The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 108 - I Want to Stay on Level Eighteen

Chapter 108: I Want to Stay on Level Eighteen

Mr. Qing Er didn’t care at all and helped Feng Qing into the hotel. The two of them had already changed their looks before they entered the city, so they weren’t afraid that anyone would take photos of them secretly. Moreover, they weren’t celebrities, so there was no point in taking photos of them secretly.

“Miss, please get me a luxurious suite room,” Feng Qing said with a smile.

The female attendant at the front desk raised her head and looked at Feng Qing. Her eyes instantly turned into hearts. Was this demonic appearance real? Feng Qing made a strange gesture with her hands in front of her chest. The female attendant’s expression was incomparably shocking. This gesture was only known to core members of A Dark Organization.

“Shh! Don’t make a scene and pretend to be normal.” Feng Qing whispered.

The female attendant nodded excitedly. “Ms. Feng,which floor do you want to stay on? We have luxury suite rooms on each floor.”

The corners of Feng Qing’s mouth curled up. “I want to live on the eighteenth floor!”

The female attendant looked at her intently and started typing on the keyboard.

After the two of them finished checking in, they walked towards the elevator. The elevator door opened, and Feng Jianing ran over and entered the elevator. Feng Qing and Mr. Qing Er looked at each other and entered the elevator together.

Looking at Mr. Qing Er, Feng Jianing’s brows were tightly knitted. Her eyes were filled with disdain and disgust. A young man with an arm full of tattoos and a head of yellow hair was wearing a fake necklace that was as thick as a thumb. He was wearing tattered clothes and was a typical gangster of society. She didn’t understand how this hotel allowed such a person who wasn’t dressed properly to live in it, wasn’t this a five-star hotel?

In order to earn money, the threshold of the hotel was really getting lower and lower. It was simply an insult to her to take the same elevator as such a person. Mr. Qing Er was struck by a cross in her heart.

When she turned to look at the other person, she was stunned. She seemed to have smelled the scent of love. She never expected that she would encounter such a stunning young man in an elevator. He was simply not from the same planet as the yellow-haired monster beside her.

Peach-colored sunglasses, a black leather jacket and pants, and a special-shaped ear stud on his left ear. Under the light, the ruby on the ear stud shone with a deep red light, making the young man look feminine and handsome.

He had pink thin lips, a high nose bridge, and a palm-sized face with an outline that was infinitely close to perfection. Coupled with his arrogant and elegant temperament, he was completely a top-notch celebrity. If he debuted, he would definitely become famous throughout the country.

Realizing that Feng Jianing was staring at her, Feng Qing also looked at her calmly. Although she couldn’t see anything, she could hear Feng Jianing’s heartbeat.

Feng Jianing’s face turned red and she hurriedly retracted her gaze. She was a celebrity after all, and she had really lost her composure. She forced herself to calm down. She still had very important things to do later.

Unexpectedly, the elevator didn’t stop and directly arrived at the ’18th floor’. The so-called 18th floor was actually the 19th floor. There were many taboos in many places, and they usually skipped straight past the 18th floor.

The three of them walked out of the elevator and walked towards the two sides of the corridor. Mr. Qing Er opened the door. When he entered, he took note of it and saw Feng Jianing enter Room 920, only three rooms away from them.

“She went to 920. Could it be that she’s also here to look for that person?” After closing the door, Mr. Qing Er said doubtfully.

Feng Qing was curious. “What’s wrong with 920? Do you know the people living in it?”

Mr. Qing took off the fake necklace and laid on the bed speechlessly. He wasn’t the only one who knew the person living in 920. Feng Qing also knew him. He was the current most famous singer, Li Shaoqun.

Feng Qing nodded. She didn’t expect that Feng Jianing would chase him all the way to Zhe City to please Li Shaoqun. From the looks of it, she planned to seduce Li Shaoqun. However, this was very common in the entertainment industry.

“Li Shaoqun lives here too?” Feng Qing was confused.

Li Shaoqun had a studio in Zhe City, but he didn’t live in a studio. Instead, he came to a hotel to stay. Could it be that he wanted to date Feng Jianing? Feng Qing didn’t believe in that, there must be a conspiracy.

Mr. Qing Er shook his head. “He’s staying here temporarily, but he’s not in his room.”

“How do you know he’s not in the room?” Feng Qing asked.

Mr. Qing Er looked stunned. He had accidentally said something wrong. He did not answer. He took out a pair of gecko gloves from his bag, opened the window, and stepped out. Feng Qing had a puzzled look on her face. “Qing Er, a friendly reminder. This is the eighteenth floor. Do you really want to go to hell?”

Qing Er did not turn around and replied, “It’s fine. I just want to go over to 920 and see what she’s doing.”

Feng Qing : “…”

“Eh, she’s bathing?” Mr. Qing Er said to himself.

Feng Qing frowned. “Isn’t it normal for her to shower? What’s so strange about that?”

Mr. Qing Er subconsciously said, “It’s normal to bathe, but bathing in my brother’s room, it’s…”

Feng Qing was stunned when she heard the word ‘brother’. “Li Shaoqun is your brother?”

Mr. Qing Er : “…¦”

Closing the window, Mr. Qing Er took off his gloves. From here, he could see everything in room 920. He didn’t need to crawl over.

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