The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 107 - The Asura Who Wanted to Eat People

Chapter 107: The Asura Who Wanted to Eat People

“Did I hear wrongly? Little Brother said he’s Mr. Qingyi?”

“Oh my god, Mr. Qingyi has appeared in Zhe City. I wonder what major things will happen.”

“I love him to death. I didn’t expect the famous Mr. Qingyi to be such a handsome little brother. I want to bear his children.”

In the gambling hall, the little fangirls were chattering. Some people were secretly glad that Mr. Qingyi didn’t kill them. Otherwise, they would definitely die.

The scar-faced man lay on the ground, his face pale. He never thought that he would provoke Mr. Qingyi, he might end up dying miserably at home one day.

On the second floor of the casino, in a luxurious private room, a man with his hair slicked back was looking at the screen. He had witnessed everything that had happened in the casino just now.

“Young Master, should we send someone to follow him?” A bodyguard asked.

The man took a sip of red wine and shook his head. “Let him go. I believe we’ll meet soon!”

“Yes, Young Master.” The bodyguard retreated.

On the private jet, Xie Jiuhan looked out of the window with a gloomy expression. He had just received news that Mr. Qingyi had appeared in the Capital Portuguese Casino in Zhe City and had a conflict with the casino staff to save his friend.

“Mr. Qingyi…” Xie Jiuhan gritted his teeth.

This name was really like a thunderclap to him. He looked forward to meeting Mr. Qingyi in Zhe City and settling old scores with him.

“Ninth Master, what do you plan to do?” Su Yu asked.

Xie Jiuhan looked at him, his pair of eagle eyes incomparably sharp. He loosened his collar. “Inform the people in Zhe City that apart from the special personnel, everyone is to be mobilized. Search the entire city for Mr. Qingyi’s whereabouts.”

Su Yu was stunned and was shocked. Xie Jiuhan was serious. After being by his side for so many years, this was the first time he had heard Xie Jiuhan mobilize the full strength of a certain place. It could be seen how much he valued Mr. Qingyi.

Su Yu said carefully, “Ninth Master, should we kill him directly or capture him alive?”

The corners of Xie Jiuhan’s lips curled up into a cruel smile. “Of course, I’ll catch him alive. I want to see him stuff the medicine he developed into his mouth and find a hundred burly men to let him pick up a hundred times of soap.”

When Su Yu heard that, his anus tightened. That scene was cruel just thinking about it. Xie Jiuhan tonight was like an asura that wanted to eat people!

In a deserted house in Zhe City.

“Do you still want to gamble in the future?” Feng Qing looked at Mr. Qing Er and said coldly.

Mr. Qing Er’s face turned red. He scratched his head and said, “I won’t do it anymore. Don’t worry, I won’t gamble again. I just haven’t tried it before, I didn’t expect to end up like this.”

At first, he was just curious about gambling and wanted to give it a try. But who knew that the scar-faced man would set a trap for him? In the beginning, he wanted him to win a lot and become the coolest young man in the casino. Later on, the scar-faced man started to play himself and he kept losing. The scar-faced man mocked him and made him lose his temper. In the end, he threw himself into it. If not for Feng Qing arriving in time, he would have already been fed to the fish and prawns at the bottom of the Grand Canal.

He was a multifaceted member of the organization and was nicknamed ‘Myriad Face’ because he was best at disguising himself. Many people in the organization would seek his help before carrying out missions.

“Did you deliberately expose your identity just now?” asked Mr. Qing Er.

Feng Qing nodded. “Of course. Only by attracting the attention of more forces can we muddle things up even more. Only by muddling things up can we fish better, right?”

Mr. Qing Er frowned. “It’s that simple?”

“Isn’t the Night God of the hacker alliance coming as well? I was also indirectly telling him that it’s best not to fight with me. Computer programming can’t cure my poison. It’s best that he retreats in the face of difficulties,” Feng Qing said with a smile.

Mr. Qing Er nodded slowly. He admired Feng Qing secretly. She had a good appearance, strength, and such a smart head. It was really hard to compare people to her.

Half an hour later, the two of them went straight to a hotel in the city center. Just as they reached the entrance of the hotel, Mr. Qing Er suddenly pulled Feng Qing. “Look at that person. Does she look familiar?”

Feng Qing clenched her fists and knocked his head. Mr. Qing Er rubbed his head and realized that Feng Qing couldn’t see anything.

“It’s your good younger sister, Feng Jianing!” Mr. Qing said.

Feng Qing frowned slightly and was very surprised. She didn’t know why Feng Jianing would come here. She unconditionally believed in Mr Qing Er’s judgment. He was a master of disguise. As long as he had seen that person’s true appearance, no matter how they disguised themselves, he would see through them with a glance.

At the entrance of the hotel, Feng Jianing had a sneaky look on her face. She was completely wrapped up. Her obese body was very different from her proud figure. Even if Feng Qing wasn’t blind, she wouldn’t be able to recognize her face.

However, Feng Qing quickly knew why she was disguised like this. This was because she heard the sound of the shutter being pressed. Clearly, there were paparazzi taking photos of Feng Jianing. Feng Jianing debuted at a young age, she was young and beautiful too. She was also called the piano princess of Capital University. It was normal for there to be paparazzi taking photos of her.

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