The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 103 - Ninth Master’s Rage!

Chapter 103: Ninth Master’s Rage!

Su Yu frowned tightly and punched the stone pillar heavily. He didn’t have the guts to barge into the room, so he could only wait outside. However, it was already going to be dark now, and all his schedules were completely delayed.

Looking at the bedroom door, Su Yu suppressed his urge to barge in. Although he suspected that Ninth Master had been doing serious business, he didn’t dare to take the risk of moving his head and barging in. If he saw something erotic that he shouldn’t see…

The sun went down and night came.

On the bed in the bedroom, Xie Jiuhan finally showed signs of waking up. His eyes were blurry, and his consciousness had yet to return. His body stretched lazily, he had a good sleep.

Xie Jiuhan subconsciously reached out to touch Feng Qing’s place. The next second, Xie Jiuhan sat up as if he had installed a spring. He took his phone and looked at the time. It was 6 pm. He seemed to not dare to believe it. He ran to the window and lifted the curtains to look. The moon and stars were sparse outside. Many houses had their lights lit.

“I… slept for the entire day?” Xie Jiu thought, his brows knitted tightly.

“Hu…” Suddenly, Xie Jiuhan heard a heavy snore. He immediately turned to look at the source of the sound. There was a recording pen with a charging cable on the bedside table.

Xie Jiuhan picked up the recording pen and confirmed that it was his breathing. Occasionally, there was also Feng Qing’s coquettish voice. In an instant, his wandering consciousness returned to him. He finally reacted. Surging anger rushed into his mind, and the recording pen creaked from his grip.

“Feng Qing, you brat!” Xie Jiuhan was abnormally furious. The sky above the Xie manor seemed to be filled with lightning and thunder.

A Dark Organization, Mr. Qingyi. Xie Jiuhan recalled everything. It had only been a few days since he was drugged by Mr. Qingyi’s aphrodisiac. He didn’t expect to be drugged again.

‘Taking advantage of the alcohol’, what a good idea! She had bewitched him for an entire day and delayed his entire schedule and plan. Was Mr. Qingyi treating him like a lab rat?

Crack! The screen of Xie Jiuhan’s phone cracked. The scene of him and Feng Qing having sex last night kept surging in his mind. He looked at the redness on the white bed sheets and walked out of the bedroom in his pajamas.

Hearing the sound of the bedroom door, Su Yu and Xie Qi hurriedly ran over. Their Ninth Master had finally finished his battle and came out. However, when they saw Xie Jiuhan’s murderous gaze, they were all stunned.

Xie Jiuhan stood at the door. His hair was a little messy, and his robe was loose. However, his eyes were dark, and he exuded a terrifying aura.

Su Yu and Xie Qi looked at each other, not understanding what was going on. However, they admired Xie Jiuhan from the bottom of their hearts. He had finished his business for a day and night and was actually still so energetic. The Ninth Master was indeed a dragon and phoenix among men.

Xie Qi admired Xie Jiuhan even more. He was a practitioner and thought that his body was very good. However, compared to the Ninth Master, he felt inferior. How could he not be admired?

“Where’s Feng Qing?” Xie Jiuhan asked in a fiery voice.

Su Yu and Xie Qi were stunned. The two of them were confused. “Ninth Master, hasn’t Madam been… in the bedroom?”

Xie Jiuhan glanced at them coldly and ordered, “Check the surveillance video immediately. Feng Qing has escaped!”

Su Yu and Xie Qi were shocked. What did he mean by Feng Qing had run away? Why did she have to run? Could it be that she couldn’t stand Ninth Master’s torture? Thinking about it, the Ninth Master’s combat strength was too strong. Ordinary women couldn’t bear it! Most importantly, hadn’t Feng Qing been in the bedroom with the Ninth Master the whole time? Could she escape from the Ninth Master’s sight?

“Ninth Master, did Madam run away, or did she disappear?” Su Yu braced himself and asked.

“Is there a difference?” Xie Jiuhan’s voice was low.

“Then… the woman who was in the bedroom for the entire day is…” Su Yu wiped away his cold sweat and asked.

Xie Jiuhan looked down at Su Yu. His face seemed to have frozen. “There’s no one in the bedroom!”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu and Xie Qi were petrified. What did he mean by there wasn’t anyone in the bedroom? It seemed like the Ninth Master had been facing the air the entire day…

Xie Jiuhan’s eyes were filled with fire. Feng Qing was really good. She drugged him first, then recorded him. She treated the entire Xie family as fools for the entire day.

“Within three hours, I want to know where Feng Qing is!” Xie Jiu said coldly. The aura like an avalanche made Su Yu and Xie Qi afraid to even raise their heads. This man was really angry.

Xie Jiuhan wished that he could find Feng Qing immediately and bring her back to break her legs. How dare a pet provoke a tiger?

Without Feng Qing pacifying him, the irritable gene in Xie Jiuhan’s body gained the upper hand again. His body exuded a strong killing intent, and everyone in the Xie family avoided him.

In the bathroom, Xie Jiuhan kept using the cold water to hit the scratches on his back. A hint of pain stimulated him. Last night, Feng Qing was like a greedy cat, eating greedily while leaving scratches on his body.

Xie Jiuhan lifted his wet hair, and water droplets rolled down his nose. “Feng Qing, just you wait!”

He had already decided that when he found the little gluttonous cat, Feng Qing, he would definitely return it double. As a pet, she would be punished for being disobedient.

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