The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 23 - : Turning the Tide

Chapter 23: Turning the Tide

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Lin Yuelan knew that people were very superstitious in ancient times. Otherwise, Lin Yuelan’s fate wouldn’t be ruined by a single statement by the old Taoist priest. It even normalized the villagers’ thoughts when they heard that Lin Laosan’s family wanted to kill the girl.

If not for the village chief and his son’s quick wit, Lin Yuelan would be a pile of bones already.

However, it did not mean that good people would be rewarded.

Lin Yiwei and his son were taken revenge for helping Lin Yuelan. The village chief’s family became dispirited after that and would only intervene when the villagers went too far in bullying Lin Yuelan.

The host was still very grateful to the village chief and his family. However, she was weak and couldn’t repay him. The only thing she could do was to stay far away from them.

Since these superstitious villagers believed that she was a jinx and would curse the village to death, then Lin Xinlan would take advantage of their fear. She would instill deep fear in them so that they wouldn’t dare to bully her anymore.

Lin Yuelan continued in her young voice, “After the man flipped through the thick book, he stopped on a page. Then, he shouted sternly, ‘Lin Yuelan of the Lin family village, you haven’t reached the end of your lifespan yet. Why did you come here?’

“At that time, I panicked and looked at my gloomy surroundings in a daze. I asked in a very scared voice, ‘Uncle, where are we?’

“Then, he told me, ‘This is the Palace of Hell.’

“When I heard that, I asked in a panic, ‘Uncle, isn’t that where people go after they die?’

“He answered, ‘that’s right!’ I asked, ‘Am I dead then?’

“The King of Hell flipped through the book and asked, ‘Yes, you are. But you haven’t reached the end of your lifespan, so why are you here?’

“I shook my head and said in confusion, ‘So I’m really dead… Did those people kick me to death?’

“The King of Hell thundered, ‘What do you mean by that? Tell me everything!’

“So I did.

“The King of Hell nodded. ‘Since your lifespan is not over yet, you shall return.’ ‘No, uncle. I don’t want to return. I don’t want to go back.’

“The King of Hell asked, ‘Why not? Many people are fighting to go back instead of being a ghost. You would rather be a ghost than a human. Why?’ ‘Uncle, they all said that I’m the village jinx and I will harm everyone in the village. So they beat and scolded me every day. Uncle, they beat me so badly… I don’t want to go back…’

“The King of Hell turned over his book and pondered for a while. ‘Girl, you have a jinx that will harm your husband. It’s a bitter fate. But you shan’t be punished by mere humans for it. They shall not intervene in divine prophecy! In that case, I shall bestow you with divine strength. If anyone dares to bully you in the future, you can fight back. I will be here to welcome their souls!'”

Lin Yuelan’s vivid narration stunned the villagers, including Lin Dawei.

The villagers were familiar with Lin Yuelan’s character. The girl didn’t even know how to read or write. Before she severed ties with Lin Laosan’s family, she was already cowardly and timid. She only knew how to lower her head and work.

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