The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 109 - Throw Her Into the Trash

Chapter 109: Throw Her Into the Trash

Mr. Qing Er fell back onto the bed and frowned. “Qingyi, Feng Jianing ran into my brother’s room to take a bath. What do you think she meant?”

Feng Qing’s lips curled up. “Your brother personally disqualified her for the school’s audition. Now, she came all the way to Zhe City and sneaked into your brother’s room to take a bath late at night. There are still paparazzi waiting outside. Guess what she wants to do?”

“F*ck!” After hearing Feng Qing’s analysis, Mr. Qing Er flipped over and got off the bed with a worried expression. Feng Jianing either wanted to seduce Li Shaoqun or frame him. In short, nothing good would happen.

“When will Li Shaoqun be back?” Feng Qing asked.

“I think he went out to eat with the producer. He’ll probably be back by eleven,” Mr. Qing Er said.

Feng Qing nodded and stood up to open the room. She turned around and waved at Mr. Qing Er to follow her. The two of them came to room 920. Without waiting for Mr. Qing Er to ask, Feng Qing pressed the doorbell. Mr. Qing Er frowned, not knowing what she was trying to do so blatantly.

Feng Jianing happened to walk out of the bathroom when she heard the doorbell ring. She thought to herself that the paparazzi were still too impatient. They came up much earlier than expected, so she opened the door in a bad mood.

“Why is it you?” The door opened. Feng Jianing was slightly stunned. It was actually that devilish handsome man she met in the elevator. Did he fall for me? Feng Jianing’s pretty face flushed.

Feng Qing smiled. “Nothing, I just wanted you to have a good sleep!”

The next second, Feng Qing waved her hand. A ball of pale pink smoke shot out of her sleeve and struck Feng Jianing’s face. She kicked Feng Jianing, who had fallen to the ground and she didn’t react at all.

“Move her away, as far away from here as you can. It’s best if you throw her in the trash. Hurry up. I guess the paparazzi are coming up soon,” Feng Qing instructed.

Mr. Qing Er suddenly realized what Feng Qing meant. He lifted Feng Jianing up and walked towards the dark stairwell. Feng Jianing had ulterior motives and wanted to use the paparazzi to plot against Li Shaoqun. As his younger brother, how could he agree? He would do as Feng Qing said and find the foulest bin to throw her in so that the flies could be intimate with her.

Seeing Qing Er leave, Feng Qing closed the door to the 920 room and returned to her room. Soon, the corridor was bustling with activity. A group of paparazzi smashed the 920 door, but after a few hits, a group of hotel security personnel chased them away.

The female attendant called. “Ms. Feng, I’m sorry to disturb your rest. I’ve already chased them away. If you need anything, please contact the front desk.”

“Thanks for your hard work!” With that, Feng Qing hung up.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Feng Qing muted the television and listened carefully, but all she could hear was a chaotic heartbeat. She frowned. If this heartbeat wasn’t from Qing Er, who could it be?

The knocking on the door was hurried, and Feng Qing had no choice but to open the door. Just as the door opened a crack, an incomparably familiar fragrance entered her nostrils. Feng Qing was stunned and wanted to close the door immediately, but a huge force came from the door. No matter how she pushed, it was useless.

The Xie manor’s special fragrance was only used by one person in the entire Capital and country. It was her sweetheart—Xie Jiuhan!

How could Feng Qing be his match? She simply gave up resisting and let the door be pushed open by a large hand.

Xie Jiuhan’s body exuded the aura of a man who could hold back ten thousand people. He stood at the door like a god, and his eyes were emitting black aura as he looked at Feng Qing.

Feng Qing’s heart trembled. Xie Jiuhan’s appearance in front of her gave her an incomparably shocking impact. She knew that Xie Jiuhan would definitely come to look for her, but she didn’t expect it to be so fast. She finally knew why she didn’t recognize Xie Jiuhan’s heartbeat just now. It was because Xie Jiuhan ran up to the 18th floor in a single breath, and his heartbeat was vastly different from before.

“Mr. Qingyi!” Xie Jiuhan said coldly.

All along, no one knew whether Mr. Qingyi was a man or a woman until today when Mr. Qingyi appeared in the casino. Xie Jiuhan mobilized all the people in Zhe City and finally found Mr. Qingyi’s exact location.

Feng Qing didn’t reply, she only continued to retreat. This man was too terrifying, she had to pull away first. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have any chance at all.

Xie Jiu smiled coldly. He could tell what Mr. Qingyi was planning, but he wasn’t in a hurry. With him personally taking action, Mr. Qingyi wouldn’t be able to escape. Today, he must capture him alive and let him have a taste of the effects of the aphrodisiac.

The slender figure moved and rushed towards Feng Qing with surging killing intent. Feng Qing’s ears twitched and she bent her legs, barely dodging the punch. Feng Qing did not retaliate. She knew that in a head-on battle, no one was Xie Jiuhan’s match. If she wanted to escape, she could only use some special methods.

Another punch came smashing over. Feng Qing dodged it in a strange position. Her hands and feet wrapped around Xie Jiuhan like vines. At the same time, she blew gently at Xie Jiuhan’s face. The light purple smoke dissipated, and Xie Jiuhan’s eyes rolled back as he fell straight to the ground.

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