The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 104 - Let Go of That Boy! He’s Mine!

Chapter 104: Let Go of That Boy! He’s Mine!

In the airport hall, Feng Qing received a call from Mr. Qing Er as soon as she got off the plane. “Sis, come and save me. I’m at the Capital Portuguese Casino… Ah… What are you guys doing…”

Before Feng Qing could speak, Mr. Qing Er’s mouth was covered by someone. There was a squeak. Just as he was about to hang up the phone, a cold man’s voice sounded. “He called you sister. Then you two should be relatives. The Capital Portuguese Casino. Ten million. Otherwise, you can come and collect the corpse.”

“Ha, you mean ten million hell coins? I don’t know him. Do as you wish.” Feng Qing sneered and hung up the phone.

Feng Qing turned around and bumped into a cute and helpless girl. The girl blushed and said, “Little Brother, can I add you as a friend?”

Feng Qing was slightly stunned. She glanced at the girl indifferently and walked around her to leave. From the moment she got off the plane, this was the eighth ‘coincidental’ accident.

After a round of disguise, Feng Qing was now a cold and charming young man. She had snow-white skin, a baby face, and was dressed in a fashionable men’s suit. She had a pair of peach-colored sunglasses and a blue-toothed punk earpiece on her head. She was dressed in a man’s suit and blended Yin and Yang perfectly, like someone who had walked out of a comic.

This outfit was prepared in advance by Mr. Qing Er and was placed in a corner of the airport. He was dressed like this to avoid being discovered by Xie Jiuhan’s men. The Xie family had influence all over the country. As long as they were still in the country, no one could escape.

As Feng Qing walked past, countless girls looked at her with shining eyes. Many men even looked at her with scorching eyes.

In the Capital Portuguese Casino.

Mr. Qing Er was thrown to a gambling table. His hands and feet were tied up, and he had a smelly sock in his mouth. He was staring at a scar-faced man in front of him.

“Wu, wuwu…” Mr. Qing Er wanted to say something.

The scar-faced man ignored him and kept flipping through his phone’s contact list. The phone belonged to Mr. Qing Er. The scar-faced man casually found a number and dialed it. When he saw this number, the expression on Mr. Qing Er’s face froze. His eyes were filled with fear, and he struggled even harder.

The scar-faced man was stunned. He realized that after he dialed this number, the other end was silent. There was no notification at all, as if he had not dialed it. He tried again, and it was still the same. The scar-faced man was angry and threw the phone back at Mr. Qing Er.

“Trash! There are only a few people in the contact list. Even your sister doesn’t care about you. At your level, you might as well die. I’ll wait for another half an hour. If no one comes to save you, I’ll throw you into the Grand Canal in Zhe City,” the scar-faced man scolded.

Mr. Qing Er did not struggle. Instead, he slowly closed his eyes and looked like he had resigned himself to fate.

Half an hour passed by quickly. The scar-faced man walked over and threw the cigarette butt to the ground. “It’s time. It looks like no one is coming to save you. You owe me 10 million and didn’t pay it back, so you’ll have to pay with your life!”

With that, the scar-faced man waved his hand and gestured for his subordinates to drag Mr. Qing Er away. Mr. Qing Er struggled hard and was quickly controlled.

“Wuwuwu…” Mr. Qing Er wanted to cry for help, but he couldn’t make a sound. He was in despair!

Bang! The door of the casino shattered. A effeminate man in a black suit rushed in on a black motorcycle. Wherever he passed, countless tables and chairs fell to the ground. The gamblers dodged quickly, and the motorcycle made a screeching sound as it slowly stopped in front of the scar-faced man.

She took off her helmet and revealed a stunning face. It was Feng Qing, who had disguised herself. She had borrowed the motorcycle from the roadside. It would depend on whether the car recognized the road if it wanted to go back.

“Wow, this is too cool!”

“I love him, I love him. It would be a pity if I didn’t ask him out. However, he’s probably going to offend Scarface and the rest by barging in like this.”

“Tsk tsk, this little face is so handsome. Unfortunately, he’s a man. If he was a woman, I would be willing to break my ribs to make soup for her.”

Watching Feng Qing come down from the motorcycle, the gamblers were all love-struck. Regardless of gender, Feng Qing stunned everyone.

The scar-faced man looked at Feng Qing carefully and his lips curled up. A strange look flashed in his eyes as he wondered if he should take Feng Qing with him. This little thing was really too tempting.

Through the GPS function on her phone, Feng Qing left the airport and rushed straight here. Although she didn’t know how Qing Er had offended someone, she couldn’t just ignore him. Moreover, she might need Mr. Qing Er’s help in snatching the artificial retina.

Feng Qing adjusted her glasses and smiled seductively. “Let go of that boy. He’s mine!”

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