The Useless Miracle Doctor Consort Is Spoiled Rotten by the Prince!

Chapter 540 - Chapter 540: Accountability

Chapter 540: Accountability

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Su Yingxue walked up to Min Jia and without saying a word, she slapped her. “Being slapped by me is also your honor!”

Min Jia was stunned by the slap. Over the past few days, Su Yingxue had slapped her twice, both times holding her hand and hitting herself. This time, Su Yingxue personally struck her, and the force…

“It hurts! Sob, brother…”

Min Jia could not retaliate against Su Yingxue, so she could only grab Chu Xiaotian’s arm and cry.

Chu Xiaotian’s heart was already filled with anger, and now he was even more furious. “Su Yingxue, you’ve gone too far!”


He couldn’t help but express his anger towards Su Yingxue. Chu Yihan’s cold voice came, “So what if she’s gone too far?”

“Imperial Uncle, you…”

Chu Xiaotian’s anger was instantly blocked by him.

Chu Yihan was backing Su Yingxue, making her fearless!

But… there was nothing he could do!

“Su Yingxue, do you think you can do whatever you want just because your imperial uncle is backing you up? Elder brother’s wife, the Regional Prince’s Mansion, you must hand her over!” Chu Chengye knew he couldn’t confront Chu Yihan directly.

However, Chu Xiaotian was in the right. He didn’t believe Chu Yihan could force Su Han to stay!

“Cousin just finished her surgery and is still resting. I won’t hand her over. Besides, Seventh Prince, what right do you have to say that to me?” Su Yingxue’s slanted eyebrows were cold and filled with hostility.

“I am in charge of the Ministry of Justice. You trespassed into the Regional Prince’s Mansion and kidnapped Princess. 1 will hold you accountable for every single thing!” Chu Chengye gritted his teeth. What he hated the most was Su Yingxue being arrogant in front of him.

How could she… This woman, who used to be submissive to him, was getting more and more powerful. She was almost trampling him under her feet!

“Han’er was not kidnapped. Your Highness wants to hold her accountable, and I am willing to bear the responsibility. Han’er is seriously ill. If she is still in the Regional Prince’s Mansion, she will die. It was me who asked Yingxue to bring Han’er back!” Su Dingwei immediately stood up to clarify for Su Yingxue.

He hadn’t been executed yet, but he had been standing naked on this cold night for a long time.

His sturdy body was covered with scars from swords, spears, and halberds. They were all scars he had received on the battlefield and during training as a general.

“Nonsense. Don’t tell me that my Regional Prince’s Mansion doesn’t have a doctor. Do you believe that Su Yingxue is the only doctor in the whole of Jiang Du City?” Chu Xiaotian shouted angrily. He had never said that he would leave Su Han in the lurch.

He just wanted Su Han to comfort his mother. When his mother recovered, he would also cure Su Han.

However, the Su family was hateful!

“If the Regional Prince’s Mansion is willing to treat Han’er, why is Han’er trapped in the mansion and let the bugs corrode her to such a serious extent? When Yingxue brought Han’er back, she was covered in wounds. How are you going to explain this to me?” Qin Wan couldn’t care less and complained with tears in her eyes.

She couldn’t let her daughter be wronged and let others accuse Su Yingxue.

Su Yingxue took out a pill and a set of clothes and asked someone to pass them to Su Dingwei.

Su Dingwei took the medicine to stop the bleeding but he didn’t dare to put on his clothes. He stood firm, “If the Seventh Prince wants to punish me, I will not resist. But today, I will not allow Han’er to be taken away.”

He would rather be tortured by Chu Chengye.

Chu Yihan moved his fingers. “Mo Qi, let General Su get dressed.”

Mo Qi replied, “Yes.”

“General Su put it on.” Mo Qi walked to Su Dingwei with the clothes and said softly..

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