The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 21 - Battle of Wits

Chapter 21: Battle of Wits

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She has been kicked to the Palace of Hell?! What did the jinx mean?

The faces of Lin Chong and Gu Sanniang turned ugly.

Gu Sanniang, Ying Zi’s mother, held a pole and asked Lin Yuelan angrily with a dark face, “What do you mean?”

How could the jinx say that her daughter had kicked her? If it were spread that her daughter had a fierce temper, it would affect her daughter’s marriage.

Er Gou Zi was a boy, so it was more acceptable for him to get into fights, but it was another case for him to kick someone to the Palace of Hell.

Lin Yuelan implied that the two were ruthless enough to kill her, but clearly, she was standing there perfectly fine.

Lin Chong had a gloomy face as he said sternly, “What are you talking about, jinx? You can’t just say these things. Don’t you understand the consequences?” There was a faint hint of a threat in his words.

Lin Dawei frowned and said, “I say, Brother Chong, why are you so agitated? Just listen to what Lan ‘Er has to say first.” Then, Lin Dawei turned to Lin Yuelan, “Lan ‘Er, go on. What exactly is going on?” Lin Dawei had a feeling that things were not that simple, or else the girl wouldn’t have said that she had been sent to the Palace of Hell.

Lin Yuelan said calmly, “Actually, it’s quite simple. I accidentally touched Yan Xiaoyong’s sleeves. He found it too unlucky, so he gave everyone in the village a coin to have them teach me a lesson.

“They ambushed me at that spot.” Lin Yuelan pointed at the place where the kids killed her host.

Yan Xiaoyong was the youngest son of Yan Lin, a small landlord with a different surname in the village. Because Yan Lin had some farmland assets in the village that he rented to the villagers, the villagers fawned on the Yan Family.

Yan Lin doted on his youngest son, Yan Xiaoyoung, a lot. It was why the child thought he ruled the village.

Yan Xiaoyong hated the jinx and always bullied her too. Normally, he would order the other kids to attack Lin Yuelan. However, the kids were cautious about the curse of the jinx, so the kids normally held back.

This time, Yan Xiaoyong and his friends were playing when they happened to encounter Lin Yuelan, who was walking on the road. Unfortunately, Lin Yuelan accidentally touched his sleeve.

He thought it was unlucky for the jinx to touch him, so he was unhappy. When he was unhappy, his solution was to beat the person who made him unhappy. So, he immediately shouted loudly, “I will give a coin to anyone who teaches this jinx a lesson.”

At that time, there were many children playing nearby. When they heard Yan Xiaoyong say that he would give money to those who beat the jinx up, they immediately ran over.

The villagers were shocked. They immediately moved away from the spot where Lin Yuelan pointed at.

“There were seven or eight people, including Er Gou Zi and Ying Zi. They stopped me at that spot. Da Mao Er was the first to kick my calf.”

As she spoke, Lin Yuelan pulled up the hem of her skirt, revealing her calf. It was bruised.

“Then, the others came and attacked me. Some grabbed my hair, and others kicked at my stomach, my back, and my leg. I hugged my head with both hands and curled up against my body. Then, I cried out in pain…”

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