The Useless Miracle Doctor Consort Is Spoiled Rotten by the Prince!

Chapter 538 - Chapter 538: Chu Yihan Was Just That Ruthless

Chapter 538: Chu Yihan Was Just That Ruthless

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Outside the door, Zhilan’s heart was pounding in her throat.

She had even pictured herself covered in blood, but the pain hadn’t reached her.

She cautiously opened her eyes. Beneath the dazzling torchlight, a woman’s body lay on the ground in an odd posture.

“Min Jia!”

Chu Xiaotian was the first to react, rushing over to Min Jia. However, when he helped her up, Min Jia started to wail, “It hurts! Brother, it hurts so much! Ah, it hurts!”


She didn’t know where the force came from, but it sent her flying. She fell face-first to the ground, and every bone in her body hurt as if it had been dismantled. It was a piercing pain.

The strong wind that swept past Chu Chengye made him look warily at the door of the medicine hut.

“Imperial Uncle!”

Chu Chengye’s heart skipped a beat. He hadn’t sensed Chu Yihan’s arrival at all.

How powerful was his martial arts? He could suddenly appear in front of everyone and strike Min Jia.

Chu Yihan’s arrival caused the surrounding atmosphere to suddenly drop. His domineering aura made everyone involuntarily lower their heads.

His cold gaze shifted to Chu Chengye, and he asked coldly, “Who gave you the courage to intrude into the Marquis’s Manor?”

Chu Chengye was unconvinced. He was a prince and now the temporary Minister of Justice. He was noble, yet Chu Yihan accused him of trespassing into Marquis’s Manor!

However, on the surface, he had no choice but to lower his head to Chu Yihan. “Imperial Uncle, please forgive me. 1 heard from Sister Min Jia that the Regional Princess had been kidnapped by Su Yingxue, and my brother was also in trouble here. That’s why I rushed over. After all, a member of the Imperial family cannot be bullied in the Marquis’s Manor!”

“No… That’s right! It’s fine if Imperial Uncle doesn’t support us, but why… do you want to attack me!”

Min Jia was supported by Chu Xiaotian and could only sit on the ground. Her legs were in so much pain that she had no strength at all. She didn’t even know how many bones she had broken!

But she hated him so much!

Why did Chu Yihan hit her?

Chu Yihan looked at Min Jia in disdain. “Are you worthy of being a member of the Imperial family? From which imperial consort were you born? You are just a commoner’s daughter!”

“Imperial Uncle, be careful with your words. My sister and 1 are of the same mother. Her status is noble. Of course, she is a member of the Imperial family!”

Chu Xiaotian couldn’t stand Chu Yihan’s humiliation and stood up for Min Jia.

Mo Qi reminded him, “Don’t you know? Madam Sheng has been stripped of her imperial mandate and demoted to a commoner.”

Chu Xiaotian’s face turned pale.

He didn’t expect Chu Yihan to be so ruthless!

He demoted his mother!

He even hurt his sister!

“Chu Chengye, this place doesn’t allow you to make any noise. Take your Imperial Guards and get out of my courtyard!”

Chu Yihan knew very well that Su Yingxue’s surgery was not completed yet and she needed some peace.

Chu Chengye was unwilling. Su Yingxue’s figure was still clearly visible through the window, but he couldn’t see her again.

He gritted his teeth and refused, “Imperial Uncle, Su Yingxue is not the only one in this medicine hut. There is also cousin’s wife, the Regional Princess. Imperial Uncle should stand up for cousin and make Su Yingxue hand over Regional Princess!”

Even if Chu Yihan chased him away, he couldn’t be chased away so easily.

However, he had forgotten that Chu Yihan would never reason with him.

There was a trace of hostility in his dark eyes. “Do you want to get lost yourself, or do you want me to do it?”

“Imperial Uncle, please calm down!”

Chu Xiaotian quickly stepped forward and grabbed Chu Chengye’s arm. “Seventh Brother, go out first. It’s not a good time to disobey imperial uncle!”

In terms of martial arts and power, a few of them were no match for Chu Yihan!

It was better to recognize the situation!

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