The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 1197 - 1197 Parting on Bad Terms

1197 Parting on Bad Terms

However, the Caos didn’t stand on ceremony either. They went up and beat her up again. Those rain-like punches and kicks smashed into Feng Jianing’s body. Feng Jianing already didn’t even have the strength to defend or beg for mercy. After being kicked in the face by Mr. Cao, she fainted.

Mr. Cao reached out to stop Cao Beining. He pointed at Feng Jianing and said, “She has already fainted.”

Mrs. Cao wished she could beat Feng Jianing to death. She was angry, but it wouldn’t be worth it if their entire family went to jail because of this b*tch.

Mr. Cao walked up to Feng Jianing and tested her nose with his hand. He realized that Feng Jianing was still breathing. Although it was very weak, Feng Jianing was still breathing. Mr. Cao turned to look at Mrs. Cao and Cao Beining and said, “She’s still alive.”

Mrs. Cao’s face was still expressionless. She said coldly and heartlessly, “Get someone to throw her onto the street.”

However, Cao Beining said, “Mom, this woman has caused our Cao family to suffer so much. We can’t let her off so easily.”

However, Mrs. Cao gave Cao Beining a look to calm down. There were too many people here. Even if they really wanted to kill Feng Jianing, they couldn’t do it here. Otherwise, there would definitely be so-called ‘justice’ who would call the police.

Mrs. Cao lowered her voice and said to Cao Beining, “We can’t risk the rest of our lives for this bitch. It’s not worth it.”

Cao Beining roared with a distorted expression, “The rest of my life? Do you think I still have the rest of my life?! From the day I couldn’t have children, my life was completely over!”

Looking at the unconscious Feng Jianing, Cao Beining took a few deep breaths. His eyes were suffused with redness. The broken rash on Feng Jianing’s body made him suddenly remember something. Hence, he walked up to Feng Jianing, grabbed her legs, and walked out. At this moment, Feng Jianing had already completely lost consciousness. She didn’t even know that the child had fallen to the ground.

Mrs. Cao asked in confusion, “Beining, where are you going?”

Cao Beining turned to look at Mrs. Cao, who trembled from the scarlet eyes. At that moment, Cao Beining seemed to have been possessed by an Asura demon. His entire body was filled with hatred and evil for this world.

Cao Beining said in a dry voice, “Mom, don’t worry. I won’t kill her because she’s not worthy, but I will never let her off like this. I want this woman to beg for death.”

Mrs. Cao looked at the baby who was wailing in his swaddling clothes. She asked Mr. Cao with a headache, “What about this little bastard?”

They had worked hard their entire lives. It was fine if they couldn’t have a grandson in their later years, but they didn’t want to spend the rest of their lives in jail because of Feng Jianing and her child. However, the Cao family would definitely not raise other people’s bastards. Mr. Cao looked at the golden-haired baby in swaddling clothes and said with disgust and disdain, “This is someone else’s child. It has nothing to do with us. Let the hotel deal with it themselves. I want to see where Beining brought that little lecher to. When the little slut wakes up, we’ll annul the engagement and take back everything we gave her before chasing her away.”

If not for the fact that so many people were watching, Mr. Cao would have thrown this baby to his death on the spot. As long as this child was still alive, it would be an insult to the entire Cao family. In the future, as long as someone saw this child, it would let others remember the humiliation of the Cao family today. This hatred was indescribable by Mr. Cao.

At this point, this so-called wedding banquet had completely become a joke. The Cao family had lost all their reputation in public, and the guests present were also very happy to see this effect. After all, no one didn’t like to watch the fun, and no one was willing to go forward and say anything else to the Cao family. The Cao family also knew that they had lost all their reputation. Now, no matter what they said, they would only be laughed at. Therefore, the Cao family left without even saying a word.

Feng Jianing slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were filled with confusion. She didn’t know what time it was, nor did she know how long she had been unconscious. She felt like her face was covered in something. She tried to touch her face with her hands, but it was sticky and filled with blood that was about to dry. Feng Jianing didn’t wipe it off because she couldn’t do it either as her arms were tied up by something, and it could only barely reach the area near her chin.

Feng Jianing couldn’t see anything. She could only feel that she was tied to a very wide and large chair. She tried her best to free her hands, but no matter how hard she tried, the rope around her wrists not only tightened, but it also hurt.

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