The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 22 - Battle of Wits

Chapter 22: Battle of Wits

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Lin Yuelan’s narration was plain, but it invoked the cruelty and ruthlessness of the kids in the village. The adults were shocked.

“But the more I shouted, the more excited these people became. Ying Zi was cheering from the side, clapping her hands from time to time while cursing, ‘beat this jinx to death, beat her to death.’

“In the end, it was Er Gou Zi who kicked me in the chest.” At this point, Lin Yuelan’s eyes sharpened. She glanced at Lin Chong and said with an angry expression, “Uncle Chong, do you want me to show you the evidence of the kick?”

Of course, she meant taking off her clothes so that the villagers could examine the wound.

To be honest, the villagers had already believed Lin Yuelan when she lifted the hem of her skirt to show the bruises on her calf. However, they didn’t think much of it. After all, the children were doing the village a service by beating up the jinx. It was fine as long as the jinx didn’t die.

It was as if these people had forgotten that even though Lin Yuelan was a jinx, she was a human too. She would still feel pain. Ironically, the villagers would feel sad when they saw a stray cat or dog being mistreated, but they felt nothing when the same happened to a human.

Through the memories of the original owner, Lin Yuelan knew that she couldn’t count on the villagers to have a shred of sympathy or remorse for her.

A sharp glint flashed in Lin Yuelan’s eyes, and she was about to reach out and unbutton her shirt.

Lin Dawei shouted sternly, “Nonsense! Girl, we’re right out in the open! Put your clothes back on!”

Tears flowed down Lin Yuelan’s eyes as she said, “Uncle Dawei, if I don’t show the evidence, everyone will think that I’m lying and that I’m slandering the others.

“Uncle Dawei, what have I done wrong? They say that I’m a jinx, so they don’t like me. Therefore, I isolate myself and live on my own.

“Why did everyone come to find me every few days to scold and beat me? Even if I am a jinx, I need to ask. What have I done to uncles and aunties that I deserve to be treated like this?

“What have I done to uncles and aunties?”

The question slammed on everyone’s hearts heavily. The only exception was Lin Siniu, who was still lying on the ground and howling. The other members of Lin Laosan’s family were afraid that Lin Yuelan had really turned into a ghost, so they didn’t come because they felt guilty and afraid.

Lin Dawei swept his gaze across everyone’s faces and said, “Child, you didn’t do anything wrong. Your mistake was your kindness for giving that rotten priest a bowl of water.”

If not for that bowl of water, perhaps the child would still be Lin Laosan’s granddaughter. And she would still have a family.

Lin Yuelan said with tears, “Uncle Dawei, I don’t regret giving that old Taoist priest a bowl of water.”

Why? No one could understand it.

“If I’m really a jinx, then when I get married, wouldn’t my husband’s life be ruined? I don’t want to harm an innocent man,” Lin Yuelan explained.

Why was Lin Xinlan saying all these?

It was because she needed to live in this village now. It was impossible for humans to live alone. Even if she didn’t have a good relationship with the villagers, she didn’t want it to get worse. As long as these people didn’t provoke her, she would treat them as strangers.

Therefore, what she wanted now was for the villagers to feel ashamed and guilty. This was the only way the villagers would stay out of her way. Otherwise, there would be hell to pay. After all, she was not the host and would allow them to bully her.

The villagers pondered. It made sense. If the Taoist priest didn’t point out the girl’s jinx, then she would get married and harm an innocent man’s life.

Lin Dawei’s eyes watered as he said, “Girl, you’re really too kind. Everyone treats you like this, yet you’re still thinking about…” still thinking about not harming anyone’s life.

Some of the villagers began to feel ashamed.

This girl was actually very kind. The Taoist priest only said that this girl would be a jinx to her husband. She wouldn’t be a jinx to harm anyone else. That was simply a rumor spread by the gossipy Liu Liujiao in the village.

As long as their son didn’t marry this girl, their families wouldn’t be harmed.

But wait, what about Lin Mingqing?

After all, Lin Mingqing had an accident not long after he helped the girl. She had to be a jinx that would harm the whole village!

Gu Sanniang sneered, “Hehe, you wretched girl, it doesn’t matter what you do. You are born as a jinx. Didn’t you harm the village chief’s son three years ago? Lin Mingqing helped you, so he suffered a calamity. He had his title taken away, and he is still now an invalid.

“You said you didn’t hurt anyone, so how did you explain what happened to the village chief’s son?”

Gu Sanniang was furious that Lin Yuelan kept mentioning her daughter. She was filled with resentment.

She would never forgive Lin Yuelan for slandering her daughter’s good name!

Lin Yuelan wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. In the blink of an eye, she turned cold and stern.

She did not argue with Gu Sanniang. Instead, she said faintly, “Er Gou Zi kicked me in the chest, and I passed out.

“Then, I came to a dark and gloomy place. Everything was dark. The things around me floated about. Suddenly, I descended before a large desk. A man in a red robe with a fierce expression sat there.

“He asked, ‘Who is thee who kneels before me?’

“I answered, ‘Lin Yuelan of the Lin family village.’

“He flipped through a thick book as if he was looking for something…”

At this moment, all the villagers were reminded of the description of hell. Thus, the gaze they gave Lin Yuelan immediately became even more ominous.

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