The Useless Miracle Doctor Consort Is Spoiled Rotten by the Prince!

Chapter 539 - Chapter 539: It Was Her Honor to Hit Her

Chapter 539: It Was Her Honor to Hit Her

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Chu Chengye’s heart was unwilling. It was just this last step, and he almost made Su Yingxue beg!

Chu Yihan was detestable!

Everyone was driven out of the courtyard. The medicine hut suddenly became quiet, not a sound to be heard.

Zhilan saw that Chu Yihan stayed behind and cautiously went to arrange things outside the courtyard.

Although they had intruded to cause trouble, they were still descendants of the Imperial family. Zhilan had them all invited to the front hall and ordered tea to be served, treating them well.


Chu Yihan stood guard outside the medicine hut and sensed a trace of a stranger’s presence. He called Mo Qi, “Someone nearby, go check.”

Mo Qi immediately summoned the secret guards.

Zi Wei witnessed Chu Yihan’s secret guards in action, chasing after the person who had been lurking all this time, heading towards the east of the city.

Inside the house, Su Yingxue finished the surgery on Su Han. She breathed a long sigh of relief, covered Su Han with her clothes, and took off her mask.

Saint Ruan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. “This surgery was really difficult. There were hundreds of people outside, and they almost overturned your medicine hut.”

If Chu Yihan hadn’t arrived in time, Su Han would still be in danger.

Thankfully, Su Yingxue was amazing!

Saint Ruan said he would take care of Su Han for Su Yingxue and advised her to quickly deal with matters outside.

There was probably a lot of trouble waiting for her outside the courtyard!

Su Yingxue smiled and said, “Old man, thank you.”

“Bah! I’m a young man!”

Saint Ruan pushed Su Han aside, rolling his eyes at her.

Su Yingxue changed her clothes and went out. Under the moonlight, the man in the black robe made her heart throb slightly.

Chu Yihan was as perfect as a statue, no matter where or when, no matter what angle one looked at him from. His slender figure was perfect, and his facial features were flawless under the moonlight.

Every inch and every minute was carefully crafted by the heavens.

He walked towards Su Yingxue and held her fair hands. He instantly frowned. “It’s so cold?”

Su Yingxue was still mesmerized by his fairy-like face. When she came back to her senses, she smiled and asked, “The hands used for surgery, how could they be warm.”

Chu Yihan immediately covered her hands and pressed them against his chest. Su Yingxue could feel the surging heat in his chest just by touching them.

His heart was burning with an unknown temperature.

Su Yingxue stayed in the room for four hours. She had heard half of what happened outside. At this moment, the medicine hut was empty. She asked, “Did you chase them all out?”

“Yes.” Chu Yihan nodded. “If it weren’t for the fact that you still want to settle accounts with them one by one, 1 would have chased them all out of the Marquis’s Manor.”

Those who disturbed her peace deserved to die!

Su Yingxue felt a strong warmth in her hands and left with Chu Yihan.

Zhilan was the servant girl she had raised, so she had already thoughtfully arranged for everyone.

Chu Yihan was guarding the manor. Even if these people didn’t want to wait, they had to wait obediently in the front hall.

Seeing Su Yingxue come out, Chu Xiaotian couldn’t wait to ask, “Su Yingxue, where is Su Han? Where was she? 1 want to bring her back to the residence!”

Su Yingxue glanced at her coldly, and her gaze landed on Zhilan.

She gently caressed Zhilan’s face. “Who hit you?”

There were obvious fingerprints on her delicate little face.

Zhilan looked at Min Jia, who was sitting on the soft couch.

Su Yingxue’s gaze followed her, carrying a dark and vicious aura. Min Jia was so frightened that she trembled. “What are you trying to do? She’s just a maid.. It’s her honor to be hit by me, the county lord!”

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