The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 1195 - 1195 The Only Hope

1195 The Only Hope

Cao Beining’s kicks become stronger and stronger. He did not soften his heart at all because of Feng Jianing’s begging. At the side, Mrs. Cao hugged the baby in swaddling clothes and turned a deaf ear to what was happening in front of her. Suddenly, she felt that she had already aged by twenty years.

She had put on exquisite makeup today. From the moment she found out that Feng Jianing had given birth to a grandson for the Cao family, she was extremely excited. Her old appearance seems to have regained some youth. She was feeling happy that she had finally seen her hard-won grandson. She wished she could immediately take her grandson out of the swaddling clothes and show off that chubby little privates in public to prove that their Cao family had a descendant. She wanted the Cao family to raise their heads in Penang. This had almost become an obsession in Mrs. Cao’s heart.

However, her dream had been completely destroyed just now. The Cao family had been deceived by Feng Jianing, and the Cao family had also become the laughing stock of the entire Penang. Mrs. Cao hugged the swaddling clothes and walked towards Feng Jianing stiffly. There was no expression on her face, only a strong sorrow.

Looking at Feng Jianing, who was screaming, Mrs. Cao calmly raised the baby in swaddling clothes and threw it at Feng Jianing. The baby in the swaddling clothes cried loudly from the fall. Feng Jianing hurriedly hugged the child tightly. She was already at a loss, not knowing what to do.

On the LED screen, Feng Jianing looked extremely miserable and sorry. Not only was her nose and mouth bleeding from the beating, but the makeup that the bridesmaid had just put on her this morning was also completely ruined.

Feng Jianing was thinking in her mind if there was a need for her to continue struggling. Although she still had a little cash on hand and could barely support her and the child for a period of time, that was not a long term plan. If she wanted to solve the problem of her and the child’s long-term meal ticket, she could only bring the child to look for Charles. Although Charles was no longer the president of the International Fragrance Alliance, he still had savings that he couldn’t spend in a few lifetimes. It was more than enough to support the two of them.

However, as early as when she was expelled by Country F, her passport to Country F had been permanently revoked. Moreover, Country F’s customs had also blacklisted her, so she had no right to go to Country F at all. If she smuggled in, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens. Country F’s laws were completely different from Xia country’s, and she would be very miserable once she was caught.

Charles had long gotten married. Moreover, he had three sons and a daughter. The youngest son was already 18 years old. Feng Jianing had given birth to his illegitimate son, so she wanted to look for Charles to take responsibility. If Charles was irresponsible, she would go to Country F’s court to sue Charles. Anyway, the child was Charles’s. If he didn’t believe it, she could do a paternity test.

At the thought of this, Feng Jianing endured the pain and stood up. After today’s incident, she knew very well that she was completely finished. Be it in the Capital, Penang, or even the entire Xia country, there was no place for her anymore. Since the child was Charles’s, she could only go to Country F now.

Seeing her limping out with the child in her arms, Cao Beining shouted, “Feng Jianing, where are you going?!”

Feng Jianing said, “Since this child isn’t yours, I’ll bring him away with me. Don’t worry, I definitely won’t cling to you.”

Cao Beining’s eyes spewed out anger. “Feng Jianing, you’re blind but why is your head damaged? You’re leaving just like that after creating such a huge mess? What about our Cao family? Do you think you could leave so easily?”

In Feng Jianing’s eyes, since the child wasn’t Cao Beining’s and Cao Beining no longer had reproductive ability, Cao Beining had no value. Moreover, the entire Cao family treated her as an enemy. Therefore, she had to leave this place as soon as possible. Otherwise, she didn’t know how the Cao family would deal with her.

Feng Jianing sneered and said, “Oh? Then what do you want? Do you want to kill me and the child together? Or do you want to keep me alive to disgust you every day?”

With that, she added, “Cao Beining, from now on, if you dare to touch me again, I’ll call the police immediately.”

Cao Beining said hysterically, “You’ve embarrassed me and the Cao family. Do I care about anything else? Anyway, I have nothing left. Even if I go to jail today, I’ll make you pay the price!”

Cao Beining rushed forward and kicked Feng Jianing to the ground. Feng Jianing let out a cry of pain like a pig being slaughtered. As she lost her center of gravity, she fell to the ground unguarded. However, she did not let go of the child in her arms because she knew very well that this child was her only hope now. Whether she could live or not depended on this child.

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