The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 105 - Rolling the Dice

Chapter 105: Rolling the Dice

Mr. Qing Er was tied to the gambling table. He looked at Feng Qing, who was sitting on the motorcycle in a shining black leather jacket and his eyes were shining with stars. Other than the motorcycle, he was the one who had prepared this outfit for Feng Qing. He didn’t expect her to be so valiant.

The scar-faced man and his subordinates sized up Feng Qing. The man in front of them has a small stature, with a thin waist and long legs. His skin was snow-white, and his palm-sized face was raised high. He exuded the temperament of a rich second-generation heir and an androgyny. In their eyes, this kind of person was simply a fool who liked to act cool.

The scar-faced man stepped forwards and said in a low voice, “You came at the right time. Take out 10 million, or else we’ll throw this boy into the Grand Canal to feed the fish!”

Their group was specially made to look after the casino. Usually, when their hands were itchy, they would play a few games. They encountered lots of cases of gambling and owing money, and had done countless things like fighting and kidnapping. They were already used to it.

Feng Qing sat on the motorcycle with her legs crossed. Her long legs made people unable to stop looking at her. No matter how they looked at her, she looked androgynous. She touched the specially-made ear stud on her earlobe and teased, “Do you think his life is worth ten million?”

“So you’re saying that you’re not willing to pay? You aren’t paying and you dare to ride your bike in? Do you believe that I’ll tie you up?” The scar-faced man raised his eyebrows and said fiercely.

Feng Qing smiled. The image of the handsome man was vivid and lifelike. The surrounding women were all seduced, and all of them wished they could immediately pounce on him and beg for a relationship.

“What era is this? All you know is fighting and killing all day long. Besides, isn’t this a casino? Why don’t you bet with me? If you lose, let us go. If I lose, I’ll give you 20 million. I wonder if you dare?” Feng Qing said coolly.

The surrounding fangirls covered their agitated chests with their hands, and their eyes turned into hearts. Where did this devilish man come from? He had an elegant disposition, was confident and charming, and was completely in line with all their fantasies about the male lead of the novel.

“Little brother, you’re so cool, you actually dare to bet with Scarface and the rest. If you win, I’m willing to date you.”

“Little brother, little brother, did you look in the mirror when you go out? Don’t you know that when such a handsome man goes out, he will be surrounded by girls?”

“I’m different from them. They all crave your body. Unlike me, I would love you dearly…”

The little fangirls praised Feng Qing in all sorts of ways and collectively became her harem. She was blind and couldn’t see her current image. Hearing them praise her so much made her very happy.

Unlike the fangirls, the scar-faced man’s subordinates sneered and looked at Feng Qing disdainfully. How dare she bet with their boss? She was practically looking for trouble.

“Alright, I’ll bet with you. Tell me, what do you want to bet?” The scar-faced man asked.

“Roll the dice!” Feng Qing answered.

The scar-faced man was stunned for a moment before he laughed loudly. Even his subordinates behind him laughed. The surrounding girls frowned. Why did he have to choose the die? Scarface was the famous die king in the casino, they felt that this handsome young man was going to lose.

“What are you laughing at? Could it be that you’re afraid?” Feng Qing said impatiently.

The scar-faced man snorted. “You chose to roll the dice yourself. I’m not going to pull my punches!”

The sexy dealer brought over two sieves and six dice. The biggest value of the dice was three, and the smallest was one. There were three rounds and two wins. They would restart if they have the same points.

Feng Qing and the scar-faced man stood on both sides of the gambling table. The dealer announced the start of the game. The two of them picked up the sieve and slid it across the table. Three dice were placed in their respective sieves, and both of them shook them.

The dice and the sieve collided, producing a clear sound.

Feng Qing and the scar-faced man looked at each other, each shaking their dice rapidly, leaving a trail of afterimages in the air. Feng Qing’s ears moved slightly, and her absolute hearing worked at this moment.

The next second, the two of them froze and quickly placed the sieve on the table. The scar-faced man shouted at Feng Qing, “Open it together!”

The sieve was lifted and everyone looked over with rapt attention.

“They’re both nine points, it’s a draw!” The dealer glanced at it and announced.

The crowd looked at each other. The scene was different from what they had imagined. The scar-faced man’s eyes twitched. He felt that Feng Qing was also an expert at rolling dice. However, he quickly shook his head. Feng Qing didn’t look like someone who knew how to gamble, she was just lucky.

“Come, continue!” The scar-faced man shouted, and the two of them grabbed the sieve and shook it again.

This time, the scar-faced man was the first to sieve out the dice. The dice showed three, three and two respectively, a total of eight points. The scar-faced man smiled and crossed his arms as he looked at Feng Qing confidently. “It’s your turn to open it. I don’t believe you can shake out nine points. Haha…”

Under the gaze of everyone, Feng Qing smiled faintly and slowly raised the sieve. It was all three points on all three dice. Everyone took a step forward and pulled their necks to take a closer look.

“Wow, it’s really nine points!”

“Isn’t he too handsome? Little Brother shook out nine again. He’s really too amazing.”

“This brat really had such good luck, he really won a round.”

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