The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 102 - They’re Still Doing Business…

Chapter 102: They’re Still Doing Business…

After the music of love finished playing, the music in the Xie manor lingered. The installation of love dyed the pure white ground red.

Xie Jiuhan fell into a deep sleep. After venting, his expression returned to normal. The low and uniform breathing made Feng Qing feel safe. Feng Qing’s lips curled up. The dose was enough to let him spend the entire day in deep sleep.

Feng Qing only managed to get off the bed after three consecutive tries. Her feet were trembling like sieves, and her entire body was aching. Her thin waist seemed to have been broken as she moved out with the help of the wall.

Seeing that Xie Jiuhan was sound asleep, Feng Qing’s expression turned serious. A pair of man-made retinas had attracted the attention of countless forces. If Xie Jiuhan made a move rashly, he would definitely be discovered on the spot. Xie Jiuhan was the King of the Capital, a man who had crossed countless thorns to reach the pinnacle. How could she watch Xie Jiuhan fall from grace?

Feng Qing won’t allow this to happen, nor did she allow herself to live in Xie Jiuhan’s honey pot. If she wanted to see the light again, she had to fight for it herself.

At four in the morning, Feng Qing walked out of the Xie manor with small steps. Throughout the entire time, only March walked in circles around her. In the night, she forced her body to walk, with every step she took, the corners of her mouth would twitch. In a short while, she disappeared around the corner.

At 7: 30 in the morning, Su Yu looked at the bedroom door and cold sweat appeared on his forehead. “Why isn’t the Ninth Master out yet? He has always been very punctual.”

March squatted at the side and stuck his tongue out at him. He was confused by Su Yu’s words. After Feng Qing left, March waited in front of the bedroom.

“Ninth Master and Young Madam are still sleeping?” Xie Qi walked over and asked.

Su Yu whispered, “Every minute of the spring night is worth a thousand gold. I reckon they were very tired last night. It’s understandable if they sleep a little more.”

Xie Qi nodded and stopped talking. He took out a handful of dog food from his pocket and teased March. Even if the Ninth Master and Young Madam weren’t asleep, they didn’t dare to disturb them casually.

Ten minutes, forty minutes, and one and a half hours passed. Su Yu paced back and forth, his eyes wishing they were on his watch. “What happened? Why isn’t the Ninth Master awake?”

Xie Qi smiled bitterly and shook his head. Su Yu asked him, and who should he ask? After another half an hour, Su Yu stopped and stared at the door with a helpless gaze.

“Xie Qi, go and knock on the door. The Ninth Master has never gotten up so late. It’s already past nine. The private jet has already been prepared. If the Ninth Master doesn’t get up soon, all of his schedules will be delayed.” Su Yu gritted his teeth and looked at Xie Qi.

Xie Qi smiled and walked to the bedroom door to listen. He heard heavy breathing from the bedroom. Xie Qi walked back. “Don’t worry, the Ninth Master is fine. They’re inside… Let’s wait patiently.”

Su Yu was stunned before he smiled. The Ninth Master had finally shown his prowess. It was good to be in a warm and soft body, but why did he choose this time? Does he still want to go to Zhe City?

On the plane, Feng Qing was dressed in black and only her two ears were exposed. The stewardess paid special attention to her. “Miss, what do you need? You look very cold.”

Feng Qing pulled down her mask, revealing half of her fair face. “A cup of warm milk, thank you!”

The air stewardess nodded and poured her a glass. Feng Qing took a sip and her body instantly relaxed a lot. Her spirit was also lifted. She thought of last night, and then looked at her legs that were still trembling. If she had known that this would happen, she wouldn’t have tortured herself even if she was beaten to death. It was as if she had been beaten by a hundred people, and her body felt like it would split open at any moment.

But it had already happened, and it was too late for her to regret it. All she could do was heal her body as quickly as possible. With every bit of recovery, her mission was closer to success.

Capital, Xie Manor.

At noon, around 12: 30 PM, Xie Jiuhan still hadn’t come out. Su Yu asked Xie Qi to listen to the wall again. Xie Qi smiled and said, “Ninth Master has good stamina. He’s still doing business!”

Su Yu smiled bitterly. Although he could understand that Xie Jiuhan liked this kind of thing, he had to control himself. If this continued, it would hurt his body. However, he only dared to think this in his heart.

At 2: 10 PM, Xie Qi smiled bitterly. “Ninth Master, what a man!”

Su Yu was dumbfounded. He had waited from 7: 30 in the morning until now. He was exhausted just by standing, but Xie Jiuhan had been doing business with Feng Qing. This was too crazy.

“Are you sure you didn’t hear wrongly? Doing serious business without eating and drinking for a day and night? The Ninth Master can take it, but can Young Madam?” Su Yu looked at Xie Qi and asked with a frown.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ll look for the medical team and get them to wait at the door,” Xie Qi said after thinking for a while.

In the evening, at 5: 15 PM.

Xie Qi leaned his ear against the door and listened. He had already heard it countless times, but the sound coming from the room was still heavy. He couldn’t believe his ears.

“H-he’s still doing business…” Xie Qi turned to look at Su Yu.

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