The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 106 - I’m Mr. Qingyi!

Chapter 106: I’m Mr. Qingyi!

Listening to the discussions of the crowd, a hint of ruthlessness appeared in the scar-faced man’s eyes. He knew that he had encountered an expert. He ignored everything and picked up the sieve cup again to shake it. Feng Qing followed suit.

Bang! The two of them stopped at the same time. The scar-faced man lifted the sieve cup and it was eight again.

“I’m done, it’s your turn. I hope you can roll out nine this time,” the scar-faced man said in a deep voice.

Feng Qing’s lips curled up, and she reached out to lift the sieve cup. Suddenly, her ears twitched, and an extremely small sound rang out from the sieve cup. Feng Qing’s movements paused, and her expression was a little ugly. She knew that the dice must have been tampered with.

“Five points? You’ve used up all your good luck. Haha!” The scar-faced man laughed.

Feng Qing sneered. “You know better than anyone whether my luck is finished, right?”

The scar-faced man’s expression froze and he chuckled awkwardly. Feng Qing’s words made him feel guilty. 1: 1, the two of them tied. Everyone was looking forward to the final match.

At this point, even though Feng Qing knew that the other party was cheating, she could only try her best. She rolled up her sleeves and shook the dice. This time, she shook the dice for a long time. She was highly focused. She listened to the sounds in her sieve cup and the scar-faced man’s dice.

Everyone held their breaths. The only sounds in the entire casino were the two sieve cups.

Two sieves landed on the table with afterimages. The scar-faced man looked at Feng Qing and smiled evilly. “This time, you open first!”

Gulp! Another extremely small sound came from the sieve cup. Feng Qing frowned, knowing that no matter who opened it first, she would be the one to lose.

“Seven points!” the dealer shouted. Feng Qing looked at the dealer and a cold smile appeared on her face. She had heard very clearly that this sexy dealer was the key to helping the scar-faced man cheat. The moment the sieve cup fell on the table, she stepped on something.

“Hmph, it’s only seven points. Boy, you’re going to lose,” the scar-faced man said confidently.

“Scarface wins at eight!” the dealer confirmed.

The scar-faced man slapped the table and shouted at Feng Qing, Boy, admit your defeat and give 20 million. Otherwise, I’ll throw the two of you into the Grand Canal.”

Feng Qing’s expression turned even colder. “What do you mean by admitting defeat? If you’re afraid of losing, don’t play. Do you really think I don’t know what you’re doing with the dice?”

As soon as this was said, the entire crowd was in an uproar. The biggest taboo in the casino was to cheat. If a gambler cheated, he would at least lose his arms and legs, and at worst, his life. If the casino also cheated, who would come to the casino in the future?

The scar-faced man’s face darkened. Everyone knew that some rules of the game were not fun to talk about.

“Kid, do you believe me when I say that I’ll tear your mouth apart? We’re a regular casino, and we never cheat.” The scar-faced man tried to restore the image of the casino, and his men all had fierce looks on their faces.

Feng Qing did not speak and slowly took out a dagger from her chest. Under the light, the dagger was shining with a silver light and emitted a cold light that made people shiver.

“Then let’s show everyone whether your casino cheated or not.” Feng Qing said coldly.

The next second, she raised her hand and stabbed the dagger into the surface of the gambling table. Feng Qing pulled hard, and a long opening appeared on the surface of the gambling table. Feng Qing grabbed the opening and pulled hard, revealing a scene that stunned everyone. There was indeed something operating under the gambling table, and it looked very precise.

Feng Qing pushed the dealer aside and stretched out her leg to step on a switch that blended with the color of the floor. Instantly, the dice on the table jumped and the value changed continuously.

Seeing this, everyone was enlightened. They would be fools if they still didn’t understand. They didn’t expect the dealer and the scar-faced man to cooperate and cheating together, and that the table would have such a setting.

Seeing the cold dagger in Feng Qing’s hand, the scar-faced man’s pupils constricted. “Boy, who the hell are you? You came here to cause trouble?!”

Before he could finish speaking, his subordinates took out their knives and steel clubs, waiting for the scar-faced man’s command.

The corners of Feng Qing’s mouth curled up into a calm smile. Her figure was elegant as she slowly took off her peach-colored sunglasses. She took out a mask from the motorcycle box and wore it on her face.

“I’m Mr. Qingyi!”

Before the scar-faced man and the others could rush over, Feng Qing made the first move. She waved her hands in the air, and two balls of powder, one white and one red, exploded in the air. The two colors of powder mixed in the air, emitting a nauseating smell.

The people who had inhaled the powder fell to the ground one after another. Those who dodged quickly also coughed violently and had snot and tears flowing out. Those who were slightly further away were spared and rushed to escape out of the casino.

When the powder dissipated, the scar-faced man was lying on the ground with one hand covering his mouth and nose. His gaze swept across the entire place viciously. Feng Qing and Mr. Qing Er were long gone.

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