The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 101 - Swallowing You in One bite

Chapter 101: Swallowing You in One bite

Outside the dining room, Feng Jianing walked out with Cao Beining’s arm. Cao Beining was expressionless, but he was secretly rejoicing. In contrast, Feng Jianing looked angry.

In order to satisfy her vanity, Feng Jianing insisted on dragging him here for a meal. Cao Beining did not want to be looked down upon by Feng Jianing, so he could only brace himself and come. The Coiling Dragon Rotating Restaurant was the most expensive high-end restaurant in the entire Capital. An ordinary meal would cost more than ten thousand. Fortunately, the waiter chased them out and said that someone had reserved the entire place.

“Beining, who do you think reserved the entire place?” Feng Jianing was very curious and kept poking her head into the dining room. She was fantasizing if she had a chance to get to know the other party.

Cao Beining shook his head. “To be able to book this place, it must be some big shot in the Capital. Not only does he need money, but he also needs status and power.”

At the center seat in the dining room, a man and a woman were sitting opposite each other. The man had his back to her, his figure was tall and his bearing was noble. The woman… Feng Jianing was stunned. Her pupils constricted violently. Feng Qing? It was actually Feng Qing?!

Feng Jianing couldn’t believe her eyes. She rubbed her eyes vigorously and looked again. Although it was a little far, she was certain that the woman was Feng Qing. Feng Jianing was completely shocked.

“Jianing, let’s change places.” With that, Cao Beining pulled Feng Jianing and left.

Until the car drove away, Feng Jianing still looked into the dining room. She kept consoling herself that how could Feng Qing, a wild girl who came from a poor mountain valley, afford the food here, let alone book the entire place. At most, she looked like her.

That night, Xie Manor.

Xie Jiuhan laid on the bed and sniffed Feng Qing’s collarbone. “You smell good, I’ll never be able to smell enough.”

Feng Qing’s face was red as she gently pressed her head against Xie Jiuhan’s forehead. “I can’t take it anymore. It’s too itchy when you do this, hehe…”

Today, Feng Qing clung to him especially. Perhaps it was because she knew that he was going to Zhe City tomorrow, but the soft and warm body in his arms and the orchid-like breath made Xie Jiuhan feel intoxicated.

“Lass, are you very hot? Why are you sweating so much?” Xie Jiuhan asked.

Feng Qing licked her lips. “Because I’m nervous!”

Xie Jiuhan frowned. “Nervous?”

Feng Qing smiled mysteriously. Her empty eyes glinted off the successful conspiracy. Xie Jiuhan’s frown deepened. He felt that he had missed something.

The next second, Feng Qing pushed his chest with both hands. Xie Jiuhan instinctively wanted to resist, but his expression changed drastically. His body seemed to have undergone some kind of change. In an instant, a frightening murderous aura engulfed the room.

“Aiya, you’re hurting me!” Feng Qing let out a cry of pain. Xie Jiuhan subconsciously pinched her fragrant shoulders in pain.

“You drugged the wine?” Xie Jiu asked coldly, his face flushed.

Feng Qing covered her mouth and smiled lightly. “Little Jiu Jiu, rest assured. This drug is called ‘Taking advantage of alcohol’. It’s a specialized knockout powder from Mr. Qingyi of A Dark Organization, it’s colorless and odorless. The size of a fingernail can make anyone lose their mind. When we were eating just now, I secretly drugged the wine. The reason why it’s called ‘Taking advantage of the alcohol’ is because the wine is the catalyst. The more you drink, the better the effect.”

Xie Jiuhan’s face flushed red, and his entire body felt unbearably hot. His rationality and instincts wanted to rip him into two as he looked at Feng Qing’s charming collarbones. His eyes were red and shining as he glared at Feng Qing fiercely.

“How dare you drug me? You actually dared to drug me!” Xie Jiuhan roared and tore his bathrobe into pieces. He was too hot and uncomfortable. His heart was beating rapidly, as if it would explode at any moment.

Faced with Xie Jiuhan’s reprimand, Feng Qing was not afraid at all. Instead, she revealed a smug expression. She had succeeded in scheming against Xie Jiuhan again.

“If you continue to be fierce to me, I’ll eat you up. What you taught me is that when you meet your prey, make sufficient preparations. Take him by surprise and kill him with a single strike!” Feng Qing snorted.

Xie Jiuhan’s face turned red and purple. He shifted his body towards Feng Qing uncontrollably. The corners of Feng Qing’s lips curled up as she fell into Xie Jiuhan’s arms. Instantly, their hearts and breaths intertwined.

“Although I won’t kill you in one shot, I’ll swallow you whole!” Feng Qing pounced on Xie Jiuhan as she spoke.

Feeling the warmth in his arms, Xie Jiuhan was gradually controlled by the medicinal effect. In his confusion, he recalled the first time he met Feng Qing. She had also plunged into his arms. At that time, he realized that he was destined to fall into this woman’s arms.

He always said that he could wait because he hoped that Feng Qing would regain her vision one day and see his face before taking Feng Qing. Feng Qing didn’t care about this at all. She didn’t care about Xie Jiuhan’s appearance. No matter how he looked, he was the perfect man in Feng Qing’s heart. If she couldn’t see, she would look at him with her heart!

A music of love was playing in the Xie manor. The tune was sometimes high-pitched and intense, and sometimes gentle and lingering. Musical notes echoed in the air with a love melody.

The music of love rose and fell rhythmically. The two hearts intertwined and melted. The east wind blew and the night sang. There was no such thing as too much love. The music of the mandarin duck played throughout the night, and a colorful atmosphere filled the entire Xie manor.

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