Beining. After Mr. Cao looked at the rashes confidently, he couldn’t help but scream, “D*mn! This-this little slut actually has a STD?! Your STD is already very serious. You must have slept with many different men. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have contracted such a thing. You’re too disgusting.”

Upon hearing the word ‘STD’, Cao Beining revealed a disgusted expression. Although he had never seen a STD, he had always heard people talk about it. Moreover, there were many photos and videos of STD on the Internet. Looking at the rashes on Feng Jianing’s body and recalling the photos of STD on the Internet, Cao Beining couldn’t help but retch.

Mr. Cao blocked Cao Beining behind him and gestured for Cao Beining to keep a distance from Feng Jianing. He looked like he was afraid that his son would be infected with STD. Patches of rashes on Feng Jianing’s body appeared on the LED screen, causing the guests below the stage to spurn and despise her.

Feng Jianing hurriedly grabbed the fallen wedding dress and used it to cover herself. She shouted in embarrassment and anger, “Don’t slander me. I’m very clean. I didn’t sleep with a man. I’m just heaty. I’m not sick.”

Feng Jianing knew how miserable she was now. She had to protect her and Charles’s child, and she also had to pull the wedding dress to cover herself. It was fine if her figure was still as good as before, but she knew that her figure had already changed after giving birth to the child.

In the prison of the Seven Stars Continent, although she didn’t have freedom, the prison would provide her with three meals on time. The prison guards would manage prisoners like them in an orderly manner. It was impossible for their bodies to be unhealthy. In fact, because she was a pregnant woman, they even took special care of her and the child. They would give her an extra portion of food and milk for every meal.

However, ever since she left the Seven Stars Continent Prison, she had lost this guarantee. Every day, she had to rely on selling her body to maintain her and the child’s livelihood. Even so, she couldn’t get a good price by selling her body. After all, she was blind and looked very scary. Many times, she could only get a hundred yuan. Her body also gradually deteriorated when she received different men every day. Now, she was even infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

In reality, even if Mr. Cao didn’t say it, Feng Jianing had long had doubts in her heart because recently, she had always felt that her entire body would suddenly itch. It was an indescribable itch, as if there were countless flies walking on her. In the beginning, this situation only happened on her thigh. Later on, this situation became worse and worse. Moreover, the area it spread became larger and larger. Until now, all sorts of broken blood blisters had started to grow.

However, Feng Jianing didn’t dare to see the doctor, afraid that her position would be exposed and she would be captured back to the Seven Stars Continent Prison. Now, she was exposed by Mr. Cao in public, saying that she was infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Moreover, it was a very serious sexually transmitted disease. Even though Feng Jianing was thick-skinned enough, she still felt very embarrassed and angry.

Everyone was pointing at Feng Jianing. Some people even called her a lecherous slut. Feng Jianing couldn’t see anything and could only carry the child with one hand and try her best to pull the wedding dress with the other. However, just as she stood up and took a few steps, she stepped on the hem of the wedding dress and fell to the ground. But she wanted to protect the child, so she gave up on protecting herself. In the end, the back of her head hit the ground. This fall was very serious. Not only did it make her spit out a mouthful of blood on the spot, but it also became difficult to breathe.

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